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LinkedIn Passes 200 Million Milestone


To mark the occasion, they've produced this infographic (below) to give us an insight into who's using the network.

Of course, the US comes out well ahead of the rest with 74 million members. India has the second most users with 18m, followed by the UK and Brazil with 11m users each. Other countries are also catching up, with the fastest growth coming from Turkey, Columbia and Indonesia. In total, LinkedIn claims to have a presence in 200 countries and territories around the world.

Richard Branson will be pleased to keep his place as the most followed person on the network, with Barack Obama, Deepak Chopra MD, Tony Robbins and Jeff Weiner making up the top 5.

In terms of industries, the 5 most prevalent are:

  1. IT and Services (4 million)
  2. Financial Services (2 million)
  3. Higher Education (1.95 million)
  4. Computer Software (1.65 million)
  5. Telecommunications (1.59 million)

It's worth noting that we're talking about registered users, not necessarily active users. We have no idea how many registered users Facebook has because they rightly see it as irrelevant if users aren't actually using their account. That said, to have a population equivalent to the UK, France and Italy combined is an impressive achievement. Congratulations LinkedIn.

linkedin passes 200 million mark


(Article and Image Source: Our Social Times)

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