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4 Ways to Grow Your Brand Using Instagram Captions

4 ways to grow your brand using instagram captions

Instagram has grown rapidly to become one of the most used social media apps in the world. The platform recently surpassed 700 million monthly users, putting it ahead of many of the most popular social networks, including Twitter. Now expanding into the paid social space, Instagram is fast becoming vital for brands to use in order to reach their target markets.

Just how critical has Instagram become? 60% of Instagram users have used the platform to research a brand or company, and Instagram brands typically receive over 4% total engagement on posts, compared to less than 0.1% on Facebook and Twitter. Instagram also has access to parent company Facebook’s algorithms and demographic data, making it even more powerful as a social media tool.

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Why Your Company’s Online Reputation Matters [Infographic]

why your companys online reputation matters

Over the past 20 years, the Internet has significantly changed how business is conducted throughout the world. But at least one element has remained consistent through two decades - company reputation, and importance of your professional standing.

Before the Internet, a company's reputation relied almost entirely on word-of-mouth recommendations, surveys, and consumer data, but in the age of the Internet, all of that takes place online in the form of reviews.

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Website Basics: Choosing the Best Website Content

website basics choosing the best website content

Building a small business website can be a fun design process. There are innumerable options for color palettes, page layouts, image and icon choices, and typography.

However, your content is just as important as the website’s stylistic design as it is what keeps your visitors on your page and encourages them to come back.

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Facebook Offers Value Optimization Ads and Lookalike Audiences

facebook offers value optimization ads and lookalike audiences

Facebook wants to help marketers get more juice for their squeeze according to an announcement from Facebook Business this week.

Facebook ads have a couple new options for us -- specifically, a new value optimization tool and an updated value-based lookalike audiences tool. Both features draw on the capabilities of Facebook’s pixel, which mines data about audience behavior and interactions to help businesses understand and optimize their targeting ads.

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4 Reasons Why Marketers Need to Be Careful With Snapchat

4 reasons why marketers need to be careful with snapchat

As marketers, we're always in search for new and innovative ways to get our brand message out in front of our target audience.

Snapchat has been the obsession among social media marketers for the past few years - and for good reason. It's functionality, ease of use and easy to digest content presentation has helped the app establish a significant user base, users who now send more than 3 billion Snaps daily.

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