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Download Hootsuite’s three free top rated social media resources to maximize the success of your social outreach

HS7-23Today’s buyers are socially sophisticated and informed. Your team members--in every role--must be too. Does your organization have the tactics, tools and training to leverage social media for success?

Maximize the value of your social outreach with this toolkit which explains how you can build relationships with customers and prospects while ensuring your presence on social is compliant and secure.

Click here to download:

The toolkit includes:

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Facebook Users Can Now DVR Content, Including Ads

FB7-22Facebook introduced an Instapaper-like feature on Monday called Save that lets people bookmark links, photos and videos shared on the social network and check them out later.

After users save a post on Facebook, they can pull up a new "Saved" tab to view their stockpile of time-delayed content. A person's saved content will remain private unless he or she decides to share it with their friends.

Facebook will sometimes pop up a gallery of things that users have saved in their news feeds to remind them of their stored content.

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Pinning? Bet You're Doing It on Mobile

pin0Smartphones trump tablets for pinning on the go

eMarketer estimates that 40.1 million US consumers will use Pinterest via any device at least monthly this year—and based on recent data, it’s likely that most of this activity will take place on mobile. According to Q2 2014 research by ShareThis, US internet users logging on to Pinterest via mobile were three times more likely to pin than desktop users.

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When Marketing Goes Wrong

when-marketing-goes-wrongWe’ve all seen brands fail epically on social media. In fact, I’d wager that most of us enjoy it. But when something backfires, it raises a question: Are they doing it on purpose for exposure?

Unlikely in most circumstances, though a few companies have done things so terribly wrong it’s easy to imagine one disgruntled (yet brilliant) marketer smiling while a campaign burns to the ground.

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The social experiment

soc7-22-1Brands are learning that social media is not just a free marketing channel, but requires a content plan and nimble processes to take advantage of the constantly changing platforms.


Ever since the advent of social networks, marketers have been striving for the formula to translate online interest into brand objectives. Today, a social strategy that is embedded in the company is becoming increasingly important, given the extent to which customers expect to engage with brands in social media, as well as the constant changes that social networks make to their user experiences and paid ad formats.

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