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Google Disabled 49% More Ads in 2015

GoogleGoogle disabled 49% more ads in 2015 than the prior year, as the Internet giant developed new ways to detect a rising tide of dubious online marketing tactics.

The Alphabet Inc. Google unit, the world’s largest digital-advertising company, said it removed more than 780 million ads in 2015 for violating its policies, up from 524 million in 2014, 350 million in 2013 and 220 million in 2012.

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Industry Preview 2016: What Marketers Need To Understand About Cross-Device Reach And Accuracy

Industry preview 2016Advertisers are understandably looking for scale with their cross-device campaigns – but when they ask for it at the expense of accuracy, that’s a problem.

“The marketer has erred on the side of reach, but reach and frequency are a tradeoff,” said Omar Tawakol, SVP and GM of Oracle Data Cloud, speaking at a panel during AdExchanger’s Industry Preview conference Wednesday in New York City.

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HuffPo Exec: Where Digital Publishing Is Headed In 2016

mobile first lookDigital has “drastically” changed the publishing business, said Spencer Sloe, VP and head of ad product and monetization at The Huffington Post, during his presentation at the Mobile FirstLook conference, in New York City Wednesday afternoon. 

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Infographic: How To Optimize Social Sharing

social media posting timesHow and when to post on social media is often a matter of which platform you are targeting and the audience you intend to reach. From there, you can determine the best and worst times to post for shares versus click-throughs, the optimal number of updates per day, ideal hashtag usage, image sizes for updates, and expected engagement statistics. Fortunately, our friends at StartABlog123.com have developed a very useful infographic to help new and professional bloggers find their way to mastering social media.

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