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Instagram's Changing the Look of Their Ad CTAs to Better Merge with User Feeds

instagrams changing the look of their ad ctas to better merge with user feeds

Instagram has announced an update to their call to action buttons on promoted posts, which will see Instagram ads become a little more subtle - a change that may help them push more ads into user feeds.

Last September, Instagram rolled out an update to their ad CTA buttons which saw the action prompt turn blue whenever a user rested on the ad for four seconds or tapped on the profile name.

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6 Ways to Improve ROI From Branding Campaigns on Social Media

6 ways to improve roi from branding campaigns on social media

Branding campaigns rarely get the same strategy love as direct response campaigns, where a specific action is taken as a result of the campaign.

According to the Association of National Advertisers, marketers currently focus on relatively qualitative metrics to measure the success of branding and sponsorships, including “social media exposure,” “increased awareness,” “activity on brand website” or “improved brand perception.”

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Facebook Acquires Rising Social App tbh to Quell Competition

facebook acquires rising social app tbh to quell competition

Facebook continues to take out potential competitors, with The Social Network acquiring rising social app tbh in a deal said to be worth less than $100 million.

tbh, which has proven particularly popular amongst high school students, is a simple social app which enables users to answer multiple choice questions about their friends – you can see this in the first and last screenshots above. The app’s focused on positivity, so the questions are light-hearted and geared around encouragement.

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A Small Business Guide to Facebook Video Marketing [Infographic]

a small business guide to facebook video marketing

For starters, don’t be intimidated by the pressure to make an Academy Award-worthy film because Facebook videos thrive on brevity. As soon as your video hits the two-minute mark, you’re going to start losing viewers, so why waste the time?

Ideas for marketing videos are valuable, so instead of cramming them all into your first video, try concentrating on one aspect of that story and saving the others for later. Time your voiceover before you even pick up a camera – it may need some serious pruning to keep it at a palatable duration.

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5 Ways to Sabotage your Content Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

5 ways to sabotage your content marketing strategy

Content marketing can deliver huge benefits - but as with any marketing process, you have to go in with a defined plan, with clear connection to your wider business goals, and you need to know what, exactly, it is you're looking to achieve.

Given the rise of content marketing, many businesses go in half-ready, with plans that don't fully outlay the desired path, and as such, they fail to deliver on the intended goals.

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