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Vine Introduces Full Profiles On The Web And TV Mode For Binge Watching

Today, Twitter’s Vine has announced full web profiles for all of its users, something it has lacked until this point. It has also introduced a new TV Mode that lets you watch videos in full screen on your computer.

You can view videos, browse users’ back catalogue and interact with them on the web. This includes viewing your home feed, liking, commenting and sharing videos.

The profiles are roughly similar to those offered by other social services like Instagram, and should offer easier browsing of multiple Vines on the web. Previously, you could look at one video at a time but there was no way to jump from that video directly to a user’s other work on the web — but you could on the mobile app. This strikes us as a move made to support Vine creators — the segment of the app’s users that have made a craft out of the six-second clips.

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Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2014

digital marketing laptop Top Digital Marketing Trends in 20142013 will be known as the year organizations began embracing different tactics for digital marketing in a big way. It will also be known as the year of the biggest social media changes: Twitter’s IPO announcement, Google and Facebook’s algorithm updates, and the list goes on. This trend of disrupting the digital marketing arena will continue into 2014 and beyond. Here is a roundup of what we predict in 2014 for the digital marketing industry:

Content continues to be king

Social Media Today reported that 78% of CMO’s believe custom content is the future of marketing. Most marketers have embraced and accepted content as a major resource in their efforts. Along with this, there has been an influx of content discovery apps which support the growth trend: Flipboard, Pulse, and Fancy (to name a few). If you’re not dedicating budget towards content development, it may be time to consider doing so!

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Facebook Sued for Scanning 'Private' Messages

Two Facebook users have sued the social network for allegedly scanning the “private” messages that users send to each other on the platform.facebookmessage 2

“Contrary to its representations, 'private' Facebook messages are systematically intercepted by the company in an effort to learn the contents of the users’ communications,” Matthew Campbell and Michael Hurley allege in their complaint, filed on Monday in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. “This practice is not done to facilitate the transmission of users’ communications via Facebook, but because it enables Facebook to mine user data and profit from those data by sharing them with third parties -- namely, advertisers, marketers, and other data aggregators.”

The lawsuit centers on allegations that Facebook scans users' messages to each other, in order to determine whether people are sending their friends links to other sites. Campbell an Arkansas resident, and Hurley, of Oregon, say that Facebook then “follows the enclosed link, and searches for information to profile the message-sender’s web activity.”

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Spredfast Starts 2014 with a $32.5 Million Bang

z-spredfastSpredfast announces today a new round of funding, $32.5 million, led by a new strategic investor, Lead Edge Capital, the investors behind Marketo, among others. This latest round is nearly twice the amount of its most recent (February 2013) round of 18 million dollars. I caught up with Rod Favaron, CEO, earlier this week to discuss the latest news and what it means for one of the major (and remaining) independent providers of social media management software and services.

“We’re going to be spending a lot more on the product,” with new developers hired mainly in Austin, and they’ll be announcing soon the launch of several overseas locations.  “With major global brands like British Air, we’ve made a promise to open offices closer to home, and we’ll be delivering on that promise.”

Even with the new funding, how does he feel about competing against such enormously deep-pocketed competitors like Salesforce, which acquired BuddyMedia in 2012, and Oracle (Vitrue)?  Not to mention enterprise vendors like SAP, Adobe, Hootsuite and others who are growing and acquiring more and more pieces of the SRP (Social Relationship Platform) puzzle.

“My sales force has a big grin on its face when they’re competing against Salesforce” and other vendors.  “If we look at the rate of change in this market, for example with Facebook, what you can now do, our competitors simply can’t move as quickly as we can…. Buddy was state-of-the-art when Salesforce bought them, but the platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are moving at 100 miles per hour.  Buddy Media was more competitive seven quarters ago.”

Spredfast is focusing its innovations on two major areas: leveraging the targeting now more available from Facebook and Twitter, and with it the ability to promote content discovery and sharing, with more solid metrics of engagement, not just “likes” and fans, that build a solid rationale for content marketing.

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Social Media is Not The Savior, But...

It’s still surprising how many businesses are ignoring social media. I’ve heard the various arguments against – that it’s a fad, that it’s mostly kids (nope), that there’s no social media 6significant value-add – but none of these stack up in the face of ever-growing data to the contrary. I'll admit, even I was once sceptical of the benefits of social media. I viewed social media as complimentary to traditional media channels, nothing more. It would never overtake traditional press and broadcast platforms. It would never become a critical pulse for business. I was wrong. And now, while I can understand where those opposing views stem from, my response to these people is that you're viewing social from the wrong perspective. In 2014 it's going to be more important than ever that your business has an active social media presence. Here’s a couple of the points to pass on to the unconvinced as to why social media is more valuable than they may think:

1) Don’t think in terms of immediate value, but in potential value. Some brands might be able to ignore social media, go on about their business as they always have, leave those new channels to others. Some brands can do this and suffer little negative impact, but the more important element here is that by ignoring social media channels, you are missing out on massive opportunities that are waiting to be taken up. There are millions of conversations happening on social media everyday, some of them are relevant to your business. By ignoring them, maybe you’re not losing anything from what you currently have, but you are missing out new opportunities. Having a dedicated social presence takes time and investment, but it has the potential to produce amazing results, many of which you wouldn’t even be aware of if you didn’t actively track and participate these conversations. Or, in more immediate terms, there are opportunities out there, right now, that you're not aware of because you’re not actively participating in social media conversations. They're going on as we speak.

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