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How to Maximize Audience Engagement and Acquire Feedback


Creating a buzz around a business and getting your target audience interested in your products or services is the first step to building a loyal community. In the short-term, this can lead to increased traffic and sales. In the long-term, this can establish a legion of brand ambassadors who function much like a team of guerilla marketers. Since winning over the hearts of your demographic is heavily dependent upon audience engagement, it's important to utilize effective engagement practices and get feedback. Here are some tips that will help you crush it and make your business thrive.

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YouTube Partner Program Boosts Site Traffic for Juicy Couture by Nearly One Fifth

Juicy Couture Saw an 18% Site Traffic Lift From YouTube Partners Data shows promise for an old video program that's getting a new twist

Last week Google announced it had invited brands to become YouTube Partners—helping the Cokes and Doves of the world build outing their own robust content strategies.

Up until that point, if brands wanted in on the Partners program, they needed to partner with popular YouTube personalities by creating branded videos, while also pushing the spots with pre-roll and banner ads via their channels on the site.

Countless brands have taken part in that five-year-old effort, according to YouTube, including Procter & Gamble, Maybelline, Activision, Dodge and Juicy Couture. Providing a peek into a successful run on the platform, Juicy Couture turned over exclusive data to VideoWatch from some of its work with YouTube Partners.

"The program allows [us] to create meaningful relationships with customers and drive sales through the use of video," said Michelle Ryan, vp of digital and social strategy for the Los Angeles-based women's clothier. "Ultimately, Juicy wants to be where our fans are most engaged, and the YouTube Partners program provides an organic platform to do so."

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5 Reasons Social Media Enables Genuine Education


The days of social media being seen as just social media are over. You'd be surprised at how many people don't see social media as a genuine communications tool, but as a mere "fun thing to do" that has some marketing "stuff" attached to it. Wrong. Wake up and smell the tweets. Social media can enable a voice, a personality and most of all, an activation. But another purpose social has is education, and not just "education." Social media is a user seeking out knowledge he or she wants – it is a direct connection to the knowledge someone thirsts for. Hard to beat, huh? Here are some reasons below of why social media is a great catalyst for education:

1. Knowledge is a click-through away: social networks are swimming with brands, organizations and users who are chock-full of information. I, along with many other learning addicts, know what I want, thus I am going to be clicking through to exactly what I want to learn. It's that simple. I click. I engage. I learn. Just make sure your sources are who they say they are.

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13 Website Social Optimization Oversights That Make You Look Foolish

Whether you're a veteran or a rookie online marketer, it's imperative to audit your website and blog to ensure it has been optimized for social interaction, discussion and sharing. Applying social media optimization (SMO) to your content isn't rocket science, but amidst other marketing priorities, it sometimes get buried or forgotten. Before you approve pushing SMO down on your priority list, audit this list of common mistakes to make sure your brand - personal or business - isn't left looking foolish.

As a kid, Looney Tunes cartoons amused me. I recall feeling empathy for unlucky Wile E. Coyote. As I grew up, I became more entertained by the cunning and creative nature of Road Runner. Reality eventually set in that Wile E. Coyote wasn't unlucky, he was just too eager and foolish.


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Best Practices for Twitter Marketing and Lead Generation

Twitter Marketing is just one of the many faces of social media marketing that has gained prominence in the last few years. As a social media network, Twitter has also become a choice online marketing platform for tech-savvy B2B marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

Just like Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter has the potential to drive engagement with consumers/followers and to generate leads. Big brands such as Dell, JetBlue and Starbucks have used this Twitter marketing strategy with considerable success. In the section that follows, we shall look at Twitter basics, best practices, and ways to use it to drive engagement with your target audience.

Twitter Marketing and Lead Generation


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