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Facebook Reports Record Mobile Ad Revenue - What's Your Mobile Strategy?

Facebook Mobile

During its earnings call on Wednesday, Facebook announced what many of us were expecting; mobile growth and revenue for the company is increasing at a dramatic rate. Mobile monthly active users are up a whopping 54% to 751 million from Q1 of last year, moving the needle even further past the social network's active desktop users (a milestone the company hit in Q4). Even more impressive is that 30% of Facebook's Q1 revenue came from mobile ads, up from 23% last quarter.

In the last few months, Facebook has begun offering several new types of ad units to advertisers. Amongst these are mobile app install ads. In fact, during the earnings call Zuckerberg said that mobile app install ads are "one of most important new ad products" that Facebook is offering, and have been instrumental in generating the massive amount of revenue the company is producing via mobile.

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Excellent Content + Genuine Engagement = Social Business Success

tweet 1

Content marketing is no longer optional. Any company with a website can benefit from content marketing. With the current importance of social business practices, high-quality content is rewarded with a social media spotlight, amplified exposure and increased lead generation and conversion. All content types are important—including tweets, blog posts, webinars, SlideShare presentations, infographics and premium content, such as whitepapers and ebooks. Social engagement is paramount. Whether it is a LinkedIn update, a reply to a Facebook comment or a long-form blog post, attention to detail and quality is essential. Social media success happens when top-notch content creation and true engagement converge. In fact, real marketing success of any kind calls for excellent content.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be broken down into three major categories: original social content creation, social content curation and social engagement.

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Legal Concerns: Your Facebook Account as Evidence in a Lawsuit

istock 000016423527xsmall

Social media as court evidence – in divorces, employment disputes, and intellectual property battles – is not a particularly new concept. However, a recent ruling makes it clear that social media evidence is exactly like all other evidence in a lawsuit, and you have a legal duty to preserve it.

Attorney Scott Atkinson at Carr McClellan explains:

"A federal magistrate judge in New Jersey recently sanctioned a plaintiff for evidence spoliation after he deactivated his Facebook account during litigation, resulting in its permanent deletion by Facebook after 14 days passed. The court's order confirms that social networking accounts are just like any other form of evidence and are subject to the same preservation obligations. Parties who fail to preserve evidence contained in their social networking accounts when litigation is pending or anticipated do so at their peril."

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5 Steps to Facebook Ad Success

5 Steps to Facebook Ad Success
There is no doubt that marketing your business or brand on Facebook is a smart move. However, if you opt to take advantage of Facebook ads you need to ensure you are making the investment worth it. This means segmenting, optimizing, scheduling, managing and tracking your Facebook marketing ad campaign. Using the following steps will help you make the most of your advertisement dollars and see a huge conversion, by reaching the users who are actually interested in what you have to offer.

Step 1: Target Only Those Interested.

With over 850 million Facebook users, this may seem easier said than done. However, with television, radio, and print ads, chances are you take time to learn how to target those who are interested in what you have to offer. This same strategy should be used for Facebook advertisements. You can use Facebook ad settings to target your demographics. This can be done by age, location, likes, and other custom factors. Why would you want to advertise wedding dresses to married individuals? Instead you can create settings that target engaged women, in the U.S. and under the age of 40. Chances are that you will get much more success with thousands instead of millions of people.

Step 2: Make Your Ads Stand Out from the Crowd

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The secret to turning Facebook fans into real PAYING customers... a great free brand new guide from HubSpot

how to turn facebook fans into paying customers

With over 1 billion users, Facebook serves as a great platform for reaching your business's ideal customer. But what are the best ways to turn that audience into actual paying customers? The key is engaging your fans and drawing them to your website before carefully guiding them through a carefully designed marketing funnel that gets them to pull out their wallet and BUY something! Learn how in HubSpot's latest ebook on Facebook marketing. No tricks, no gimmicks, just a scientifically proven, logical, step-by-step progression from interest to purchase.

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