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Changes Coming to LinkedIn Company Pages

Written by Caroline Melberg on .

I got an e-mail from LinkedIn letting me know that they’ll be doing away with the Products & Services tab on linkedin company pages changesCompany Pages. Before you start crying, understand that this won’t be a big game changer. I don’t know how many companies actually use that tab, but I’d guess that those who do probably aren’t getting a lot of results. People don’t view company pages for that purposes. It’s not that they’re not interested in your products or services. They’re just not on LinkedIn to see what they are. At that point in your sales funnel, they want to be engaged meaningfully.

While LinkedIn is taking something away, they’re also providing a little help to users who want to make the most of their LinkedIn experience. They’re offering alternatives to the feature they’re getting rid of. Kudos to LinkedIn!

The first suggestion, of course, is to use your Company Updates. Now, that’s a novel idea!

If you aren’t doing it already, you should be updating your company page at least a couple of times a day. This is where the real engagement takes place. And if you post updates that get people to take action, you’ll see a lot more activity on your page.


April Fools! Top 8 Brand Pranks of the Day

Written by Emily Bailey on .

Today’s the day that many of us will forget to keep our guard up while friends, co-workers and even family prepare their next big pranks on each other. In recent years, brands have joined in on the fun, hoping to momentarily deceive followers and customers into believing their absurd and often hilarious new product or feature. They are often accompanied by press releases or video announcements that seem so real you’re unsure if you should believe it or not.

april_fools_the_top_8_brand_pranksHere are some of the best pranks so from our favorite brands so far today.

1 » Introducing Auto Awesome Photobombs with David Hasselhoff » Google
Want to take your selfies to the next level with an assist from David Hasselhoff? Now you can with the new Google+ Auto Awesome Photobombs. It’s a surefire way to make your photos more #Hoffsome.

2 » Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge » Google Maps
If you’re trying to navigate to that new lunch spot or find directions to a new client’s office, you might not make it when you get distracted by the Pokémon Challenge in Google Maps. Travel the world and capture all 150 Pokémon. If you capture them all, you might not want to attend that client meeting anyway–because Google is planning to hire the winner of the challenge as its next Pokémon Master.


Using Twitter as Marketing Tool Is Tough for Brands [INFOGRAPHIC]

Written by Irfan Ahmad on .

Using Twitter as Marketing Tool is No Easy Feat for Brands - infographic
Is Twitter an effective marketing tool for brands? What sorts of challenges are businesses facing on Twitter? According to a recent survey conducted by SMMU, 40 percent of brands consider Twitter to be an effective marketing tool. Brands face a number of challenges (like building an audience, developing strong content, etc.) using Twitter as a social media marketing tool, with measuring Return-on-Investment being the greatest challenge.
In addition, most brands have not used Twitter's paid services. In fact, some brands were unaware that they were available. Among Twitter features being used on a regular basis, Vine remains underutilized, despite the rise in popularity of video marketing. Check out this infographic below for all the findings from the survey. 

Developing a Winning Social Media Optimization Strategy

Written by Brett Relander on .

Developing a Winning Social Media Optimization StrategySocial Media Optimization, the SEO of social media, involves implementing changes both on-site and in social accounts to make content more visible, liked, shared and linked to via social networks. It's no doubt that creating content that can easily be shared throughout the web is vital to the success of a social media campaign—but did you know that having a solid social media optimization (SMO) strategy can actually improve your SEO performance and organic rankings too? A winning SMO strategy will drive traffic from social sites, search engines and shares, effectively leveraging the power of social sharing to create profound benefits for your website.

Google's Very Own Matt Cutts on Social Signals 

While there are no confirmed cases yet that Google will rank a page based on social signals, Matt Cutts has pointed out some specific benefits to using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to share content. He says:

“Both of those services [Facebook and Twitter] represent a fantastic avenue, it's a way to drive visitors and traffic to your site, it's a way to let people know about news related to you or your company or website, so I think they're great ways to build you your personal brand.”


3 Ways Your Mom is Better Than You at Facebook

Written by Evan LePage on .

In their third quarter report this past October, Facebook admitted that they had seen a decline in daily teenage users in the U.S. This admission confirmed a recent Piper Jaffray report that showed how Twitter had surpassed Facebook as the most important social network among teens. So what happened?

If you ask teens why they’re leaving Facebook, you’ll likely be greeted by a variety of responses, everything from “I’ve been using it for so long that it’s boring,” to “People I don’t like chat me all the time.” Another response we’ve all heard is “My Mom is on Facebook.” Teens want privacy, and having your mom scoping out your wall isn’t appealing for many adults, let alone teens. It’s this desire for privacy that has helped SnapChat rise in popularity.

That said, I tend to reject the “mom” argument for leaving Facebook. In fact, I’d argue that if all people used Facebook the ways our moms did, teens and adults would enjoy the social network more than ever.

To prove my point, here are 3 ways your mom is better than you at Facebook:

1. Her Friends Are Actual Friends


4 Scientific Reasons Why Marketers Fail to Change Peoples' Minds

Written by Anqi Cong on .

Dots Confirmation Bias
Lead generation, lead nurturing, lead scoring, lead grading. The bountiful terms we have to describe different actions we can take with leads show how incredibly pervasive the lead is to sales and marketing. Salespeople are trained to pursue them, convince them that their product is better than the competition's, and close out the deal.

But according to's Amy Morin, that's where the problem lies. Too many salespeople are spending their energy on trying to get the consumer to choose their product. What they don't realize is that most consumers are not even at the stage of choosing any product - the prospect of them changing their minds is not even on the table. She says, "About 60% of qualified leads fall by the wayside because the customer doesn't find value in purchasing something new and therefore, they decide to forgo any type of change."

The concept makes a lot of sense: salespeople assume people are on the line between two products and pitch towards that group, but in reality a good number of those people feel perfectly comfortable sticking to an old favorite. So why would they listen to a sales pitch that doesn't even apply to them?

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