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8 Reports That Every Marketer Needs

6818  essential8 landingNo matter what type of marketing you specialize in (whether it’s social, events, email, content, website or another type) you always need to be able to track and report on your programs. In today's economy, CEOs and CFOs want to hear about growing revenue and profits. But how can you prove your impact without knowing the key high-level metrics to track? Check out Marketo’s ebook, Essential 8 Marketing Reports, to review the top reports that every marketer needs to confidently track program performance.

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Step Up Your Link Strategy to Get Better Search Results (Infographic)

L11-21Great SEO can make a company, bad SEO can kill a company. For consumers, links are a way to learn more information about a subject, but to search engines they can serve as an indication of content that’s popular. If multiple pages link to the same article or news item, search algorithms assume it must be of value and rank it higher. External links are a major factor in how Google determines search results, according to separate reports from Moz and Searchmetrics.

However, because this process can be manipulated, it’s important that those links be legitimate to avoid being seen as spammy by Google’s algorithms. While organic links are more important than ever, the legitimacy of those links is also more important than ever. With Google placing such a strong emphasis on links, here are a few things you can do to improve your links for SEO purposes.

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Twitter launches WordPress plugin to get publishers to embed more Vines in stories

V11-21Twitter really wants publishers to embed Vines (its short, looping videos) into their sites, so today it released a WordPress plugin that makes it easier to do so.

Built on top of the Vine oEmbed API, the new official Vine plugin for WordPress lets users embed a Vine simply by pasting in the URL. More, from Twitter:

The plugin automatically adjusts displayed Vine embeds to the content width of your theme. Vine’s embed JavaScript is asynchronously loaded through WordPress’ JavaScript resource manager for improved performance and extensibility.

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Free White Paper: How To Successfully Scale Your Social Efforts Across Your Entire Organization

HS11-19To see the full benefits of social media in your enterprise, you need to successfully scale your social efforts across your organization. That takes planning and a strong foundation. Download our white paper, "Organize Your Social Business" to get five tips to organize and integrate your enterprise's social media strategy—across all teams, departments, and business units.

Click here:

In this valuable free white paper you will gain insight on how to mandate social media use to positively impact all departments including how to:
• Integrate social into existing organizational and departmental goals.
• Listen to conversations about your brand and learn from your competitors.
• Engage to build community: Empower your Social Team to contribute to the conversation.
• Secure your online profiles to avoid publishing errant messages.
• Measure your social ROI: Build the capacity for measurement into every social action
• Amplify your outreach and invest in a social future

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