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How to Land a Social Media Marketing Job

How to Land a Social Media Marketing Job image how to land a job in social media marketing

What started as a way to keep in touch with friends has turned into a phenomenon- social media has now become a vital part of most businesses’ marketing plans. Social media is great because it can help spread the word for businesses of any size, and what’s more- it creates jobs! Small and large businesses alike are recognizing the need for someone to manage their social media presence and to keep it running the way that it should. Think you could fit the part? Read on to see what exactly a social media marketer does and how to land the perfect job.

What Exactly Is It That They Do?

Social media marketers aren’t limited to one specific job. They carry out a range of tasks, all crucial to a brand’s social media presence. Using social media and implementing it with traditional marketing, social marketers do their best to promote their company’s content through many techniques. They share their own content as well as others’ content, they post on other companies’ blogs and they use paid advertising. Not only do social marketers want to promote their company, they want their company to build a relationship with the public. They do this by monitoring their online presence and paying attention to those that are reaching out to them and providing feedback as well as seeking out others that they can reach out to themselves. Finally, they use and interpret analytics (such as Google Analytics) to determine both the characteristics of their audience as well as the results of their social media. While of course the role of a social media marketer isn’t limited to these tasks, this is a very small overview of their role and gives you a general idea of the type of day to day tasks that they perform. Still interested? We will now tell you what you need to get started.

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The Tiny Agency Behind 'Devil Baby' Is Scaring Up Good Business

The Tiny Agency Behind Devil Baby Is Scaring Up Good Business

The conventional wisdom in the ad industry is that you can't create a viral video. You can make a video that you think will catch on big, but there's no way to have a hit every time.

A three-man digital marketing shop called thinkmodo is challenging such thinking. All of the agency's videos on behalf of clients have gone viral and each one gets bigger than the last. Thinkmodo's latest hit, for the movie Devil's Due is a real doozy. The agency put a baby stroller on the streets of New York. When curious onlookers leaned in to look at the baby, they got the shock of their lives:

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6 Skills You Need to be a Social Media Professional

We've looked at what skills social media professional need before. Certainly, some of the characteristics we noted remain 6 skills social media professionalvery much a requirement. But the manifest shifts in social best practices, speed (foretold in The NOW Revolution) and technology have spawned a new list of ingredients that social pros ideally should possess.

6 Skills You Need to Be a Social Media Professional

This one is still very much true, and perhaps even more so. The best social media pros listen the most actively and most aggressively.

Pattern Recognition
This is getting more and more critical as the data and complexity of social continues to ratchet up. Are these posts on our Facebook page a crisis in the making, or just noise? Where are the real-time marketing opportunities? Instantly identifying patterns and being able to capitalize upon them are some of the skills that separate good social practitioners from great ones.

Visual Thinking
This is perhaps the biggest change in the past year or two. Being a great writer was formerly a key characteristic of many social pros, as being able to coherently write in 140 characters isn’t as easy as it appears. Today, with every social network embracing visuals and multi-media, being able to represent the brand visually is absolutely critical. This is a real challenge for many community managers who come from the PR/communications side of things, and all of a sudden need to be quasi graphic designers. I’m a big believer in social media pros taking photography classes in 2014.

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11 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your New Facebook Page

11 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your New Facebook Page

Communication has never been a one-way street, but past marketing methods have not been conducive to back and forth discussions. Social media marketing, on the other hand, thrives on interaction and engagement between a company and its customers.

The appropriate interaction makes people feel valued. It means their needs and desires have been acknowledged and that the company is actively working to fulfill them. Getting the conversational ball rolling, however, can be a challenge.

How can a business get fans and visitors to engage with a social media marketing effort? Start with these first 11 tips for increasing engagement on a new Facebook page:

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4 Initiatives Chief Marketing Officers Must Get Right in 2014

The pace of change is accelerating.  Last year, most Chief Marketing Officers faced the tasks of making significant 4 initiatives cmos must get rightchanges to how marketing operates.  Soaking in one buzzword after another as they try to make sense of the changing world swirling around them.  While the whirlwind of change will continue, CMOs will begin to sharpen their focus.

A Clearer Picture

The picture of the changing world of B2B buyers, while still hazy, is providing glimpses of clarity.  Allowing CMOs the ability to be informed as well as be responsive to dynamic changes.  New buying behaviors are beginning to take root.  Unclear is how long they will last.  Presenting the challenge of responding to those taking root while at the same time being prepared to quickly adapt to new changes yet foreseen.

What CMOs Must Do

In order for CMOs to continue gaining more clarity with clear ideas on how to respond, there are four initiatives CMOs can implement:

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