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6 Free Twitter Management Tools for Marketers [Infographic]

6 free twitter management tools for marketers

Are you looking for ways to improve your Twitter marketing strategy? Want some tools that can help you to build followers, schedule posts and generate engagement?

We share 6 tools you should try in the infographic below. They all have free versions, you can upgrade them to unlock the best features.

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Stop Feeding the Beast: Why Micro-Influencers Matter More

stop feeding the beast why micro influencers matter more

Step aside Kim Kardashian and Something Navy, the latest trend in influencer marketing revolves around activating micro-influencers—content creators who possess smaller, but highly engaged niche social followings. Although their fans may number in the hundreds or thousands rather than millions, these content creators inject an air of authenticity into their posts and drive engagement among their followers.

Micro-influencers build community, creating an intimate and arguably more authentic relationship with their followers—a unique value that can’t always be measured tangibly.

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The Anatomy of a Search Engine [Infographic]

the anatomy of a search engine

Are you struggling to wrap your head around the subject of SEO? Not really sure what a search engine is and how it affects your website?

First Site Guide shared their guide to search engines and website optimization in the infographic below.

It includes some useful search engine market share stats from around the world.

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How to Host Your First Twitter Chat

how to host your first twitter chat

As a social media marketer, you're aware of the impact Twitter can have on a brand's success. We've all seen (or maybe even been a part of) some Twitter conversation with a brand that spreads like wildfire. Think about Wendy's big moment last year with #NugsForCarter. Everyone remembers that moment as a hilarious (and brilliant) marketing win for Wendy's.

Although those one-off moments are rarely planned, they show the impact that a brand-to-customer interaction on Twitter can have. And like these viral moments, Twitter chats can generate a similar sort of buzz within your specific follower community.

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Why Going Viral Doesn't Guarantee Social Media Success: Methods and Metrics [Infographic]

why going viral doesnt guarantee social media success methods and metrics

Your marketing team has an incredible campaign ready to publish. The social media posts are scheduled, landing pages are primed with engaging calls to action, and the other marketing collateral is prepared to play important, supporting roles.

All these pieces must be in place before you launch the campaign, and the focal point of the campaign — a video, for example — must touch on certain emotions in order for this campaign to have the potential to go viral. When you tap into people’s sense of amazement, for example, you have a greater chance of them engaging with your content and sharing it with others.

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