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Great Free Training on How To Improve Lead Generation Using LinkedIn to Create a Referral Network – Limited attendance so sign up early


R10-29You know that LinkedIn can be used to generate leads and grow sales, not to mention position yourself and your brand as a leading authority. But how do you maximize using LinkedIn without being seen as a spammer? Josh Turner helps other businesses how to increase sales safely and effectively using LinkedIn. His brand new training session, "Proven Systems for Consistent Lead Generation Using LinkedIn" is a great place to learn from the best. And it is absolutely free for members of our group.

Register here for one of 3 upcoming sessions:

This webinar is about the REAL tactics and strategies that you can use to generate consistent results, day after day, week after week. Here is what Josh covers in this jam packed training session:
• A step-by-step approach for reaching high level decision makers.
• Proven scripts that generate a 70% response rate from targeted prospects.
• A 90 day roadmap for growing your database of 1st degree *highly targeted* connections by 3,000...yes, in the next 90 days. (all above board, nothing spammy or sleazy)
• How to create an automated top-of-mind LinkedIn campaign (generating an average of 622 clicks and 5,718 views per month).
• Building a huge LinkedIn referral network that generates returns for years to come.

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5 Reasons Your Business Should Not Advertise on Google AdWords

GA10-29I’m a huge proponent of advertising on Google AdWords – indeed, my entire business career has been dedicated to helping companies grow through search engine marketing (SEM). As much as I love AdWords, however, there are a lot of companies for whom AdWords simply will not work. I’ve identified five reasons you shouldn’t advertise on AdWords – reviewing them before you launch a Google campaign could save you some serious money!

1. No one is searching for your product

A search engine is a “database of intentions,” meaning people use search engines to find something specific. They don’t browse search engines like they do a news web site, Facebook or Twitter. If you are selling a new widget, the odds are low that people will be searching for your product on Google.

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Why social media needs to be taught in high school

HS10-29There’s been a lot of discussion recently on what schools should be teaching kids. Just this month, the United Kingdom announced the addition of cybersecurity to its curriculum in response to a lack of education in the field and the rising industry skills gap.

I believe U.S. schools have been hesitant and even neglectful when it comes to how they discuss social media with students, and it’s time for this to change. Social media is a very real and ongoing aspect of our everyday lives: It no longer makes sense that, in 2014, several states still teach cursive writing when many students can text much faster on their smart devices. We need to be educating students on applicable skills for the world that they will interact with, and that means providing them with an understanding of how social media can affect their future. The gaping generational chasm between teachers who grew up before smartphones existed and students who were raised on them has resulted in a trial-and-error model of internet education and exploration, which could potentially wreak havoc on a student’s future. The internet is written in pen, not pencil.

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How Social Is Your Business, Anyway?

SB10-29Evolving into a truly social business is a tricky task, and one that can take a while to accomplish. How does your brand stack up?

I think we, especially as marketers, can all acknowledge that whether or not companies admit it, all businesses are already social. After all, customers post comments and reviews and employees are individuals with lives they share with their friends and families - including thoughts about their employers. In fact, there is even a coined phrase "dark social" to describe referrals that aren't trackable by Web analytics (here's a great real world use case of dark social in action). But for those businesses that have knowingly picked up the gauntlet, where are we on the path to real social engagement?

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What's Missing From Your Facebook Ad Strategy

FB10-29Want to connect to potential customers on Facebook? Follow the same etiquette rules you'd use at a business conference.

"What we have to realize is it's kind of like meeting someone at a networking event, conference, or party ... there has to be a relationship-build," says Keith Krance, author of Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising.

In this Google Hangout, Krance, president of Internet marketing consultancy Dominate Web Media, walks us through the three phases of engaging with customers via Facebook advertising, as well as a simple budgeting trick that will help you execute a rapport-building campaign.

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