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Are 1 in 5 companies missing the point of social media?

sm7-11The need for companies to have a presence on social media is pretty much accepted wisdom now. Sure there are a few outliers who think that it’s all just a passing fad, but for the most part people get that they need to be there. The thing is, being on a social platform and using a social platform effectively are two very different things.

In fact, new research suggests that a lot of brands are getting some fairly fundamental things wrong. The research, which comes from Sprinklr — a company that specialises in enterprise social relationship infrastructure — shows that 20% of companies rarely, if ever, respond to customer complaints made via social.

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Why Tumblr Is Pumped: You Can Now Embed Vine Videos On Your Blog

Tumb7-10You can now embed your favorite Vine videos on your Tumblr blog, and Tumblr couldn't be more jazzed about that.

The blogging service, which is owned by Yahoo!, announced the new integration over Twitter on Thursday. If you're wondering how Tumblr feels about the new feature, you clearly didn't see the tweet, which includes a passionate "F*ck yeah @Twitter!"

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The Top 10 Reasons You're Still Clinging to Facebook

FB7-10Facebook has us hooked, and most of us aren't saying goodbye anytime soon.

The thought of deleting your Facebook account permanently has probably crossed your mind. But whether it's FOMO or wanting to keep in touch with others, something holds us back and we're unable to escape the social media giant.

Here are the top 10 reasons why we're still clinging to Facebook.

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How to Handle Social-Media Criticism

sm-7-10"Keyboard courage" has some people posting cruel things they would otherwise not say to someone's face.  Hiding behind a screen is not a shield.  

As a social-media consultant and strategist, I have seen my fair share of rude behavior on various platforms and personally experienced this on several occasions.  Everything from gossiping, not following through with deliverables and jealousy has come my way.  While my first reaction is to fire back, I have learned this isn't an appropriate response.  By firing back in social media, this is exactly what feeds the beast.  Don't feed the beast!

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Two great free ebooks: How to Turn Facebook Fans into PAYING Customers & 10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid During Your Next Website Redesign

book7-10How to Turn Facebook Fans into PAYING Customers

With over 1 billion users, Facebook is a great platform for reaching your company's ideal customer. However, it is a major challenge to not only get their attention but also to get them to take action on your offers. How can you turn your Facebook audience into actual paying customers? Grab this free ebook to learn exactly how to leverage Facebook to generate more leads and close more customers for your business.

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10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid During Your Next Website Redesign [Free Guide + Checklist]

Redesigning your website isn't all glitz and glam. In addition to giving your website a fresh new look, you'll have a chance to improve your site's performance in search, so you can get more traffic. With all of the moving pieces that go into a website redesign, it's easy to overlook SEO best practices. To make sure you stay on track, download this free guide + checklist of the ten common SEO mistakes that you should avoid. You'll be glad you did when your traffic spikes!

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{BONUS} 101 Companies Rocking Social Media

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