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The Complete Guide to Snapchat Ad Targeting [Infographic]

the complete guide to snapchat ad targeting

After going public back in February, Snapchat’s been working to improve its ad options in order to maximize revenue opportunities and demonstrate growth potential to the market.

Among the various updates on this front, they released their self-serve Ad Manager tool in June (which they updated only recently), they’ve added the capacity to create and buy custom Geofilters within the app itself, and they launched their new Snap Publisher tool which simplifies the ad creation process.

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The Top CMS Platforms by Usage [Infographic]

the top cms platforms by usage

Almost every website in the world is built on a CMS or eCommerce platform. Most people would be familiar with the world's leading CMS - WordPress holds some 25% of the global CMS market.

This infographic from Trellis provides an overview of the top CMS platforms in a visual format, as well as how they're utilized across industries and among the top sites.

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5 Exciting Changes Coming to LinkedIn

5 exciting changes coming to linkedin

LinkedIn’s has been rolling out a ton of new features of late to help boost the utility and opportunity of the service. Some of them are live right now, and if you’re a regular contributor on the network, you likely have access already.

Here are five of LinkedIn's new changes which are either already available or coming soon - and how they can be of benefit.

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The Digital World: How Interconnected Are We in 2017 [Infographic]

the digital world how interconnected are we in 2017

Why is digital marketing so important in the modern age?

According to this new report from 1st Aerials, since 2016, the number of internet users has increased by 10% - a total of 354 million new internet users - with huge rises in adoption in major population centers like the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

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Snap Inc. Releases New ‘Advanced Mode’ for Snapchat Ads Manager

snap inc releases new advanced mode for snapchat ads manager

Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, has released an update for their new self-serve ad platform as the company looks to boost their revenue potential ahead of their second quarter earnings announcement next week.

Of course, any change they make now is unlikely to shift the needle in these results, but they may give Snap’s executives a way to divert attention, to point to future opportunities, if, as many expect, the numbers they end up posting on Thursday don’t wow the market.

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