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4 Tools for Creating Buyer Personas and How To Use Them [Infographic]

4 tools for creating buyer personas and how to use them

Well defined, accurate buyer personas are key to the effective content strategy, online engagement, and inbound selling.

You have to know who you're talking to, and what they're looking for, in order to create content that appeals to them, and to best communicate with them online, and during the sales process.

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5 Ways to Maximize Twitter for Your Business in 2018

twitters adding more notification types to boost awareness and engagement

Twitter has had a rough couple of years, at least from a public perception standpoint.

But while much of the market narrative around the platform has been negative – mostly fueled by the comparison between Twitter and other social networks (notably Facebook) – there is still a lot to like about the world’s most popular micro-blog platform. Even if it’s not as ‘micro’ as it once was.

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