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Facebook Is Shutting Down Its API For Giving Your Friends’ Data To Apps

5-7FBIt was always kind of shady that Facebook let you volunteer your friends’ status updates, check-ins, location, interests and more to third-party apps. While this let developers build powerful, personalized products, the privacy concerns led Facebook to announce at F8 2014 that it would shut down the Friends data API in a year. Now that time has come, with the forced migration to Graph API v2.0 leading to the friends’ data API shutting down, and a few other changes happening on April 30.

Today Facebook assembled journalists in San Francisco to discuss the rhetoric behind the change. All apps created since April 20, 2014, already have the new systems, so you’ve probably seen them in the wild. But all new developers must comply with updated APIs, or their connection to Facebook will stop working.

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Social Media Management: Tools, tactics, and how to win (webinar)

5-7SMMJoin us for this live webinar on Thurstday, May 14 at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern. Register here for free.

Unless you’ve been trapped in a room with a calendar stuck on 2005, you know that social media is no longer an option for brands. Consumers now expect you, and your business, to react to them as quickly as their friends and family do.

It’s also now an essential driver of growth. In a world where consumers are connected, sometimes 24/7, to their social networks, understanding the tools that help drive support, engagement, leads, demand, and brand awareness is more essential than ever.

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Content Marketing's Secret Sauce [INFOGRAPHIC]

5-7SSContent Marketing Discontent?

How would you rate your content marketing? Do you produce enough content? Frequently enough? Are you hitting your goals?

You're not alone if you suspect the whole content marketing thing could be going more smoothly. According to a new infographic (below) from the team at Bloomfire, 70% of marketers say their content programs lack consistency and an overall strategy. More than two-thirds of marketers say they don't have enough time to develop all the content they need.

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TV Becomes Major Driver of Social Activity [Study]

5-7Tv1A new study from ShareThis shows that traditional TV-watching has evolved to become a multi-screen social experience. How can networks leverage social to stay relevant?

TV conversations have migrated to social, with Twitter leading the pack during live broadcast time, according to a new study from ShareThis.

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