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LinkedIn open-sources FeatureFu, a machine learning library

9-6LinLinkedIn today is announcing the release of new open-source software for machine learning called FeatureFu. It’s meant to help programmers with the process of feature engineering, which involves creating high-quality new data based on existing data that algorithms can use to work efficiently.

FeatureFu can come in handy for a wide variety of purposes, including classification, clustering, and normalization, as LinkedIn senior software engineer Bing Zhao wrote in a blog post on FeatureFu.

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Google Classroom gets a Chrome extension so teachers and students can open sites together

9-5gglGoogle Classroom is issuing some new features and improvements ahead of the new school year, including a new Chrome extension that lets students and teachers share websites with the whole class.

Google Classroom launched a year ago to give teachers a way to connect with students online and eschew paper assignment sheets in favor of digital homework. It’s since rolled out its Classroom apps on mobile iOS and Android devices.

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Make a Monthly Content-Marketing Check-In a Must-Do

9-5contentA monthly content-marketing check-in gives you the opportunity to measure the success of your campaigns. Without a regular review, you won’t be able to take a strategic approach to your efforts, and if you don’t understand where you’re at, you can’t create a clear path for where you’re going.

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