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How does YOUR Social Media Plan stack up against 750 Global Organizations, including your competitors? Find out here for free!


HS12-17Do you know how your social strategy and execution stack up against what similar companies—including your competitors—are doing?

When you're busy working to develop your own social strategy, it can be tough to get perspective on where you stand—and whether you're falling behind.
So we commissioned a survey of over 750 enterprises around the world to develop a benchmark you can use to measure your own progress in adopting social media, and becoming a social business. Download your complimentary brand new 2014 report today to learn:

Download your copy here:

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Here's How to Get Liam Neeson to Endorse You on LinkedIn (Yes, Really.)

LM12-15On Jan. 9, Liam Neeson resumes his role as former government operative and current badass Bryan Mills in Taken 3.

To promote the movie, the folks at 20th Century Fox have cooked up a somewhat unconventional marketing strategy: while hitting all the usual social media bases (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), Taken 3 is also being promoted on LinkedIn.

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Facebook Drops Microsoft's Bing to Do Its Own Search Thing

FB12-15Facebook's relationship status with Microsoft's Bing has changed to "it's complicated."

Facebook has ditched Microsoft's Bing search engine as a provider, in favor of a proprietary engine.

There had previously been an option to view Bing results during a Facebook search, but over the past few days it has disappeared without notice.

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Three Free Master Social Guidebooks – Great Holiday Reading

FB12-3-2How to Master Facebook in 10 Days

Want to master Facebook and generate customers before the end of the year? Download HubSpot's free resource to get everything you need to know to master Facebook for your business, fast!

Download now:

How to Generate Leads on Facebook
HubSpot has mastered how to generate leads and customers on Facebook to help feed their sales team. Learn how your business can too, with their free ebook.
Download now:

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