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4 Ways to Revise Your Content, as Opposed to Rewriting

4 ways to revise your content as opposed to rewriting

As a writer, you learn pretty early on that not everyone is going to like everything you write. You may put your heart and soul into a piece of content, only to have 800 angry internet strangers tear it to shreds in the comments section.

In marketing, you’ve probably encountered similar situations, but instead of anonymous trolls, it’s your boss or client saying, “Yeah, this just isn’t quite right.” Or maybe he or she thinks it’s well-written but it needs more of something, or less of something, or to be refocused. Even if you think you created a spot-on piece of content, whoever gets to offer critique may disagree, and send you right back to the drawing board.

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Facebook Announces New Messenger Tools, Bot Options in Messenger Platform 2.1

facebook announces new messenger tools bot options in messenger platform

It’s hard to say whether Facebook’s Messenger bots will ever make the platform the all-in-one tool of Facebook’s dreams. But they’re certainly not giving up on it, and the potential still looms large.

Their latest bot development is the release of Messenger Platform 2.1, which includes a range of new tools designed to help enhance business use of Messenger, and enable the creation of better Messenger Bots.

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4 Key Benefits of a Social Media Display, and the Questions to Ask Before Creating One

4 key benefits of a social media display and the questions to ask before creating one

A bright, beckoning social media display in your lobby or department can be a big hit with visitors and colleagues.

We’ve all seen these displays - large screens showing a map with social media posts popping up from specific locations; shifting word clouds related to a brand or topic; real-time thoughts from consumers crisscross the large screens and trending hashtags materialize.

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3 Steps in Developing an Effective eCommerce Conversion Strategy

3 steps in developing an effective ecommerce conversion strategy

You’ve just started out with an eCommerce store and you want to make sure you do everything right. Since conversions are crucial for eCommerce businesses, you should focus on building a strategy to drive plenty of sales.

In this post, we'll look at three key areas of focus in developing an eCommerce conversion strategy that works.

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How to Choose a Social Media Management Tool

how to choose a social media management tool

Social media management and monitoring aren’t just about posting and replying, social media is a growing, deeper science.

Companies don’t drive leads or make money by curating three relevant posts a week - if they did, we wouldn’t be writing this blog. If you’re a social media specialist or marketing manager, your job description is much more robust than simply posting and replying on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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