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Uber to Unveil Big E-Commerce Delivery Program With Retailers in the Fall

9-7uberFor at least a year, Uber has experimented with transporting packages in addition to people. Now it’s ready to make the arrangement more formal.

The popular ride-hailing service is planning a partnership announcement this fall with big retailers and fashion brands that could number in the dozens, as it looks to make Uber an express delivery option for shoppers on a wide range of shopping websites and apps, according to three sources. Uber could announce the partnerships as soon as late September or early October, these people said.

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6 Things the NFL's Focus on 'Fan Engagement' Can Teach Small Business

9-7nflIf you’re like 65 percent of Americans, you’re a fan of pro football. Which means you already have your fantasy team drafted and your jersey ready for when your team takes the field this season.

How has the National Football League managed to make football America’s favorite sport? One major reason is the League's ability to keep fans engaged -- a strength businesses should pay attention to. In fact, businesses can strengthen their own "fan engagement" by taking the following six lessons from the NFL playbook.

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Delayed European Legal Opinion On Facebook NSA/PRISM Coming Later This Month

9-7fbA European legal opinion regarding Facebook’s alleged data-sharing co-operation with the NSA/PRISM dragnet surveillance program that’s due to be issued by the Advocate General (AG) of Europe’s top court is now slated to be delivered on September 23.

The AG had originally been scheduled to deliver the opinion in June. The delay has not been explained by the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

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