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Social Media Managers React to the New Facebook


Since the now famous Facebook IPO, there has been tremendous pressure on Facebook to provide more consistent value in the forms of revenue streams. Two things have happened in the last few weeks that should cause businesses and marketing managers either delight or fear.

1. Facebook announced Facebook Gifts.

Facebook users will be able to send birthday, holiday and other gifts. You know all those birthday reminders that pop up? Soon you will be able to click an icon or link next to the persons name and send a gift. A message can also be sent to the recipient's Facebook Timeline or as a private message. The recipient of the gift enters his or her address, so the giver doesn't have to worry about that.

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Is Facebook Meddling with your News Feed Exposure?

112987077We caught up with Chad Wittman, founder of EdgeRank Checker, to see what factors are affecting the drop in impressions for Facebook pages — whether fans aren't sharing anymore, content is less engaging, ads are crowding out organic content, or other factors.

DY: Facebook is now a public company with earnings pressure. The Wall Street Journal surmised that Facebook switched to a paid game. Will running ads help your news feed exposure?

CW: Facebook is the only one that can officially address that question. However, in my opinion, I believe leveraging ads would most likely boost your affinity with the users that engaged with the paid media, meaning that Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm would most likely reward these interactions, even though they are paid for. This would give a higher probability of reaching these users when utilizing organic options in the future. To be clear, this would be the result of engaging paid media efforts, as opposed to Facebook simply issuing preference to advertisers.

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The 6 Most Important Social Media Analytics

112987077In order to promote your brand and build a vibrant online community, you have a branded Facebook page, Twitter page, YouTube channel, Pinterest profile, StumbleUpon, and blog. You post content and photos several days per week, use hashtags, make videos, and engage with followers. Now it's time to figure out if it's all working.

The world of analytics can be overwhelming, especially if it isn't your everyday wheelhouse. And, with all of the statistics available, it can be difficult to distill what is most important and useful. It can also be out of budget for many businesses to employ an expert or any of the robust reporting tools that are available.

There are a lot of elements of social media that many find vague when it comes to applying it to ROI. Some of this is simply because the inherent nature of social media is intuitive and reactive, and it is always going to be a challenge to quantify an organic success with an equation. It is tremendously difficult to predict what people will like, but, learning as we go with our fan base, there are insights that will give you a better idea of the type of fans you have and what appeals to them.

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1 in 4 Americans victims of Security Breach in past year

112987077One in four consumers in the United States had personal identification lost or stolen due to a data breach in the past year, a new study suggests.

Twenty-five percent of Americans have received a notification by a business, online service provider or organization that personal information such as passwords or credit card numbers were subject to a data breach, according to the study conducted by National Cyber Security Alliance and security firm McAfee for National Cyber Security Awareness month.

The news comes as various companies from LinkedIn, eHarmony, Internet radio platform Last.fm and Dropbox have had data compromised in recent months.

With this in mind, about 90% of Americans said they do not feel completely safe from hackers, viruses and malware on the Internet. Consumers feel far more secure on smartphones — in fact, about 63% said they believe their mobile devices are protected against hackers. But since 57% said they never back up their devices by storing information or data elsewhere and 63% don't use security software or apps to protect against viruses or malware, there is a disconnect on feeling secure and being secure, McAfee said.

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Cloud Based Operating System in the Works

112987077While it has taken longer than some anticipated, cloud computing is finally coming of age and whether you have a business, creative or gaming focus, there's a cloud-based option for just about any application you can think of. Researchers in China are now aiming to go one step further and take the operating system (OS) to the cloud with TransOS, a cross-platform, cloud-based OS.

The advantages of cloud-based computing include automatically updated software, applications that can be run on basic hardware, location independent access, and the ability to charge customers for what they actually use. It is just these advantages that Yaoxue Zhang and Yuezhi Zhou of Tsinghua University, in Beijing, China are looking to take advantage of with TransOS.

While a minimal amount of code would be required to boot up the computer and connect it to the internet, the TransOS system code is stored on a cloud server. Featuring a graphical user interface, TransOS downloads specific pieces of code to perform the same kinds of tasks as a conventional OS, thereby allowing a bare bones terminal to perform tasks beyond the limitations of its hardware. The computer would only call on relevant TransOS code when required, ensuring that the inactive OS isn't hogging system resources when applications are being run.

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