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How to Install the Facebook Pixel on a Wordpress Website

facebook signed a new deal which will enable users to include popular music in their videos

When it comes to collecting and leveraging social media data to market a business, Facebook is the king.

The Social Network is always learning more about users and what makes them react to marketing messages, and evolving its ad products in-step.

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6 Tips to Strengthen Your Personal Brand in 2018

6 tips to strengthen your personal brand in 2018

Until recently, the word 'brand' only referred to companies, however in today’s world, we're more aware that every one of us has our own 'personal brand'.

I liken each of our own brands to what we used to call our 'permanent record' - remember how scary it was to hear 'this will go down on your personal record?'

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Staying Ahead of the Game with Artificial Intelligence [Infographic]

staying ahead of the game with artificial intelligence

Machine learning as an effective means to achieve artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer just hype, but an emerging reality.

The insatiable demand for higher levels of convenience and efficiency is driving digital innovations of all kinds, which have converged on a few maturing technologies, including AI.

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