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10 words that defined marketing in 2015

Marketing wordsIf you want to know the trends responsible for driving the digital marketing industry in any given year, you'd get pretty close by creating a word cloud from top industry publication headlines of the previous 12 months. Then pick the 10 largest fonts. Some words would remain consistent from year to year: Google, Facebook, social media, viral video, etc. But other terms enjoy much briefer moments in the spotlight. So let's take a look at those that saw their rise in marketing significance in 2015.

I couldn't resist including a couple of words that rightfully carried over from last year's list. We'll start with those. But as you'll see, their story lines within our industry have evolved significantly this past year. What words would you add to this year's list?

Here we go...

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Why social media is so attractive for advertisers heading into 2016

social media iconsSocial media is no longer the new kid on the marketing block. And, it has firmly assumed the rank of an essential channel for B2C and B2B marketers alike.

One of the biggest changes in social media marketing this past year has been its emergence as a major player for advertising dollars. Where social media was once seen as almost a performance-metric free zone that marketers engaged with almost out of a fear of missing out, it’s now a marketing channel that delivers highly targeted audiences, innovative ad formats and a wide range of measurements depending on the social venue serving the ad.

But why is social media attractive for advertising?

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Disney, Google Cardboard give "Star Wars" fans a virtual reality adventure

Star Wars Disney just launched its first virtual reality "experience" to tie in with the launch of the upcoming "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" movie.

It features the show's iconic title sequence — and the Millennium Falcon being pursued by fighters.

The movie studio and Google have teamed up to release a series of virtual reality "experiences" based on the sci-fi blockbusters series, the companies announced earlier in November. They are being developed by Lucasfilm lab ILMxLAB.

Find out how!

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Content Curation: The Biggest Benefits [Infographic]

Marketers are responsible for producing content at an extremely frequent rate. According to countless studies, content marketing is proven to help generate leads, increase traffic and establish thought leadership, among other benefits. However, many lack the time, staff or budget to publish enough original content to keep up with the demand.

That is where content curation can come in.

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