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Social Media for Community Engagement & non profits

Social Media for Community Engagement & non profits
Monday, 09 April 2012
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  • If you rely on your board members to spread the word about your non-profit, do you have a plan in place to ensure they share the bulletins that you fo ...
    groups.discussion 25 days ago
  • Here is something useful for those planning live special events as part of their corporate PR.
    groups.wall 95 days ago
  • Have you contacted local businesses to promote your fundraiser? Many businesses will be happy to be a part of your event by promoting it on their blog. Check this out:
    groups.wall 138 days ago
  • A Toastmasters International colleague and I are in the process of establishing a Toastmasters Club in south west Dublin, Ireland. As part of our marketing campaign we have created a Facebook page and a temporary home page on a web site. Despite this we are struggling to make contact with residents in the locality. How can we overcome this problem using Social Media??
    groups.wall 415 days ago

A group for those who work with non profits to discuss how Social Media can be used as a community engagement tool and a way for non profits to raise their profile using new technologies and Social Marketing effectively.

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