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An Important Must Read: NEW Definitive Guide to Social Media Marketing, for Experts and Novices alike

social media marketing guideThe continued growth of social media usage around the world means that participation is no longer optional - it's an absolute necessity. But, how do you win in this social world? Download the NEW Definitive Guide to Social Media Marketing to learn how to create a winning social media strategy and generate a real ROI.

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Discover how to:
  - Define goals to help you choose the right social platforms
  - Create social media content to drive value across the customer lifecycle
  - Measure and optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns
  - Increase engagement and positive actions for your brand

For a closer look at how you can engage and connect with your audience, click here to register for a free and informative marketing automation overview.

Facebook Releases New Handbook and Tools to Help Brands Maximize International Opportunities

Facebook global marketing guideFacebook’s big picture mission is to “connect the world”, to provide internet access to everyone and facilitate better understanding and community through shared knowledge and understanding. And that’s a noble vision, no doubt, and one that everyone can get behind, but at the same time Facebook has often been criticized for this objective.

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