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Will Facebook be worth $1 Trillion?

112987077Are you tired of debating about Facebook's stock price? The best way to cut investors short is to ask: Will Facebook be worth $1 trillion?

Here's why: Top technology companies like Google and Microsoft are worth 10 times the valuation at which they went public. Companies that increase in value like this are called "ten baggers" in investment terminology.

Asking if Facebook could be a ten bagger is the quickest way for laymen and long term investors alike to evaluate the potential of the social network's stock, Evercore Partners Senior Managing Director Paul Deninger said at the Intel Capital Global Summit in Huntington Beach, Calif.

Facebook went public at a valuation of roughly $100 billion, meaning that the company would need to be worth$ 1 trillion in order to join the list of the greatest technology investments of all-time.

Here are some examples of the increased stock values of top U.S. technology companies, based on their IPO market capitalization and their market capitalization as determined by today's stock price:


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FREE ACCESS to SocialAppHQ's product suite!

139729556I've found a very cool company that has been flying under the radar until I read about them in Robert Scoble's blog.

He said, "They will treat you different" and boy, was he right. I contacted them about our group and they made us an offer we can't refuse: FREE ACCESS to SocialAppHQ's product suite, but only for a limited time. This is WAAAAYYYY cool! It's like a combination of Radian6, HootSuite and Wildfire Apps all rolled into one. And even though they are still in stealth mode, a ton of major businesses already use them including Paypal, Harley Davidson, Papa John's, AARP, BBB, Vin Diesel, Sean Paul, SnapDeal, Motorola and IBM.

It is so easy to use and has such an intuitive and elegant control dashboard that we're using it for SocialMediopolis and several other sites. You can try it for yourself at no cost - register for FREE for SocialAppsHQ here.

SocialAppsHQ provides you with social media monitoring, actionable analytics, engagement tools, viral apps and a lot more in one easy-to-use platform. They will listen for your mentions across the web – Twitter, Facebook, Forums & Discussion Boards, Video sites, News and everything else. You can even enter your sites and they will start crawling them just for you. They will then analyze and show you trending topics, heat map of popular times to post/engage, demographics, sentiments, influencers and advocates. (Did you read that... even heat maps! Outstanding!)

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LinkedIn introduces follow feature for influencers

112987077LinkedIn hopes to jazz up its news feed with the addition of 150 super influencers on the network who fans can follow, a la Twitter.
The elite circle includes President Obama, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, physician/writer Deepak Chopra, Virgin founder/CEO Richard Branson, motivational speaker Tony Robbins and Mashable's founder/CEO Pete Cashmore, among others. Fans can follow the celebs for regular updates, just like on Twitter. However, there are some differences. There's no 140-character limit on updates and the communication is designed to be business-related.

"Our goal is to always make sure that there's high quality," says Dan Roth, executive editor at LinkedIn. When asked when the next round of super-influencers will be added, Roth replied, "The answer is we don't know."

LinkedIn has reason to wade cautiously into this Twitteresque feature. While fake accounts and off-subject tweets are part of that social network's charm, unleashing the same on LinkedIn could destroy its niche as a sober forum for business. As such, the activity of the initial 150 will be different than their Twitter feeds. "People come here for a purpose," Roth says. "They're at work or thinking about work. It's not about their personal lives."


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What to Look for when Hiring a Social Media Manager

112987077Many businesses know the buzz words or the basic functions of the community manager's role on social channels, many don't have clarity as to what they actually need or what a community manager does beyond tweeting and posting. If you're looking to hire someone for this role, read this first. A community manager's role is often more broad than businesses suppose.

So, what does a community manager actually do?

At its most basic, a social media community manager's job is to drive visibility and engagement of a brand via social media channels. At the tactical level, this means managing several streams of content on a variety of different platforms. They have to be careful to position their company in the best possible light while being responsive to all kinds of comments, questions, and yes, at times, rage—all on (very) public forums. All while projecting an approachable, knowledgeable, and genuine brand personality. Oh, and they often have to limit the space in which they have to do this down to the character.

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