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Is Your Social Media Content D.O.A.? Try This. (Infographic)

formula7-16Like everyone, you hope every piece of content you post gains some traction, and with any luck, goes viral. But all too often even well-crafted posts end up in the social media graveyard, with just a small number of shares and likes.

Well, it's on to the next post, right?

Not so fast. Before you start drawing up that next one, consider this infographic from Los Angeles-based Gryffin Media that might unlock some of the secrets to that elusive viral post.

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LinkedIn's New App Predicts What You Need To Know Before A Meeting

LI7-16LinkedIn wants to become a bigger part of its users lives by reminding them of networking details they ought to know, so they don’t have to bother remembering them.

The professional network with 300 million registered users says it’s launching a new, smarter app that uses “anticipatory computing” techniques to prompt users with tidbits of information they should know about people.

The Connected app, launching Thursday, replaces a previous app called Contacts, and uses a card-like interface to show users updates on what’s happening with people in the network. The app is also smarter than its predecessor in a few ways: it can integrate with a smartphone’s calendar to learn about forthcoming appointments.

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4 Ways to Make Sure Your Email List Doesn't End Up Dead

email7-16Automated emails can help your business save time, but that doesn’t mean you need to abuse them. 

There is nothing more dangerous than automated-email-marketing software in the hands of an overly aggressive company. It should be used to help build your list, not deplete it. If you are constantly hammering your list with emails, you will witness your unsubscribe rate shoot through the roof. This is very counterproductive.

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Recover Sooner From Google Penalties By Avoiding These 5 Mistakes

google7-16Starting and successfully growing a business today requires a strong online presence, most importantly a website that attracts new customers and keeps existing ones coming back. But if Google doesn’t find value in your website or discovers a violation of its Webmaster Guidelines, your website can be removed from the view of customers by the dreaded Google penalty.

Manual action penalties can be found by visiting Google Webmaster Tools. Any violations of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines must be corrected, followed by a request for reconsideration.

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Pinterest is a serious business tool, it’s not just ‘pretty pictures’! Here’s a great free eBook on how to utilize your 'pins' to capture your audience's

pinterest7-16Discover how you can successfully attract, retain and engage your audience on Pinterest! Find out how your brand can get discovered on Pinterest including ways to:

Click here to download:

• Measure the most important Pinterest metrics
• Tie your Pinterest efforts to tangible revenueBuild your initial follower base on Pinterest, and how to keep it growing
• Run contests on Pinterest
• Leverage your Pinterest investment on Facebook and Twitter
• Create compelling, relevant content on your Pinterest page
• Use Rich Pins, like Place, Article, Produce, Recipe, and Movie Pins

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