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Top 10 Marketing Resolutions for the New Year

hot resolution socialmediopolisHappy New Year 2012! Have you made your new year's resolution yet?

According to recent data, the top new year's resolutions of 2012 include losing weight, getting organized and staying fit and healthy. While these are all good intentioned, as a marketer, you want more for your new year such as higher profits and greater success. The resolutions that you'd be more interested in would be to spend less, save more and learn something exciting.

Top 10 Must-Haves for Your 2012 Marketing Campaigns to bring business and customers to your company in the new year:

Facebook - Facebook pages allow you to update posts and other content regularly with industry or company news relative to users who like your page. Resolve to provide content of interest to followers in order to develop a following and interaction on the page.

Twitter - Twitter profiles are used to micro-blog (140 characters or less) important news of interest to your followers to retweet or be directed to your website. Tweets should be short and frequent.

LinkedIn - LinkedIn profiles establish your company in a professional setting, allowing you the opportunity to network and connect with other professionals and provide news updates to your followers. Your profile should also include a brief description of your company as well as office location and contact information.

Blogging - Blog at least once a week on industry topics of interest to your target audience establishes you as a subject matter expert. In addition to providing timely updates to your website, blogs contribute to SEO and increased traffic brought on by general interest in your posts.

E-mail Marketing - After website visitors voluntarily provide their e-mail addresses, you should send lead generation e-mails filled with information of interest to them such as product or service offers. This campaign will nurture a potential customer in buying decisions and and solve conflicts you offer solutions to.

Newsletters - Send timely newsletters and news of interest straight to a potential customer's (or customer's) e-mail inbox to keep them updated on the industry and company.

Webinars - Webinar sessions and videos allow your potential customer to learn more about your product or industry first-hand from a professional in your company. During live sessions, this opens the door to verbal discussion.

Case Studies or White Papers - By providing easily downloadable reference material on your industry or product/service positions your company as a subject matter expert in their field of work. Regularly publish new content to your website.

Public Relations - Having a credible public relations strategy allows you to establish yourself in the marketplace and introduce important company updates or news to the public.

Analytics - By looking at what blog or social media update topics generate the most traffic you can learn what is most interesting to your readers/followers when developing new posts. Use analytics to strategize for the future and fix mistakes.

It is important to stay up-to-date with the latest marketing strategies. Implementing these strategies through your marketing campaigns will help you broaden your company's reach in the new year. Good luck and for further guidance don't hesitate to contact us. Happy New Year, let it be a prosperous and productive new year for all!

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