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Demographic Targeting Is Becoming Less Effective on Social

targeted audiencesAd targeting and retargeting will likely be the driving force behind advertising this year. Audiences are getting more segmented, and advertisers need to be reactive to changes in the market. Despite dedication to data, marketers still get tripped up by demographic targeting pitfalls.

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Why mobile ads will be transformed by Facebook's Canvas

facebook canvasFacebook's Canvas ads will force all mobile ad products to improve, with its fast loading time and quick escape features, Adam Kleinberg writes. Canvas also solves the marketing dilemma of where to place content, and it's simple for marketers to create ads using the tool.

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How #Imgur got huge by keeping things weird

imgurImgur's 150 million active users per month share nearly a trillion images a year, but the image-sharing website remains virtually unknown to much of the public. Officials say the site's offbeat culture creates fierce loyalty among users, but the site must see whether it can keep expanding without sacrificing its fundamental weirdness. "[I]ts next challenge is proving that it can just keep growing, without putting the idiosyncratic, mischievous culture its own members created at risk," Harry McCracken writes.

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Insider Secrets Used By The Most Successful People On LinkedIn

leveraging linkedinImagine what your business would be like if you were getting 10 to 25 new connections every day using LinkedIn?

So many people miss their chance to leverage LinkedIn because it’s just too much work and takes way too much time.

What if you could speed up the process of finding, connecting, and talking with people who could help you take your business to the next level?

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