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How to Use Social Media to Climb the Career Ladder

3-2laddAre you using social tools effectively enough that they could help you move forward in your digital marketing career?

So you want to propel yourself into a leadership position in digital marketing? You may be in a manager or director role but yearn for executive status. Everyone in sales knows that digital marketing and tactics like social media marketing have changed the way the professional salesperson does his or her work, but what about the non-sales employees? In this article, I will review how you can use LinkedIn to climb up the career ladder to leadership.

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22 Free Materials Bloggers Can Use for Research

3-2BlogI used to complain that there are no enough free materials for bloggers on the Web.

Well, turns out I was wrong— there are tons of research and learning materials online, many more than I could ever use in a life span!

The most casual web search brought up a wealth of free resources that is definitely only a tiny portion of all the available content still hidden to my eyes.

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Lead Generation Strategies for Every Channel- Go For the Gold! [Free In-Depth Guide]


1-26MKToffer2Today's buyer is self-directed and multi-tasking continually, which means marketers have to work even harder to spread their message across multiple channels. That's why Marketo created the Definitive Guide to Lead Generation to help your marketing team find better leads, enhance relationships with potential customers, and close deals faster. "Thar's gold in them thar hills" and this great guide full of useful nuggets will help you dig it out.

Click here:

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The Ultimate Hashtag Cheat Sheet (Infographic)

2-26hashBy now you know that hashtags are like clickable magnets, drawing eyeballs to your social content. But did you know that if you use too many -- more than two or so per post -- it can actually drive people away? That is with the exception of Instagram, where numerous hashtag use is the norm and reel in tons of views. Eleven hashtags per post on the photo-sharing hub is the magic number...for now.

Sounds like a lot to remember? It can be. Each social platform has its own unwritten rules for hashtaggery and they’re constantly changing.

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