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5 Facebook Power User Tips You Should be Utilizing

a simple way to improve your facebook ad relevance score and performance

Facebook is a powerhouse in the social media space, representing a true unicorn, even if it wasn't the first kid on the block.

What started out as a place for college kids to connect quickly morphed into a powerful tool for business, giving smaller companies a method for creating an initial website without a financial investment, and serving as a platform for connecting with customers.

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The Economics of a Bad Review [Infographic]

the economics of a bad review

Check this out: almost 27,000 reviews are posted to Yelp every minute. Not every day, not every week - every, single minute.

That's a whole lot of people talking about a business - whether or not the business knows about it.

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Snapchat Outlines Coming Re-Design, Which is Being Rolled Out to Some Users This Week

snapchat outlines coming re design which is being rolled out to some users this week

After their most recent earnings results, Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel announced that they were making changes, that they were looking to revamp the app to boost usage and re-ignite growth.

Now, Snap Inc. has revealed details of their redesign, which puts more emphasis on personal connections, and separates your friend-to-friend conversations from everything else.

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