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3 Examples of Social Media Campaigns for Social Good

goodsocialmediaarticleWhile we use social media everyday, it isn’t often that we ask fundamental questions about what the medium is for, or what function it serves in the lives of our communities.

What is it for? It connects us to the lives of other people through stories and images. People and businesses use it to sell products and promote ideas. And we use social media to try to do a little bit of good.

Recently, there have been a few examples of social media advocacy that show just how great a tool social media can be for “doing good.” As a purpose-driven organization, you should be using social media to connect with your stakeholders, but you might also use it in your advocacy work. 

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Reddit: The Sleeping Dragon of Social

redditarticleYou may think of Reddit as the weird cousin of social media that has nothing to do with businesses or marketing - or even a place where anti-social media people go to play. But this is simply not the case.

Yes, there are some pretty weird corners of Reddit, but there are some dark corners of Facebook and Instagram, too. The true power of Reddit lies in its ability to place you and your business front and center before your target audience, and entirely new audiences, in a personal, and responsive way.

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New Report Looks at Best Times to Post to Social Platforms by Industry

trackmaven best times articleEvery time I see one of those “best times to post on social media” posts, I always cringe a little. Not because they’re wrong – the authors have conducted research, looked at when people are most active online and matched that to engagement levels, the process makes sense. But the information is just too generic. You can’t say “every brand should post at 11am on Friday for best response” because it depends on your unique audience.

Every brand has a different market, a different following and different people within it. The only way to truly know when the best time to post for your brand is is to test what your audience responds best to. Test, analyze, refine.


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6 Crazy Social Media Ad Ideas to Make You Look Like A Big Deal

facebook targeting job titles articlePerception is everything. In the business world, people are naturally attracted to the biggest names, whether you call them influencers, experts, or [insert industry here] rock stars.

But what if you aren't a big name yet? What if you're just starting out and looking to make a name for yourself? How can you get on the radar of people you want to do business with in the future?

Social media advertising makes it super easy to appear superbad. You can bias the way people think about you and make yourself (or your company) appear bigger than you are.

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How Uninformed Feedback Can Hurt Your Content Marketing

uninformedfeedbackarticleI recently submitted a piece of content that had met the client’s exact specifications. I knew it did, because we’d talked about the topic beforehand and followed a client-approved outline. We’d developed many pieces of content for this client before, so I knew that this piece would be one they’d like.

And then they didn’t.

In fact, they disliked the piece so much that they insisted we scrap the whole thing and write something else entirely.

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