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The Social Media Horse Race [Infographic]

social media horse race

Businesses across all industries use social media to achieve marketing goals, from awareness to monetary gain. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter often dominate the conversation with new features and accomplishments, but the true picture of social media marketing opportunities continues to evolve. While Facebook still commands the widest reach, the quickest adoption rate and smoothest performance, up-and-coming networks have the social media giant in their sights.

Below Brafton has painted a clearer picture of the social media landscape – the platforms with the most monthly active members, the networks where internet marketing experts make their investments and the percentages of brands generating leads via each site. The race is on to see which platform will continue to have an impact in the business world moving forward. Could it be the reigning champion Facebook or one of the networks in the lead-gen pony pen? See our graphic below to find out, and read our related blog post for more insights.

Source: Brafton

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(Article source: Brafton Infographics || Article image source: Catholic Convert

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