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Social Media 4 Newbies

Social Media 4 Newbies
Wednesday, 28 March 2012
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  • Stuck about what to write about on your business blog? How about, what you thought of first thing this morning? If you are thinking about it, someone else is. That someone could be a prospect:
    See our latest:
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  • Very good post, many thanks. We have found that specificity helps. If your blog keeps on track with a single subject, you can save other one-line idea
    groups.discussion.reply 28 days ago
  • Why do we think that online marketing will have an immediate impact on business? There is still the POV out there that no matter what you do to start ...
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  • New to this group. I am looking for some of the right folks in the advertising world who would like to promote great things going on outdoors for a win win for those less fortunate and blending them and products,goods,and services into the outdoors. send me an email if you would like to be a part of what all we are doing.
    groups.wall 84 days ago
  • Hello. I have a boutique direct marketing consulting business and am currently working with a Fortune 500 company that has asked me to help strategize their use of social media in the area of customer acquisition. I only know the basics of social media so I have a lot to learn in order to provide insight to my client.
    groups.wall 111 days ago
    Elizabeth Harmon Social media is a great tool for customer acquisition! Every business is different and so they will require different strategies, however Twitter and LinkedIn are a good place to start! :)111 days ago
  • Hello there,

    I have a small copywriting business in New Zealand and work on a freelance basis. In a couple of months going to work full time and hope to expand by offering a ghost blogging service and write for more social media platforms. Need to get immersed and more savvy. Excited about learning and interested on how to package this...and getting good social media optimisation skills
    groups.wall 163 days ago
  • All the information you need to know about xnlifeLooking to generate INTERNET trust so customers would feel comfortable to get into a Health and welln ...
    groups.discussion 190 days ago
  • Hi Everyone, I am new to the group today and hoping I'm in the right one. I own and produce a money saving lifestyle blog at I've been blogging for almost two years and while I do have a lot of social media experience, it never hurts to join in and see if there's something new to learn:)
    groups.wall 232 days ago
  • Hi all - I'm Christine - new to the group. I work for Cambridge University Press in NYC. If anyone else here does social media for publishing and / or non-profits. I'm an Executive Assistant - hope will be starting soon w/ social media - excited about learning. I'm also on twitter and linked in (also have a personal tumblr and pinterest) --trying to immerse & learn as much as possible!
    groups.wall 250 days ago
    Esther Okamura Hi Christine,
    Welcome to this group. I am a virtual assistant helping authors with their ebooks. So I am very interested in what the Cambridge University Press may be involved with in the area of ebooks.236 days ago
  • Thank goodness for this group! Now I have somewhere to ask my questions and not sound like a complete dweeb in the presence of THE EXPERTS. I've just spent hours completing my Facebook business page but have 0 likes. I feel like the nursery rhythm of having a party and no one to attend. How do I start? What's my next step in getting people to like my page? Tips?
    groups.wall 280 days ago
    Elizabeth Harmon Hi Esther. I've just seen your post! Are you still looking for help? Let me know! It's tricky getting your page going to start with, but once you have a few followers, it becomes easier, honest! A good way to get going is to get your friends to like your page. Promote your pages on your website too. There are loads of other ways, but hope this helps to start with.111 days ago
  • Hi everyone, I am new to this group. I am a freelance writer and will be working on social media for a women's shelter, where I used to work. I look forward to learning about using social media for nonprofits.
    groups.wall 290 days ago
    Esther Okamura Hi Judith, for nonprofits, definitely look into crowdsourcing as a way to raise funds.
    Also, I'm a member of Kiva, a nonprofit in micro financing. I find it hugely attractive when my charitable donations go toward teaching skills that help recipients move forward. With your professional writing skills, you would be a powerhouse in this area. Let me know if you need names and URLs.236 days ago
  • That's awesome Angela! Thanks for the comment! Have a great weekend!
    groups.discussion.reply 291 days ago
  • Fishing is one of our favorite family activities! We live in Oregon, so we have lots of rivers, lakes, ponds and the ocean to fish in. I have been kno
    groups.discussion.reply 291 days ago
  • How do you balance your dreams and aspirations with your ability to be successful in your career as well? Easier said than done. Which is more importa ...
    groups.discussion 291 days ago
  • Hi, I have just joined the group, I am a Design & Marketing Consultant and have been exploring the Social Media to build brands and profiles. I am looking to learn even more with your experience and happy to help with my experience.
    groups.wall 293 days ago
    Brandiee Sjaarda Hi Paula, Welcome to the group! :)288 days ago
  • Posted a new discussion, Indecision
    Indecision, The great actor, Sidney Poitier in his first audition, was told by the casting director, “Why don't you stop wasting people’s time and go ...
    groups.discussion 340 days ago
  • I am a conducting an academic research study and exploring how social media can be used to recruit volunteers to participate. Can anyone think of any good places to post an invitation to volunteer.
    groups.wall 364 days ago
    Esther Okamura In addition to Ayesha's good idea, most communities have volunteer websites. For example, in Toronto, ours is called, Volunteer Toronto and it hosts 100s of local charities.. For your web search, start with your city government, then drill down to Social Services. There I'm sure you'll come up with an umbrella group that covers many, many of your local charities. Reach out to a few of the Executive Directors of large charities (e.g. YWCA, Salvation Army, etc). Get them on-side and you'll get more help than you need!248 days ago
  • Read an article suggesting that if you have a Wordpress Blog ( or other platform-like Blog, I'll add) that it is still a good idea to have a Tumblr ac ...
    groups.discussion 413 days ago
  • A Toastmasters International colleague and I are in the process of establishing a Toastmasters Club in south west Dublin, Ireland. As part of our marketing campaign we have created a Facebook page and a temporary home page on a web site. Despite this we are struggling to make contact with residents in the locality. How can we overcome this problem using Social Media??
    groups.wall 418 days ago
    Ayesha Ambreen Perhaps this is because of lack of research. You might need to check where your customers (residents) are and do target campaigns to attract them to your social media pages. Besides, you might get some benefits through local listings ...FourSquare, Google Places, Facebook places, etc.. Feel free to connect if you need further help.287 days ago
  • Hey guys !!! . My name is Febin Chacko. I just started with a network marketing company a few months ago and I'm eager to learn how to market my product using social media. Let us al;l share what we learn.
    groups.wall 426 days ago
  • Hello, I just join and want to say hi to all. I recently joined a home based network marketing company and I am here to learn how to market my business effectively to increase my lead flow. I take all suggestions seriously and I act on my plans. I'm looking forward to mutually beneficial long-term relationships.
    groups.wall 437 days ago
  • Hi there My cousin and I have been rummaging around with a unique Australian themed bridal ensemble business idea for a while. We have just started putting our plans into action. I seem to be the driving force so here I am looking for all the support we can get.
    groups.wall 443 days ago
    Esther Okamura Hi Kaz, for your unique Australian themed bridal ensemble business, you'll definitely want to plug into Pinterest. There you'll be able to post pictures which, if I understand your business correctly, will work well with your product line.248 days ago
  • Hello everyone, I just want to introduce myself. I recently had a new idea of creating a social media platform where people can get connected on a one-on-one basis either in the virtual world or the real life. I don't have knowledge in website development for my background is in psychology. I am looking for partners to realize this project at this stage.
    groups.wall 457 days ago
  • Hey, guys! My name is April Richardson. I just started with a network marketing company a few months ago and I'm eager to learn how to market my product using social media. I'm looking forward to learning how to benefit from social media from others who have had success with it!
    groups.wall 470 days ago
  • Happy New Year to All-
    I'm a student of SM -want to develop a deep understanding of inbound marketing my career has been in outbound. Active on LI so just stumbled on this site today.
    groups.wall 481 days ago
    Esther Okamura Hi Paul, Regarding your interest in Inbound, here is a link that you might find useful. John Horsley
    Founder, Digital Marketing, Director, British Interactive Media Association, is just in the process of putting together an Global InBound Study. You might also find a discussion group you'd like to participate in. days ago
  • Hi All, I would like to introduce myself to the members of this group. I am a student of Social Media. I am currently reading Socialnomics by Erik Qualman. I post relevant articles about Social Media topics daily to my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. I look forward to learning from other members of this group.
    groups.wall 491 days ago
    Tyler Crosson Welcome to the community John!491 days ago
  • Recently, I have become involved with Affiliate Marketing. Does anyone have experience with this?
    groups.wall 496 days ago
  • That is why social media is not at easy as it looks - especially things like knowing when to turn it off and don't annoy your followers!
    groups.discussion.reply 496 days ago

