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How to Write More Persuasive Sales Copy [Infographic]

how to write more persuasive sales copy

Does your business website struggle to persuade visitors to get in contact with you? Want to create copy that convinces more of them to convert?

Enchanting Marketing has created this interesting new infographic which outlines their top copywriting tips for beginners.


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Mastering the Art of Generating Leads via Social Media [Infographic]

mastering the art of generating leads via social media

With so many people now using social platforms, social media marketing has become a lead generation machine - for those that know how to use it.

Unlike traditional mediums, the 'social' element of social media dictates that it requires a different approach. In the past, you might have run an ad in your local paper or even focused on SEO and getting your site to rank for relevant queries. Those methods are still relevant, but in social, the approach is a little more nuanced, and requires a unique strategy.

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Is Ethical Marketing Extinct?

is ethical marketing extinct

Have you ever used a digital marketing tactic that ultimately made you feel a twinge of guilt - or at the very least made you question whether it was ethical?

Guilt, of course, implies that you're aware of right and wrong, and how that translates into marketing. This falls under what we call 'ethical marketing' - and for something as easy to explain as this, it may be quite challenging to consistently implement.

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4 Social Advertising Tactics You Aren't Using

4 social advertising tactics you arent using

Social Advertising is a great way to hyper-target your marketing messages to the right audience. It is cost effective and can be a great stimulus to other advertising initiatives.

Technology is constantly evolving and there are a few Social Advertising Tactics that are often overlooked. Here are 4 of my favorites!

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