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Facebook faces legal trouble over facial-recognition technology

facebook facial recognitionThe social media network just lost the first round of a lawsuit brought against it by a group of users in Illinois for “unlawfully” storing facial information - or “faceprints” - used to tag automatically people who appear in photographs. A federal judge agreed that the company violated the law by not explicitly seeking approval to collect such identifiers.

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Facebook users cool to Reactions

users not responding to facebook reactionsThe Reactions icons introduced by Facebook in February are generating a ho-hum reaction from users, with only 2.4% of interactions incorporating them last month, according to Quintly. By comparison, likes stood at 76.4%.

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Live-streaming grows in popularity with brands

brands jumping into live streamingJose Cuervo was the latest brand to take to live-streaming with a secret concert to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. BuzzFeed attracted 800,000 real-time viewers on Facebook Live who tuned in to watch a watermelon explode after being slowly encased in rubber bands.

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10 Ways Your CEO should be using social media

social ceosBusiness-to-business CEOs should be active on social media to generate excitement about their company and bring some personality to the brand. Foster goodwill by giving direct thanks to customers and staff on social sites, and use social to nip any crises in the bud.

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