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How Marketers are using Mobile Today

112987077Mobile is on just about every marketers mind today and with the news that IHS iSuppli has released projecting that PC shipments are bound for their first annual sales decline in 11 years, many speculate that consumers are going to keep buying smartphones and tablets. To state the obvious, if you are a marketer and you are not at least trying to figure out how to use mobile effectively, you will be left behind.

With all of the opportunities to advertise and connect, what are marketers doing? How is mobile being utilized today? An October report by the CMO Council gives some insight into how it is being used and it's pretty clear that there are opportunities in areas that many are not taking advantage of. Global mobile marketer's activities and use reported by percentage are as follows:

51% – Use mobile to notify and inform customers

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3 Ways "Social Media Experts" Gamble with your Money

112987077Every company has limited resources.

Almost all of them think they don't have enough money. But we're also short on time and energy, because we're so busy keeping up with everything.

When you follow bad advice that leads you down a rabbit hole, you're not only losing out on the potential gains. You're also wasting resources that you'll never get back.

These limited resources can only be stretched so far. And our time has an enormous opportunity cost that should be carefully guarded.

Here are 3 pieces of bad advice that you need to watch out for, and how you can protect yourself.

Bad Advice # 1: Engagement is Key to Growth

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3 Obscure Skills you need to Succeed in Social Media

112987077Social networks go in and out of style.

Pinterest is all the rage this year. While Facebook stock is at an all-time low.

And there's a new "must-use" tool that pops up every other week.

Fortunately, none of that really matters. Because marketing's not about the tools or technology.

In fact, you don't even have to stay up with the news or "what's hot right now".

There are underlying principles you can use -- on any social network -- to get more fans, increase engagement and ultimately drive sales.

In fact, you can fit a lot of these principles into a single status update. See if you can spot them...

How to Uncover the Key to Unlocking Growth and Sales
It's hard to accurately measure sales from social media.

But it can still give you a wealth of insight about your customers.

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The {Real} 7 Deadly Sins of E-mail Marketing

112987077We can all agree that deadly sins are bad: lust, gluttony, greed, laziness, anger, pride and envy. No one likes them. But what's more important is that each of them can translate into something you might be doing in your email marketing. Which means people might not like you.

We'll look at how each of these sins applies to email marketing and provide instructions for finding your way back on the right path.

LUSTFUL For More Subscribers

While it's perfectly natural to have the desire to grow your list, when your desire involves shirking best practices, you could run into trouble down the road with spam complaints.
How to put your lust to good use: Get excited about attracting the right subscribers. Research ways you can optimize your sign up process, utilize social media, split test your web form and put a form on every page of your site.

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2 Ways You're Killing your Videos' Viral Potential

112987077We can't make videos go viral, but we can easily make them fail. Eliminate these problem areas from your video strategy to increase views and shares.

Video isn't a new thing anymore. The numbers guys have been analyzing what works and what doesn't, and they're finding important trends. Before you dive into your next video project, watch this short interview to find out the common mistakes that will depress views and shares. iMedia's Bethany Simpson speaks with Sharethrough CRO Mike Gaffney.

Click here to see the video on iMedia Connection....

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