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5 Big Marketing Budget Mistakes to Avoid [Infographic]

5 big marketing budget mistakes to avoid

There’s a heap of advice online about what you should do to maximize your marketing budget, but there are fewer posts about what not to do.

That’s the impetus behind this new infographic from MDG Advertising, who’ve looked at a range of research reports and studies to come up with a listing of the key elements where marketers most commonly slip-up in their marketing plan.

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5 Key Benefits of Blogging for Business

5 key benefits of blogging for business

I’m always surprised when I visit a brand’s website and they don’t have a blog.

When I’m putting together proposals for new clients, I always include blogging and content writing as one of the most important items to budget for - there are so many reasons businesses benefit from hosting their own blog that they regularly update.

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The Rise of Influencer Marketing [Infographic]

the rise of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has seen a significant boost in focus over the past 24 months, with many proclaiming it to be marketing’s next big thing.

Influencer Marketing Hub recently conducted an online survey to establish just how much effective this content distribution technique has become, while also looking at its rise in popularity amongst digital marketers.

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How to Get Your Content Published on Big Websites

how to get your content published on big websites

Publishing on a big site can open doors, can get your organization’s name in front of people you would not be able to reach otherwise, and it can increase your authority, which has SEO benefits.

Placing your organization’s messaging in the best place for it to reach your potential audience is an important part of content marketing, and for some pieces of content, a bigger site, like the Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, or Social Media Today, might be that best place.

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Why Google Wants to Build its Own Ad-Blocker [Infographic]

why google wants to build its own ad blocker

Google's planning to build its own ad blocker for their popular web browser Chrome. Google has confirmed that this feature will be available in Chrome as a built-in feature from next year onwards.

The news seems controversial - a leader in the online ad space making their own tool to block adverts - but the reality is that there are many reasons why Google would want to create their own ad blocking tool.

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