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Facebook's Testing a New 'Topics to Follow' Option to Get More Content into Your News Feed

facebooks testing a new topics to follow option to get more content into your news feed

In a recent session on Facebook’s News Feed algorithm and how it works, News Feed VP Adam Mosseri noted that one of their key areas of focus for News Feed moving forward will be discovery and helping users uncover more relevant information from Pages and people they don’t follow.

As explained by Mosseri:

“We want to a better job helping people learn about stuff that they might not even know exists yet, but they would love or find interesting or meaningful in their lives”

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4 Tips to Keep Your Brand Coherent Across Platforms

4 tips to keep your brand coherent across platforms

New social media platforms and options seem to pop up nearly every month, and for each new platform attracting thousands of users, there needs to be a marketing strategy tailor-made to reach these segments. But the trouble is, every platform has different requirements and strategies that work to reach your customers - Instagram's focus is on photos and videos, Twitter limits you to 140 characters. There can be a lot of different elements to juggle once your social media deck gets stacked up.

On one hand, this is great, because it allows for a broader reach across several channels. But a formidable challenge can quickly present itself: how does a company keep the consistency of its brand in the face of all these different platforms?

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New Twitter Research Highlights the Potential of Tweet Monitoring

new twitter research highlights the potential of tweet monitoring

Twitter data can unlock a range of powerful insights – right now, tweet insights are used to track earthquake activity, to predict crime, to monitor flood damage to better focus relief work. The power of Twitter’s real-time stream is far more significant than most realize. Yes, the platform's great for tweeting about the latest TV show or sharing memes, but there’s also a key, functional value in tweets, a utility which takes it beyond those surface behaviors.

That value is significant, and can be of great benefit to those businesses that are able to tap into the stream and identify the key data points. The challenge is in just that – identifying the signals amidst the noise – but as the noted examples show, the value is there.

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Facebook’s Bringing 'Reactions' to Post Comments

facebooks bringing reactions to post comments

Just over a month ago, Facebook announced that Reactions – those emoji-like cartoon characters you can use to respond to posts in addition to the basic ‘Like’ – are being made available within Messenger, giving people the option to respond to individual messages with a quick emoji.

Now, Facebook’s expanding Reactions even further, with several users noting that they can now post Reactions to individual post comments in Facebook on desktop.

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Making Travel Plans on Pinterest – What Marketers Need to Know [Infographic]

making travel plans on pinterest what marketers need to know

Pinterest has released a new report into how people use the platform in their travel planning process. And with Travel being one of the most popular categories among active Pinners, if your business has any connection to the travel sector, it’s information worth taking note of.

As per Pinterest:

“Pinterest is a hot spot for travel with an average of 2 million saves per day. It’s one of our top 10 categories with a total of over 3 billion travel-related ideas. The planning process (where, how and what) starts to rise in January, and peaks in June when we see an average of 4 million saves a day.”

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