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10 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers

Written by Stephanie Frasco on .

How To Increase Your Pinterest FollowingPinterest is quickly becoming one of the most powerful social networks on the scene. Increasing your activity and knowing the tricks to get more Pinterest followers is important.

If your product is targeted towards women then it is crucial to have an online presence on Pinterest. Pinterest is the now the 3rd most popular social network and the 16th most popular website in the US. Not only does Pinterest rate very high in Google search, it's also very popular, drives a ton of traffic and is very positive in nature.

5 Things You Should Know About Pinterest

1. 47% of online shoppers in the U.S. have made a purchase based on a recommendation via Pinterest. (via Search Engine Journal)

2. Pinterest grabs about 41% of e-commerce traffic, which is 4% more than Facebook. (via ReadWriteWeb)

3. Pinterest generates more than 400% more revenue per click than Twitter and 27% more than Facebook.


Facebook to launch standalone news app ‘Paper’

Written by Tom Cheredar on .

Facebook to launch standalone news app Paper

Facebook is launching a new standalone mobile news app called Paper that features a slick new look and content creation tools.

Why is Facebook concentrating solely on a news feed app? Well, the company definitely understands that its news feed is one of the most vital components overall. It’s one of the most effective way to lure people back to the social network multiple times a day. But to improve that experience without alienating its user base, Facebook produced Paper.

The app is a huge departure from the news feed in other Facebook mobile apps. As you can see from the demo video below, the user interface is quite different. You scroll through new content by swiping horizontally. When you find something you’d like to read, tapping it will expand the content to the entire screen. You can still scroll horizontally within those individual posts to advance to the next piece of content, too. There are also sections of content split up like you’d find on a news site.


Content Marketing Minds: Ten Brilliant Marketing Minds, One Mindset

Written by Barry Feldman on .

 Content Marketing Minds

I want to accomplish a couple of things here today.

One, I want to introduce you to a group of content marketing leaders you should tune into because you’ll learn from them, gather valuable points of view and sharpen your skills.

Two, after making my way through this roster of leaders I admire and endorse, I want to wrap this post up with a conclusion that speaks to why I feel this all-star team shares a common vision—a collective mindset that gives content marketing its wings.

So, first, we’ll look at 10 friends and mentors I consider to be the leaders of a movement and new paradigm in new media marketing.


Unlock the Power of Your Email Marketing

Written by Monica Jade Romeri on .

Email is an incredibly powerful marketing channel.  According to new research from McKinsey & Company, email marketing is 40 times more effective at attracting new business than Facebook and New Email Marketing Research Is InTwitter combined.  This statistic may strike you as surprising—considering all the industry hullabaloo surrounding social media.  Prospects who land on your website through email marketing are more likely to convert to clients than those who arrive via social media, and email subscribers spend significantly more than social media prospects once they make a buying decision.

However, McKinsey cautions that these email marketing trends may not continue in the long run, citing a decline in the rate that people check their email—20% between 2008 and 2013.  The change is attributed to the increasing number of ways to communicate, largely a wide variety of social media channels.  Although email still has a distinct marketing advantage over social media, the McKinsey report projects that the gap will likely shrink, as Facebook, Twitter and other social networks mature and work to enhance engagement.  Act now to realize the full potential of your email marketing.



Search Engine Marketing Guide: 9 Steps to Grow Your Business

Written by Juan Pablo Castro on .

search engine marketing guide
If you followed our blog throughout the last year you probably noticed that we had placed a lot of emphasis on one huge and important topic: Search Engine Marketing. We created 9 different chapters that explains step by step how to run and set up a successful Pay-Per-Click Campaign whether you’re a Small Businesses, or even if you don’t have any experience on the SEM field at all.

So we’ve decided to compile all of these posts into one simple Ebook so you can download it and keep it handy for whenever you may decide to launch a PPC campaign. Is it time to step out and bring some real growth to your business? Well, if so, grab your free copy here!

How is this Guide Going to Help me with my SEM Results?

Ok, that’s a fair question. If you still have any doubts as to “why” you should download this Free Ebook, take a look at just some of the reasons why you should, and how this guide will help you in a big way!


Contagious Content: How to Create Facebook Posts That People Want to Share – drive more traffic at no additional cost!

on .

announcement marketo 1-29

Are you trying to find the right formula for making your Facebook posts more shareable? In this great new free Contagious Content eBook, we dive into the latest research on Facebook marketing strategy and highlight key tips for creating highly shareable posts. This eBook will help you improve your Facebook presence by providing:

• Facebook post best practices
• Real Facebook case studies
• Research on how people interact on Facebook
• Tips for making posts more shareable
• Common mistakes that can make posts un-shareable

Download the free guide today here:

Remember to forward this on to your friends and colleagues as well.

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