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9 Key Steps in Developing an Effective Content Strategy

9 key steps in developing an effective content strategy

Content helps your community and your audience relate to you - the more helpful and relatable you are, the more people want to begin a relationship with you.

Isn’t that how you began most of your friendships, whether they be online or off, by relating and finding things in common with people?

Relationships deepen, you're there when friends need you, and they're there when you need them. The more you consistently put out great, helpful content, the more people learn that you're someone they can look to when they have questions, that your brand is a presence they can rely on. And that leads to trust - and for a brand, trust is the most important goal, in a marketing sense.

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Snapchat Adds New Creative Tools, Updated Composer Layout

snapchat adds new creative tools updated composer layout

Snapchat has announced a new set of features as the company looks to stand up in the face of rising competition from Facebook. The new options include unlimited Snap viewing time, emoji drawing and ‘Magic Eraser’ tools and video looping, while Snapchat’s creative tools have also been shifted within the app.

Here’s an overview of the key elements.

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How to Respond to Every Type of Review (And Why You Should)

how to respond to every type of review and why you should

Review marketing is a powerful way to show local consumers that your business is the right choice for their needs - but your work isn't done when you get a new review. It's important to respond to those reviews as well.

Wondering which types of reviews you should reply to and how to reply to all those reviews?

Read on to learn how to reply to positive, neutral, negative and fake reviews, and why you should (or shouldn't) in each situation.

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5 Twitter Marketing Tips for Mother's Day (from Twitter)

5 twitter marketing tips for mothers day from twitter

Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday May 14th. First off, get your Mom something nice. Second, if you haven’t got your Mother’s Day marketing strategy locked in, Twitter’s provided a few ideas to get you thinking and help boost response to your campaign.

Here are Twitter’s key Mother’s Day ideas.

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You Can Now Upload Instagram Posts from Outside of the App Itself

you can now upload instagram posts from outside of the app itself

As Instagram looks to maintain its rapid growth rate, the platform’s adding to the functionality of its website, enabling users to upload images outside of the Instagram app.

As you can see here, now, when you go to instagram.com on your mobile device, you can upload an image direct, without having to open the app. At present, it’s still not possible to upload images from the desktop version of the site (well not officially - see below), but this new functionality may bring that a step closer.

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