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Is LinkedIn Planning to Kill Off LinkedIn Groups?

is linkedin planning to kill off linkedin groups

I've written quite a bit about LinkedIn groups in the past. Historically, they were the number 1 source of organic lead generation for my B2B marketing funnel - in fact, 80% of my leads came from LinkedIn Groups.

Yes, groups sometimes turned into orgies of spam and click bait, but a well-managed group often times did exactly what it was supposed to - brought together like minded people to discuss their common professional interests.

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Facebook Announces Merging of Messenger Day and Facebook Stories, Adds New Stories Tools

facebook announces merging of messenger day and facebook stories adds new stories tools

Facebook is removing its ‘Messenger Day’ Snapchat clone within Messenger, and replacing it with cross-posted Facebook Stories, as part of a revamp of the way in which their Stories tools function.

As reported back in September, Messenger Day (70 million daily users) hadn't caught on the way Instagram Stories has (300 million daily users), and Facebook says there was also some confusion over how the tool worked.

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Top Social Media Trends That Will Take Over 2018 [Infographic]

top social media trends that will take over 2018

As we accelerate towards the end of the year, the season of predictions is almost upon us.

You know the time - when every social media marketing guru comes out with a new listing of projections and prognostications on what to expect, and where we're headed in the next 12 months.

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Snapchat Adds Context Cards to Sponsored Lens and Geofilter Campaigns

snapchat adds context cards to sponsored lens and geofilter campaigns

As Snapchat works to boost advertiser interest - especially in the wake of their latest, disappointing performance numbers – the app has announced a new option which will enable brands to use Context Cards in their Sponsored Lens and Geofilter campaigns.

The new option will provide a ‘More’ prompt at the bottom of the screen on Snaps which use Sponsored Lenses and Geofilters.

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