Facebook tests a new saveWatch out Pocket and Instapaper. Facebook might be building its own method for saving articles and posts for later.

One of our team members noticed that a “Save” button was present on some of the content in his Facebook News Feed.

Here’s what we saw:

  • The “Save” button is present only on links, mostly for articles, although at least one link to a Twitter picture had it.
  • Facebook seems to be testing it out with various websites (BuzzFeed, Upworthy, Uproxx, etc.), but only all the BuzzFeed links had the button.
  • The button was present on links posted by his friends either on their own timelines or on content shared by one friend to another friend’s timeline.
  • No user-generated content (text posts, uploaded pictures, etc.) had the button.
  • On desktop, there is a section in the left-side menu where saved links can be found and shared with the standard “Share” button that has long been integrated.
  • On mobile, there is also a similar section to access saved links; swiping across a link reveals “Delete” and “Share” buttons.
  • The “Save” button does not currently appear in the Facebook Paper app (we’ve only checked iOS), only in the classic Facebook app.