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Great Free Live Training on How To Improve Lead Generation Using LinkedIn – exclusively for our group! Limited attendance so sign up early

Great Free Live Training

You know that all of your prospects are on LinkedIn. And you know that LinkedIn can be used to generate leads and grow sales, not to mention position yourself and your brand as a leading authority. But by now you’ve probably realized that the things most people are telling you to do...they just don’t generate results, at least not consistently. That’s where Josh Turner comes in. His company helps other businesses increase sales using LinkedIn, and I’m pumped to share with you his brand new training session.......“Proven Systems for Consistent Lead Generation Using LinkedIn.” And the best part is that it is absolutely free for members of our group!

Register here for one of 3 upcoming live sessions:

If you are expecting to learn the latest tricks to game the system, look elsewhere. This webinar is about the REAL tactics and strategies that you can use to generate consistent results, day after day, week after week. What Josh is covering in this jam packed training session:

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Klout acquired for $200 million by Lithium Technologies

It's official: The once-controversial social scoring startup has been scooped up.

Klout's attempts to measure social influence earned criticism early on in the startup's life. Photo: JP Mangalindan/

FORTUNE -- Social score startup Klout has been acquired by Lithium Technologies, a provider of social customer experience solutions for the enterprise, in a deal valued at nearly $200 million, Fortune has learned.

Klout's attempts to measure social influence generated controversy early on in the startup's life. Photo: JP Mangalindan/

According to two sources familiar with the matter, the deal is a mix of cash and Lithium private stock. (Lithium is gearing up for an IPO, which could happen as early as later this year.) Klout and Lithium are expected to announce the acquisition Thursday morning in a joint press conference.

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7 Ways Content Is Setting the Trends for SEO and Google Algorithms

7 Ways Content Is Setting the Trends for SEO and Google AlgorithmsThere’s just no veiling this fact, folks: content has been king for a while now. (Did you know Bill Gates forecasted this all the way back in 1996?) Back in 2013, Entrepreneur told us to ditch the cold call sales technique and invest in blogs and Twitter instead. Notable sources like Copyblogger forecasted that 2013 would be the year of the writer.

Across the web, millions and billions of pages are written and published daily. In a study about Internet in numbers done by Royal Pingdom in 2012, it was estimated that there were 634 million websites and 51 million were added in 2012 alone. Can you imagine just how many were created in 2013? Well, according to, the amount of websites is doubling each year and it is believed that there are close to a billion websites now. By his estimation, there will be 2 billion sites in 2015. That’s a lot of web content to sift through, and Google is there to make sure specific pages get to the top.

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The Impact of Social Media Marketing Trends on Digital Marketing


The growth of social media marketing platforms has become a major part of building social signals that are very important in any SEO digital marketing campaign. Perhaps you are unaware that the emergence of different social media channels offer internet marketers like you a wider marketing opportunities in building brand visibility over the web. How your website rank on the search engine can make a big impact regarding your customer and lead acquisition and conversion rate for your site.

Social media marketing integrated with search engine optimization strategies is effective in building a website organic traffic. There are different social media marketing trends that will definitely affect the way digital marketers will undertake their search engine optimization campaign to boost their lead generation process and website conversion rates this year.

From the insights of digital marketing experts, here are some of the social media marketing trends that can impact the growth and success of your digital marketing and search engine optimization campaigns. Are you ready to embrace these trends to integrate them to your internet marketing structures?

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Facebook Joins Google In The Hunt For The Future

Facebook Joins Google In The Hunt For The FutureWe now live in an era when Mark Zuckerberg speed-dials Obama, controls fleets of drones, brokers $19 billion acquisitions in a week, and buys whole virtual worlds. Facebook’s mission has changed. While once it was solely “to make the world more open and connected”, it’s expanded to also “give people the power to share.” And nothing is too crazy if it brings Facebook one step closer to that goal.

If you squint, the strategy looks a lot like the mantra of Facebook’s early days, “Move fast and break things,” but on a much more grandiose scale. Back in the 2000s, Facebook wasn’t afraid to launch sweeping new features like News Feed to the entire user base at once or overhaul privacy without warning, even if it had to apologize and back-track.

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