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How to Perk Up Your Dying Facebook Page

FB-page-7-3The way marketing is done on Facebook is very much different from how it’s done on television, radio, or in print. In order to effectively utilize the social media site as a marketing platform, you must know how to maximize its different unique features first. Only then can you have a stronger foothold in the online competition and rake revenues from social channels.

Because of the need for an exclusive advertising approach, most businesses tend to have difficulty reaching their desired goals after setting up a Facebook business Page. It’s therefore important to know what techniques can be used to make your Page fully functional.

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Help us out! Please take this short group survey so we know more about what is important to you


marketing-survey-7-2This is a very short 10 question survey that will help us know more about YOUR priorities and how we can better serve you. I know, you’re busy, you’ve got a ton of work to do, but this seriously will only take a few minutes of your time. It helps us focus on continuing to bring you the best and most relevant information, free resources and great offers from the best of the best in Social Media and Digital Marketing.

Here’s the link:

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Google Starts Deleting Search Results in Europe After Ruling

google-europe-7-2For Google in Europe, it's time to forget. The search giant began removing search results on Thursday, following the controversial "Right to be Forgotten" ruling last month.

When searching for names using a localized search engine like or, the company displays a notice at the end of the page, saying that some search results "may have been removed."

Google doesn't indicate which individual links have been removed. And the notice is displayed for most names — not just those who have actually made a request "to be forgotten."

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Leveraging Brand Ambassadors

Leveraging-Brand-AmbassadorsIn a recent report from Nielsen, a multi-national company which measures consumers’ shopping and media habits, 84 percent of global respondents across 58 countries reported word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends as the most trustworthy source of advertising. This means that the best way for a company to achieve brand advocacy—and ultimately increase revenue—is to connect with the social influencers and empower those people to intentionally share their stamp of approval with their extended networks.  

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Yahoo to Charge Some Advertisers Only for Ads People Actually See

Yahoo-charge-7-2Online advertisers have long known that a good chunk of their ads run in locations where very few people see them even when the webpage loads. Now Yahoo is moving to give some of its advertisers their money's worth, by charging only only for display ads that actually come into view on someone's computer screen, according to the company.

As one of the biggest online ad sellers, Yahoo's adoption of viewable-only impressions is notable amid industry efforts to cut waste, hold the floor under online ad rates and undo the reality that most online display ads are never seen. But the company's new viewability product, called Prime View, is limited compared to others already available, including Google's.

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