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Facebook adds video to lead-generation ad offers

facebook video leadsFacebook now offers a lead-generation video ad that incorporates a call-to-action button during the video to encourage viewers to fill in their personal details. The platform is also boosting its lead-generation offerings by letting marketers duplicate forms and edit questions across pushes.

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9 of the best tools to manage social media posts

best social media tools to manage postsManaging communities across many social media platforms is a fundamental component of the Social Media Marketer's work. It's an art to master and maintain a consistent presence on all those different platforms. And it takes time to build our communities.  The key is finding the best tools to manage social media posts. We use those tools to craft a workflow that's realistic and sensible.

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How To Merge Purpose And Insights When Building Your Team

building your teamInsights from more than 10,000 marketers in Millward Brown Vermeer’s Insights2020 study show that a customer-centric brand purpose and data-driven decision-making are cornerstones of powerful brands. But how can a company reflect these success factors when building a marketing team?

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