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Is Overconfidence Killing Your Marketing Effectiveness?

is overconfidence killing your marketing effectiveness

Are you an above-average marketer? Statistically speaking, you probably think so - even if the results of your most recent campaigns suggest otherwise.

Survey after survey has shown that a majority of us think we are exceptional on the road, in the midst of competition, and even between the sheets. In our own minds, we all tend to be experts and better-than-average performers.

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The Psychology of Trust and Inbound Marketing

the psychology of trust and inbound marketing

Inbound marketing isn’t entirely new. It’s new in the virtual world - learning about a product or service from a friend on social media or via a blog is a relatively recent development.

But even before we had the internet, people did hear things via word of mouth. You might have picked up the phone, for example, and consulted a friend about a problem you were having, then received a recommendation regarding a product or service.

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6 Instagram Poll Sticker Ideas for Your Brand or Business

6 instagram poll sticker ideas for your brand or business

Instagram has a released a new feature which rivals a Twitter feature that I love: Instagram Poll Stickers.

Now you can add a question, with two answer options, to your Instagram Story image or video. Your followers simply tap on the answer they’d like to choose.

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Your Complete Guide to Advertising on LinkedIn [Infographic]

your complete guide to advertising on linkedin

Facebook has the most advanced ad targeting options, Twitter is a popular choice, and Instagram is rising. But are you also aware of the depth of ad options available on LinkedIn?

While LinkedIn’s audience is more specific than other platforms, with a clear professional focus, the network’s always evolving, and its ad tools now provide a range of targeting and focus tools – including their recently introduced website demographics.

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