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Facebook Drops Microsoft's Bing to Do Its Own Search Thing

FB12-15Facebook's relationship status with Microsoft's Bing has changed to "it's complicated."

Facebook has ditched Microsoft's Bing search engine as a provider, in favor of a proprietary engine.

There had previously been an option to view Bing results during a Facebook search, but over the past few days it has disappeared without notice.

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Three Free Master Social Guidebooks – Great Holiday Reading

FB12-3-2How to Master Facebook in 10 Days

Want to master Facebook and generate customers before the end of the year? Download HubSpot's free resource to get everything you need to know to master Facebook for your business, fast!

Download now:

How to Generate Leads on Facebook
HubSpot has mastered how to generate leads and customers on Facebook to help feed their sales team. Learn how your business can too, with their free ebook.
Download now:

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Facebook, Google, And Twitter’s War For App Install Ads

IA12-2An unexpected consequence of our love of apps is that now there’s just too damn many of them. The app stores are overcrowded, leaving developers desperate for a way to get their games and utilities discovered. That is why the app install ad has become the lifeblood of the mobile platform business.

Big brands aren’t the only ones to suck up to anymore. No one buys a car or Coca-Cola on their phone, at least not yet, so proving the return on investment of mobile ads to these businesses is tough. There is one thing people will instantly plop down a few bucks for on the small screen, though: Apps.

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Deliver better results across your enterprise from social media – free online demonstration


HSE12-3Social media has opened up opportunities for large organizations to connect with customers and prospects like never before. But for social to be effective at the enterprise level, you need to show real results from social media--through better collaboration, deeper insight, and stronger security.

Do you have an enterprise social media management solution that meets these needs?

Over 10 million users and the world's top brands use Hootsuite to help them stay compliant, mitigate risk, and effectively manage their social media efforts. Book a demo now to see for yourself how Hootsuite Enterprise can help you:

Click here to book yours:

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