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Snapchat experiments with charging for interactive video ads

snapchat charging for video adsIn an experiment, interactive video ads on Snapchat will cost advertisers at least $40 per thousand impressions even if no consumer interacts with the ad. The gamble, David Kirkpatrick writes, is that advertisers won't be able to resist the chance to try such ads.

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25 Tips for Taking Better Mobile Photos From Instagram Influencers - Free Guide

instagram tips from influencersThere's no denying that succeeding on Instagram isn't just science - it's art. So, we've enlisted the help of 12 Instagram artists to help your business take and leverage better imagery.

Download this guide to:
 - Discover 25 ideas for telling authentic visual stories
 - Get tips on which mobile apps and tools to try
 - Receive 20+ images for Instagram inspiration

Click here: http://bit.ly/1Zjqdq9

To your success!

Facebook faces legal trouble over facial-recognition technology

facebook facial recognitionThe social media network just lost the first round of a lawsuit brought against it by a group of users in Illinois for “unlawfully” storing facial information - or “faceprints” - used to tag automatically people who appear in photographs. A federal judge agreed that the company violated the law by not explicitly seeking approval to collect such identifiers.

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