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Check Out TheFacebook's 2004 Advertising Pitch Deck

 78529702In the scheme of things, eight years isn't a very long time. But as this artifact demonstrates, for Facebook, it's the difference between a startup run out of a dorm room and the global powerhouse it is today.

This 2004 advertising pitch deck, unearthed by Digiday, is from the era depicted in the film The Social Network. As the film details, Eduardo Saverin was keen on monetizing "TheFacebook" from the early days via advertising, but Mark Zuckerberg was more interested in growing the company as fast and as much as possible.

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A Chat With CEO of Keek: A Micro-Video Site Betting On Youth, Full Engagement

86542904With frustration mounting over new Twitter policies, talk of alternatives continue to escalate. Especially on Twitter.  Whether micro-AV sites (think Instagram, Socialcam, Viddy) could be part of that alternative remains to be seen.

Instagram didn't grow to the point of Facebook acquisition by only building its own platform. Twitter integration was critical to that success. The fact that Twitter seems determined to build its own interfaces now may mean similar companies will to have pull users to their own sites more often.

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10 Online Security Tips for Gen Y

100041799If you are part of Generation Y then your daily life is all about being connected. Tweeting, friending, and googling is routine, but protecting yourself from the various cyber-related issues that will likely pop up should be, too.

According to our research, only 31% of Gen Y ranked security as the most important consideration when making decisions about their computer. In fact, Gen Y was more likely to prioritize entertainment and community than security. This is in spite of the fact that at least half indicated that they had computer security issues in the past two years.

In reality, being proactive with personal online security doesn't have to be an inconvenience and should be a priority for this connected generation. Here are ten ways to get started.

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Following Twitter Suspension, WeKnowYourHouse Returns, Continues To Post Twitter Users' Addresses, Home Photos

96279122Wait, I've seen this one before, back when it was called Please Rob Me and based on Foursquare. The folks (folk?) behind the latest "social networking privacy experiment" called We Know Your House have just brought their website back online, following a swift takedown of their Twitter account after media reports disclosed what they were up to. In case you missed it: We Know Your House is an attempt to raise awareness about the information people casually, and unknowingly, reveal when posting to social networks. In this case, We Know Your House shows the tweets from people posting that they're at home and then links those tweets to an actual street address, as provided by Twitter's geolocation data.

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Facebook Now Gives You Privacy Control Over Each Of Your Old Profile Photos

115029395Facebook used to only let you set a single privacy setting for all your old profile photos, but now there's a privacy widget on every past profile photo. This puts your Profile Photos album in a special category alongside Mobile Uploads that Facebook tells me "gives people more granular control" over photos you upload one at a time. More controls may translate into more willingness to upload photos.

Your current profile photo and cover photo are still public, though, so you might want to keep the beer and cleavage out of those.

All your other albums beyond Profile Photos and Mobile Uploads will only have a cross-album privacy setting that applies to every photo inside. The "Edit Album Privacy" button seen below was how the Profile Photos album previously functioned as well.

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