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Facebook's New "Want" Button - 6 Opportunities

112987077Shopping is a social experience. Regardless of what we're buying, we're constantly looking for guidance from our friends and peers. Early on, Amazon took advantage of this and pioneered the first generation of social commerce by giving us the tools to rate and discusses products. Other retailers soon followed, and social commerce became a competitive necessity for all online retailers.

Since then, little has changed. Facebook came along and was quickly hailed as the big game changer, but its first attempts with Facebook stores failed. People were not buying products at the scale that retailers expected, and most of them dropped their F-commerce initiatives within the first year.

Press forward to today, and Facebook has just rolled out the "want" button on some very select merchants, including Pottery Barn, Fab.com, Neiman Marcus, and Victoria's Secret, as well as a few others. The concept behind the "want" button is fairly simple. Facebook users will be able to click the "want" button on partner sites and send selected products to their "want list," which is visible to the users' friends.

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Pinterest Traffic Passes Google Referrals

112987077Shareaholic has been keeping on top of Pinterest data this year due to all the hype about the buzzing social network late in 2011. The data is based on 200,000 publishers across Shareaholic's network.

The recent results for 'Share of visits -June' which Shareaholic have released show that Pinterest referral traffic has increased by 40% from January, when it accounted for only .85% to June now standing at 1.19% of traffic, beating Google referrals (see definition), Twitter, Bing and StumbleUpon.

Email marketers should now be thinking of creative ways to integrate their email campaigns with Pinterest. Some marketers are integrating Pinterest buttons into their messages linking their Pinterest profile, but is doing so truly sufficient?

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How To Make an Infographic in 5 Easy Steps

112987077Infographics are relatively new; new enough for the word "infographic" not to be recognized by my spellchecker. As with all things "new" on the interwebs their comes a near obsessive, cult-like following that insists that this phenomenal new thing will be the massive change to overtake the online world and alter the way we computer forever. So here's a very blatant attempt at trying to capture some of that traffic.

If you've been reading our blogs (and I know you have) you've been seeing our infographics cropping up. They're amazing aren't they? You're jealous aren't you? Well prepare to kick your infographic jealousy to the curb my dear reader for I am about to teach you to create your own infographics in five (relatively) easy steps.

Before we get started you're going to want an infographic creator of some sort. We us an online application called www.piktochart.com (no, we're not affiliates - we're just good folks that pass on good information when we're happy with a good company). This isn't the only tool available for the task but, so far, it's our favorite.

I'm assuming for the sake of our exercise that you already have the "idea" for your infographic or are capable of conjuring one up when the time comes. I assume this because teaching people how to generate ideas is a far more lengthy process than five steps and an endeavour I'm not interested in undertaking.

Step 1: Breaking it up

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Report: Facebook Mobile Sponsored Stories are working; Promoted Posts Aren't

112987077Facebook's goal of maintaining the integrity of its user experience while increasing advertising revenue at the same time is being achieved by its mobile sponsored stories, but the social network's test of promoted posts is a bust, according to the results of a survey of more than 750 Facebook users in the U.S. last week by Sterne Agee, using the SurveyMonkey platform.

Sterne Agee found that 77 percent of respondents had not noticed mobile ads, meaning that Facebook's goal of keeping its mobile sponsored stories subtle and having them blend in to the mobile news feed is being achieved.

Other findings from Sterne Agee include:

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What Can Marketers do to Respond to Facebook's Edgerank Algorithm Changes?

112987077Several Facebook page administrators are up in arms over the site tweaking its EdgeRank algorithm, making users more likely to see brand-based posts with higher levels of engagement and not posts with only a comment or two. After We Are Social conducted an experiment to see how the page's reach has fallen recently, the site commented on how pages can react to these changes and get back into the news feeds of their fans.

After hearing all of the uproar about Facebook's alleged changes to EdgeRank — the algorithm that determines what users see and when — We Are Social wanted to test its own page to see if there was some truth to the rumors.

What it found, after analyzing its page through Socialbakers' technology, fell in line with other page administrators' complaints.

But there's hope, writes Robin Grant, We Are Social's global managing director. Grant notes that now that Facebook is trying to direct users toward posts with more engagement, pages have to figure out what they can do to boost engagement — largely, discovering new ways to truly connect with their fan base.

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