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Building Your Marketing Dream Team [Infographic]

building your marketing dream team

How do you build your marketing dream team? With LEGO, of course!

Think about it - Batman had Robin, Buzz Lightyear had Woody and Aladdin was incomplete without Princess Jasmine. The best of teams worked in cohorts and this is the basis for your marketing team. As the saying goes - power in numbers, as long as you pick the right numbers! You didn't hang out with just anyone in the playground as a kid, be picky and choose your team members carefully.

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Why the Buyer’s Journey is the Hero of Content Strategy

why the buyers journey is the hero of content strategy

It’s easy to understand why content marketing has become so popular - I mean, who doesn't love the idea of attracting a target audience organically (ahem, for free) by sharing unique, helpful or thought-provoking nuggets of wisdom? All you need to do is spend a couple hours whipping up a killer blog post, publish it and watch the traffic and leads roll in. Right?

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple.

Content marketing is about more than blogging. Content marketing is about scrutinizing your entire online presence through the eyes of your customers, because every single touchpoint will impact your success. This includes every page of your website, every resource or blog article and every post on social media.

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5 Ways B2Bs Can Leverage Social for Success

5 ways b2bs can leverage social for success

I’m convinced those of us guiding social media strategy at B2B brands have to be even more creative than our B2C counterparts in many respects.

No offense to my awesome B2C colleagues - many of whom are creating great social experiences for their fans - but B2B brands have to work harder because they generally don't have the same broad appeal and brand affinity built in that B2Cs typically come with.

Simply put: We’re niche. Moreover, our brand voice is often less playful than our B2C counterparts and, thus, less of a natural fit for the lively, snarky, cacophonous conversations happening on most social networks.

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A Detailed Look Into Being Successful on SlideShare [Infographic]

a detailed look into being successful on slideshare

LinkedIn’s SlideShare is where professionals go to share content and boost their status as a thought leader in their respective industry. With strategy and patience, anyone can upload a presentation, infographic, or other content and reach a large audience - the platform has more than 80 million members, most of whom come to the platform for focused, professional insights.

It’s important to choose the right topic for your SlideShare presentation. Potential topics can be buzzwords and trends in your industry, future trends and topics, numbered lists and, surprisingly, presentations about giving better presentations. A number of popular uploads already exist in each of these categories.

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Using the Psychology of Persuasion to Boost Your Influence on LinkedIn

using the psychology of persuasion to boost your influence on linkedin

"Those who don't know how to get people say 'yes' soon fall away. Those who do stay and flourish." - Dr. Robert Cialdini

Benjamin Hardy, Josh Steimle, Neil Patel, Seth Godin, Jeff Weiner, Josh Hoffman. I don't mean to drop names here. But their posts are the ones that I often 'like' or share on social media, sometimes even without thinking.

They are my top social media influencers, and I'm sure you have your own list of go-to experts. You've probably liked, shared or commented on their articles, as well, without giving it much thought.

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