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Secret Weapon: Free Webinar for Everyone on Using Contests to Drive Better Facebook Results

6 Elements Every Facebook Contest Needs to SucceedNo matter what kind of business you run, Facebook can deliver truly remarkable results if you use it correctly. When you want to acquire new customers, one of the most effective ways is to run a fun and engaging contest, because people really like to play… and they like to win even more. So when you do it right you'll drive traffic, capture more email addresses than ever before and drive conversions. That's what we call a win-win!

We've brought in an expert to teach you the 6 things your Facebook contest must have in order to succeed.

>> Click here to register:

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The Programmatic problem: What’s an audience without a show?

PROGRAMMATIC NEEDS CONTEXTToday Digiday published a piece I wrote about the lack of context in the display advertising marketplace. Check it out, I’ve posted it below as well for posterity.

Before the rise of programmatic buying and “audience retargeting,” most quality brand media was purchased based on a very particular contextual signal –- even if the market didn’t really call it that. Back then, “context” was code for a publication or television program’s brand, and for the audience that brand attracted. If you wanted to reach moms at home, for example, you’d buy Ladies Home Journal or the soap operas. If you wanted business executives, you’d put Fortune or Forbes on your plan, maybe with a dose of golf or baseball broadcasts.

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12 Free Social Media Hacks to Fuel Your Content Marketing Efforts

12 Free Social Media Hacks to Fuel Your Content Marketing EffortsIt’s no secret that social media is a great and leading traffic source for many businesses but not everyone is getting it right.

This is the reason why Gary Vaynerchuk, in his talks, constantly makes a case about using social media as a native story telling platform and not the distribution channel.

While I agree with his argument, I also believe that businesses are not doing the distribution part right and there are hacks with which you can use social media as a native distribution channel instead of a native story telling platform because let’s be honest, not every company has or can figure out the story they want to tell.

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How to Balance Your Professional Brand and Personal Brand on Social Media

personal and professional brands on social mediaImage by Leon Riskin via flickr

Whether it’s intentional or not, your personal and professional brand on social media overlap. Followers on LinkedIn might hunt down your Instagram account. Facebook friends will find you on Twitter. It can be hard to keep the professional brand professional when the audience contains as many friends and family members as it does clients and coworkers.

Being too personal with your business audience can impact how you’re perceived in a professional context, potentially putting that relationship in jeopardy. If you’re concerned about maintaining your professional brand on social media, there are ways to segment your audience and keep on engaging.

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Using Social Media to Support Your Activism Goals

online activismSocial causes have caused people to band together since what might seem like the beginning of time. However, one thing today’s activists have in contrast to people who worked to support the Civil Rights Movement, or the right for American women to vote is social media. Sites like Facebook and Instagram can quickly become catalysts for change because they allow messages to reach far and wide in just a few seconds. In fact, Facebook will soon expand the availability of a tool people can use to proudly call themselves voters.  It was first used in the United States for one of Barack Obama’s campaigns but is in the process of reaching an international level.

Keep reading to learn a few ways to make your social media profiles effective ways to broadcast your views and causes.

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