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Attention Marketers: Fortune and Digital Favor the Brave

Adobe’s Digital Marketing Summit opens today and with 5,000 attendees anticipated you might have guessed that adobepicturethere will be a lot to talk about. There are several important announcements of improved products, particularly in mobile, but their top-flight research arm is also announcing results from a recent (February 2014) survey of digital marketers.

First and perhaps most important is that digital has gone way past the pilot stage, and, for the best companies, it has become fully operational, even in compliant-heavy industries such as financial services. Moreover, the survey reports that for the most successful marketers, the so-called “Best of the Best,” the hiring, restructuring and technology investments that have been made in the past two years have begun to pay off. The top 20 percent of digital marketers in financial, retail, technology, travel and media, measured in terms of their reach and conversion rates across mobile and the web, report:

  • 70% higher smartphone traffic, 55% more page views (Financial Services)
  • 68% higher tablet traffic (Tech)
  • 51% better “stickiness” (visitor engagement) (Retail)
  • 35% more time spent (Media)
  • 100% higher conversion rate (Travel & Retail)

(All percentages are compared to 2012 survey results.)

All in all, however, in a separate recent survey conducted this past February, over half  of  marketers assess themselves as, frankly, deer caught in the headlights. Some of you seem to need more counseling than technology:

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7 Reasons Why Good Copy is Your Most Powerful Tool

Have you ever played a game entitled “Good Copy, Bad Copy”? The rules are simple. Oh, wait; there is actually justgood copy is your most powerful tool one rule: you have to create good copy to promote your online business and stay far away from bad copy that can compromise your image, make you lose prospects and help you put a smile on your competitors’ faces. Most people will sigh and exclaim: “if only things were that simple…” They are.

Even though you may think about copywriting and picture a rainbow of colors and flying unicorns, things are really black and white when it comes to creating fantastic copy: you’re either good at it because your copy sells or you’re not and your copy is a mere waste of time and money.

The bad news is that good copy that is also persuasive requires lots of things, including excellent writing skills, extensive knowledge, patience, passion, research and empathy. The good news is that as long as you play by the book and do everything in your power to boost your copywriting skills, you can actually obtain excellent results in the long run. But what exactly should you work on to be able to see the first signs of improvements in the long run?

The Good, the Bad and the Damn Ugly of Copywriting

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5 Things You Should Absolutely Never Do on LinkedIn

5 Things You Should Absolutely Never Do on LinkedInAbout a month ago, I talked here about LinkedIn opening up its publishing platform to the outside world. And before you know it, the platform has people flocking to it in hordes, setting up accounts, trying to expand their connection network in an attempt to start getting their content out there, and get it seen.

With everyone's activity going up on LinkedIn of course - there are a ton of "habits" that have spewn over from other social networks onto LinkedIn, which have been ruffling more than a couple of feathers.

LinkedIn is a professional networking website. It always has been, and it always will be. It won't be a place for you to share pictures of a night out with friends, neither is it place for games to be played and BuzzFeed articles posted.

I've been an active LinkedIn user for about 5 years now - I've been sharing updates, talking with people, making connections, setting up meetings and following the career trajectory of my associates for a while.

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How To Disappoint Customers on Social Media: A Cautionary Twitter Tale

How To Disappoint Customers on Social MediaIt all started with just one tweet.

I had read an interesting article on Barclays Kenya's refocused customer experience efforts. So naturally, I pulled up Twitter and fired off a tweet at the bank, curious to know what their customer experience efforts were behind the scenes.

Love your customer focus, @Barclays_Kenya.

A few hours later, I got a reply from the bank, thanking me for the shout-out. And that’s when things got hairy.

A customer jumped on it.

@PeopleMetrics what customer focus? @Barclays_Kenya have not responded to my tweet for days. I have banked with them since 2000.

An actively disengaged customer running wild on Twitter. This person is never going to refer Barclays Kenya to his friends and family and he may actively encourage his network to avoid the bank at all costs.

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How To Add Call-To-Action Buttons To Facebook Posts

How To Add CallToAction Buttons To Facebook PostsYou may have noticed posts from brands in your News Feed with a nice little call-to-action button included in the post, under the link title and above the description. This is the result of one of Facebook’s latest features, a small change that could potentially make a big difference for brands.

Love them or hate them every social media marketer worth his/her salt understands the importance of the call-to-action. We know from testing that users are more likely to act on a post when prompted to do so, making the CTA a necessary evil when chasing the all important engagement metric.

The important thing to note here is that Facebook has made the CTA buttons available for native posts as well as ads. A decision that can only be good for click-through rates.

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