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Facebook Adds New Parent Advice Section to Help Keep Kids Safe Online

facebook adds live stream tipping for gaming content

Should we be encouraging our kids to use social media? Is restricting them from using social platforms effective?

These are key questions that are likely to get even more focus this year amidst the wider conversation around whether social media, more generally, has been good or bad for society.

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5 Unusual Personal Branding Tips

5 unusual personal branding tips

Personal branding is more important than ever in the modern digital age - with all the opportunities and tools on offer, you should be building your personal brand.

A strong personal brand can have a tremendous impact on both your individual success and that of your company - having an exceptional personal brand is also a common trait among our favorite and most successful billionaires.

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Digital childhood: kids and social media

digital childhood kids and social media

Recently Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that he wouldn’t want his children to use social media. Meanwhile, social network giants like Facebook seem to make every effort to keep kids firmly glued to screens - their new app Messenger for Kids is designed to help children as young as six to “communicate” without signing up for the platform.

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Where Do Fake Social Media Profiles Come From? [Infographic]

10 ways to use social media to grow your nonprofit email list

Fake social media profiles are a huge problem for everyone, but most especially for social media professionals.

When someone wants to exact some sort of vengeance on a business, all they have to do is create a fake social media profile and they're basically shielded from any backlash that may occur as a result of their outbursts.

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