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Here Is How to Boost Your Social-Media Following

7-25boostQ: What's your number-one tip to boost your social-media following?

A: First of all, I’m going to state right there’s no one single way to boost your social-media following. It takes a matrix of methods and a continuous commitment to create, establish, build and maintain a social media presence and following.

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Tweets of the Week: Sharks Take Over Twitter

7-24sharkRamadan, #mickfanning, #Sharknado3 and #unexcitingvideogames dominated the week in Twitter.

This week, the Twittersphere buzzed with Ramadan blessings and shark-mania.  

More than 8.4 billion impressions around #Ramadan were generated on Twitter as the 30-day festival came to a close on July 17. This heat map shows Twitter engagement for the topic over the Ramadan period.  

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Facebook defeats shareholder litigation over IPO

7-24fbipoNEW YORK (Reuters) –

A federal appeals court has upheld the dismissal of litigation by Facebook shareholders who accused Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg and other officials of deceiving them about the social media company’s growth prospects prior to its May 2012 initial public offering.

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Snapchat and Univision Partner for an Innovative Approach to Sponsored Content

7-24snapSnapchat and Univision are working together to curate a Live Story for the Gold Cup Final. If the content is successful, it could create advertising possibilities for the platform.

With soccer fans from around the world gathering this weekend to watch the Gold Cup Final, media company Univision has partnered with Snapchat to bring the game to social media via the app's Live Stories feature. 

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