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9 Companies We Admire for Creating Marketing People Love

112987077Any company can "do" marketing. But the companies that can consistently create marketing people love are the companies that really get noticed.

Problem is, lovability is kind of a hard thing to synthesize. I mean, how do you quantify exactly why the brands you love elicit those warm and fuzzy feelings inside of you?

Sometimes it's their copywriting, other times it's their design sensibility, sometimes it's just the way they talk to you on social media -- but it's not the easiest thing in the world to replicate for brands out there trying to create more lovable marketing. But, we're going to try to explain it (so maybe you can replicate it) anyway. This post will highlights some brands that we think consistently create lovable marketing, and explain exactly why their marketing is worthy of such adoration. And of course, this is not an exhaustive list ... please share the many other companies out there that do this in the comments.

Before We Begin, What's This "Lovable Marketing" You Speak Of?

Okay, it occurs to us that we've been using this phrase, "lovable marketing," a bit more lately. If you weren't at INBOUND 2012 where we started talking about it -- or even if you were and need a reminder -- this video should help get you caught up. (Note: We're already selling tickets to next year's event, INBOUND13 ... you know, if you want to get your tickets early.)

....Click here to continue reading the full article on Hubspot's blog....

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