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Microsoft Adds New LinkedIn Resume Creation Integration into Word

microsoft adds new linkedin resume creation integration into word

While Microsoft’s takeover of LinkedIn hasn’t lead to a raft of major external changes at either company, the tech giant’s slowly building in more integrations, which hint at what may be coming from the pairing.

The latest Microsoft/LinkedIn merging is a new tool called Resume Assistant in Microsoft 365, which will help users when creating their resume by offering real-world, professional insights direct from LinkedIn.

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Snapchat Releases Q3 Earnings, Falls Short of Market Expectations

snapchat releases q3 earnings falls short of market expectations

Snapchat has released its Q3 earnings report, and as expected, they once again highlight the challenges the company faces as it seeks to further establish itself within the social landscape.

First off, on users – Snapchat added 4.5 million daily active users for the quarter, taking it to a total of 178 million DAU.

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Facebook Found Two New Errors in Their Ad Metrics, Issued Refunds

facebook found two new errors in their ad metrics issued refunds

Facebook has once again been forced to issue refunds to advertisers due to errors in their ad measurement systems.

As was well-publicized, Facebook reported a range of issues with their ad metrics late last year, which also resulted in them issuing refunds. At that time, Facebook explained that the issues were relatively limited, but still, with every mistake, even the smallest one, it further erodes advertiser faith in all of Facebook’s stats. If you can’t trust their figures on one front, can you trust their other data points?

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Facebook Launches New Customer Chat Website Plugin as Part of Messenger Platform 2.2

facebook launches new customer chat website plugin as part of messenger platform 2 2

While Messenger is taking a little longer than Facebook would have hoped to become the all-encompassing business and personal companion tool Zuck and Co. have envisioned, there is still plenty of time for the platform to take hold, and plenty of opportunity, given Messenger’s continued growth.

Furthering their efforts to expand Messenger’s business potential, Facebook has today released Messenger Platform 2.2, adding in some new tools and features to provide new brand connection and marketing opportunities.

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