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Make These 7 Blog Tweaks and Attract Your Perfect Reader

Why do you blog? Is your goal to grow you email list? Do you want to build your authority, raise awareness about your brand? Do you want to help more people and sell more of your products and services at the same time?

blog tweaksIf you said yes to any or every question listed above, then you are on the right track.

You know that your blog is the best marketing tool you have got. It is the weapon of choice when it comes to building your list and filling it with high quality readers.

And you want to make sure that every single element is pulling its weight when it comes to attracting and retaining hot leads.

You understand you are blogging to attract your Perfect Reader. Check. 

So let’s take a look at how you can easily optimize every element on your blog to supercharge it and turn it into a lead generation machine. Oh yeah!

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Facebook Deal on Privacy Is Under Attack

Facebook Deal on Privacy Is Under Attack

SAN FRANCISCO — Despite a class-action settlement in August that was supposed to ensure that Facebook users clearly consent to their comments, images and “likes” being used in ads, it has been business as usual on the service.

If you are among Facebook’s 1.2 billion users, the company says, you are automatically consenting to such social ads. Opting out is impossible for some ads, and for others, the control to stop them is buried deep within the service’s privacy settings.

But on Thursday, the nonprofit advocacy group Public Citizen will try to step up the pressure on Facebook to change its practices. In a legal brief to be filed with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, the group will contend that the settlement violates the laws of seven states, including California and New York, by failing to require Facebook to receive explicit permission from parents before using the personal information of teenage users in advertising.

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Twitter Username Shuffle

Twitter Username Shuffle

Have you taken a good look at the accounts you follow on Twitter? Initially, when you set-up your Twitter account, you likely took Twitter’s helpful advice and followed 15 celebrity or popular accounts. Once you were through this phase, you took it upon yourself to find local accounts to follow using the search function with key words, phases, and people.

You happily settled into your Twitter routine, scrolling through the feed of most recent tweets.

Then it happens.

“Who is that account? Why are they showing up on my feed? I don’t remember following that account.”

Twitter, the micro-blogging social media darling, was launched July 2006. Its claim to fame is its blogging platform that allows users to send messages that are 140 characters or less.  Secondly, it is also an extremely simple platform to navigate and update account information, including usernames.

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How To Improve Your Online Reviews

When it comes to bad online reviews and negative brand sentiment, i’ve got a fair bit of experience in the area. I spent 18 months working for a prominent online retailer, who over the years, had managed to amass a startling number of dissatisfied customers. This dissatisfaction manifested itself in a veritable avalanche of negative reviews and sentiment. Before any active online marketing could commence, the first priority was to stem the tide of negativity and that meant understanding where it had all come from.

It turns out that a profit focused approach had been used for years, leaving in it’s wake a plethora of customers unhappy with the service they had received. With old processes still in place, it was impossible to instigate change, so this acted as the starting point. Gradually, the internal culture was changed, and new processes were put in place that addressed some of the common issues our customers were facing.

improve-online-reviewsTurning Negative Sentiment Around

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The Ultimate List of Content Creation Tools for 2014


A large part of creating a great blog and engaging social media posts is having great content. If your company is creating useful, relevant content that your audience wants to see, share and interact with, you’ll grow your audience, see more engagement and establish yourself as thought leaders in your field. Not to mention all the SEO benefits. Some of the best ways to create content are through images, videos, screencasts and webinars. If you don’t have design skills, you might have been using MS Paint, Word or PowerPoint to create anything visual. Please, close Paint and take a look at our list of the best tools for content creation for 2014.

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