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4 Tips for Becoming a Digital Marketing Thought Leader (and Why You'd Want to)

4 tips for becoming a digital marketing thought leader and why

There’s no question that digital marketing has become one of the most sought after professions in the online professional community. Young 20-somethings are chasing the opportunity to work from the convenience of their couches, getting paid premium rates from clients internationally. And because it seems so glamorous, more and more Gen-Y creatives are pursuing the necessary skills to run a self-sustaining marketing business.

I get it - I used to be one of those Millennials too, and for a solid year, I ran a 6-figure content and social media marketing consultancy all from the convenience of my laptop. I was “living the dream.”

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Who’s on Snapchat Anyway [Infographic]

whos on snapchat anyway

Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, will release its Q2 earnings results later this week, and the market will be looking for improvements in their user numbers and revenue statistics, particularly given the push from Facebook to limit the app’s growth.

But regardless of the data, the key question around Snapchat for marketers isn’t so much what the overall numbers are, but who, specifically, is using the app. Even if Snapchat isn’t able to compete with Facebook and Instagram on raw numbers, the app does have more than 166 million users, and its user base is very focused. If you’re looking to reach younger audiences, Snapchat is definitely a worthy consideration.

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Build Your Social Media Crisis Management Plan in 10 Steps

build your social media crisis management plan in 10 steps

A communications crisis can strike at any time - it could be a faulty product, a lousy campaign, or a simple slip of the tongue from someone higher up.

It doesn’t matter the industry you’re in, or how popular you’ve been to this point. Sometimes, it just happens.

Whatever the case, you need to be prepared. If you’re going to put out a fire, you need a good hose...

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The Complete Guide to Snapchat Ad Targeting [Infographic]

the complete guide to snapchat ad targeting

After going public back in February, Snapchat’s been working to improve its ad options in order to maximize revenue opportunities and demonstrate growth potential to the market.

Among the various updates on this front, they released their self-serve Ad Manager tool in June (which they updated only recently), they’ve added the capacity to create and buy custom Geofilters within the app itself, and they launched their new Snap Publisher tool which simplifies the ad creation process.

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The Top CMS Platforms by Usage [Infographic]

the top cms platforms by usage

Almost every website in the world is built on a CMS or eCommerce platform. Most people would be familiar with the world's leading CMS - WordPress holds some 25% of the global CMS market.

This infographic from Trellis provides an overview of the top CMS platforms in a visual format, as well as how they're utilized across industries and among the top sites.

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