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Facebook Partners with Shutterstock to Make Ads Prettier and Offer Free Stock Images in Ad Creator

final facebook ad

When ads look bad, Facebook, users, and advertisers all lose. So Facebook today announced a partnership to bake Shutterstock into its ad creator, allowing marketers to select from millions of free stock images for their ads. Facebook today also started letting advertisers upload multiple images at a time to build ad variants for A/B testing. Both could make Facebook ads more interesting.

On the mobile side, Facebook updated its Pages Manager app to let admins edit who else controls their page, and publish multi-photo feed posts. Android Page Manager users can tag people in comments and browse a Page Feed of other relevant Pages, while the iOS app now allows for creation of new Pages and events.

So what's the point of all these updates? To make marketing content on Facebook as interesting as possible so it's not a turn off for users. No one wants to see bland ads shoved in between fun photos from their friends.

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How to Turn Your Startup Into a Lean, Mean Marketing Machine


Marketing your startup can get expensive and often the strategy you choose doesn't work as planned. How can you promote your products or services without spending a lot of money or time developing comprehensive marketing plans?

You've heard of the lean startup concept pioneered by entrepreneur Eric Ries and popularized over the years by professor Steve Blank. The lean startup approach, which favors experimentation over planning, offers a useful blueprint for developing a more efficient marketing strategy.

Here are three ways you can apply it to your business right now:

Test your marketing ideas in small batches.
Instead of investing months to plan and research, lean startup encourages businesses to develop untested assumptions and quickly test those assumptions in the marketplace -- a concept that can easily be applied to your marketing efforts.

When you invest a majority of your marketing budget into developing strategies and tactics, you make a gamble that they will actually succeed. This is a sucker's bet because most marketing strategies fail.

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4 Google Changes That Could Impact Your Holiday ROI


If you ask retail marketers what has changed the landscape most as it relates to the upcoming holiday season, you might expect their answers to revolve around mobile shopping, omni-channel, content marketing, or social.

More often than not, however, retailers will say that the biggest changes impact their efforts and performance this holiday season compared to previous years will come from their old friend Google. And not even the "sexier" parts of Google like Google+, Android, and Chrome.

Google's core search business has been undergoing some major changes right under our very noses, and these changes will have a profound impact on a retailer's ability to drive sales this holiday.

Product Listing Ads

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Tactics to Measure and Improve Your Facebook Results

Tactics to Measure and Improve Your Facebook Results

There is no question that social media marketing has been hailed as an inexpensive method to engage your audience; however, as a marketer do you know the amount of revenue that you have actually generated from Facebook, or how much has been invested into the efforts?

Check out the following tactics that you can use in order to measure, justify and improve the Facebook marketing efforts you have used.

It is undisputed that Facebook is the top social media platform that is used by marketers. In fact, according to the Social Marketing Benchmark Report of 2011, up to 84 percent of marketers use the Facebook platform in one way or another. With this much emphasis put on Facebook, marketers should be sure that the network is actually worth their investments and that their efforts are working to steadily improve their results. The only way that this can be done is by measuring the results and then analyzing the data.

Tactic: Start with your concrete metrics and goals.

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Don't miss the most important and popular online conference of the year: the Social Media Success Summit – and save 55% as our group discount

Dont miss the most important and popular online conference of the year the Social Media Success Summit and save 55 as our group discount

Now in its fifth consecutive year, the online mega conference Social Media Success Summit is almost here, and over 1,400 of your peers have already once again registered. If you've never attended this premier event, you are missing out on the most productive and entertaining event of the year! Check it out here: http://ow.ly/nsyo3

And if you act by this Friday, you'll save $330 (55%-off) if you're among the next 500 registrants. This is not a sales pitch – there are just a limited number of seats available due to the webcasting technical restrictions because it is a live event. It's designed for the busy marketer who can't afford to stop working yet needs to keep up with the changing world of social media marketing.

Over two weeks, you will have access to 45 world-renowned Social Media Experts who will show you how to to gain more exposure, increase traffic, cultivate loyal fans and grow your business. And because each session is recorded, you will have access whether you can attend the live session in person or not, and you will have access to the entire archive. Here is a quick overview of the agenda: http://ow.ly/nsyo3

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