Decided to dip your toes in the deep waters of social media opportunities?
Feeling Overwhelmed? 
You're not alone!
Even experienced SM experts are on a constant learning curve.
Jump in here and learn the basic ropes while you share with other newbs...Teaching is sometimes the best way to learn:)

Have fun!


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Very good post, many thanks. We have found that specificity helps. If your blog keeps on track with a single subject, you can save other one-line ideas for future posts
Last replied by Steve Jay on Tuesday, 25 March 2014
That's awesome Angela! Thanks for the comment! Have a great weekend!
Last replied by Anglers Bible on Friday, 05 July 2013
Hi Michele, It doesn't look like anyone has replied? I hope you get this. I am new to this site. I have both a tumblr and wordpress blog, I really like a lot of things about tumblr but wordpress popularity has grown so much I think it's really a top choice for most people/businesses too. I just learned how to set up an import option with wordpress that grabs my tumblr blogs and posts them - pretty easy to set up. That way you can reap all the benefits of both but not have double the work! Hope that helps :) good luck to you!
Last replied by Kelly Rates on Wednesday, 27 March 2013
That is why social media is not at easy as it looks - especially things like knowing when to turn it off and don't annoy your followers!
Last replied by Elke Porter on Wednesday, 12 December 2012
I love how this article broke it all down site by site! Awesome info!
Last replied by Brandiee Sjaarda on Tuesday, 12 June 2012
Thanks for the link. It is amazing that they had so much insight considering it was last edited July 2011. It seems like the social media landscape is changing weekly if not daily. I think the biggest challenge in this arena is to keep up with the flow of the tide. It is constantly changing.
Last replied by Brandiee Sjaarda on Tuesday, 12 June 2012
I think Instagram is DEFINITELY PO'd at how bad the IPO has been. I think Facebook should have gone with NYSE and there's reports they actually are considering making the change. Link: I also believe Facebook was over-hyped and over-priced for its actual dollars. The valuation was handled completely wrong. I'm not an economic expert, but if your revenues are only $2-$3 billion per year, why should you be valued at nearly 100x that? Even Google and Apple are only valued at 10 - 15 times what they actually bring in revenue! :-)
Last replied by Tyler Crosson on Tuesday, 05 June 2012
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