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Social Media Consulting & New Business Development

Social Media Consulting & New Business Development
Tuesday, 27 March 2012
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  • Is having a brand image to market all you need in Social Marketing? Does this brand help people contact you?
    groups.wall 2 days ago
  • Hi - I'm currently doing some work with DCU (Dublin City University) Invent, Ireland.

    I've been tasked with conducting a survey with people who purchase digital content (photos, graphics, video, feature articles, etc.) for business purposes (advertising, marketing, publishing, news, etc.). Can you help?
    groups.wall 23 days ago
  • Hi, everyone. Are you stuck for your Businesses' blog post this week? I came across this beauty that could help you: Use your keywords. look at what each one means, and put them together in a new way:
    groups.wall 66 days ago
  • Just Joined, I am the Show host for Redneck Adventures TV show, we are in year 14 and we are syndicated across America and beyond. I am always looking for folks that understand and think like we do. Here goes " My Mother taught me while alive givers are way better than takers" I have used this standard for years. Would love to work with folks that want a win win.
    groups.wall 86 days ago
    Brandiee Sjaarda Hi Jimmy. Welcome to the group!71 days ago
  • Hey there, just joined. I manage a corporate blog for a real estate company, and work with a portfolio of 40 multifamily properties, helping the property managers respond to online reviews. I'm looking forward to learning from this group!
    groups.wall 97 days ago
    Brandiee Sjaarda Hi Tamara,
    Welcome to the group! I hope you learn a lot from the site. I just posted an interesting article in my LinkedIn Group (Newbies In Social Media) that discussed review sites. It was the 4 Steps to Establishing Your Business on Review Sites:!94 days ago
  • Do you collect prospect's contact details on your own website? if you do it correctly, it works:
    groups.wall 100 days ago
  • Hello everyone, I'm new to the group from Beirut i just recently started to manage social media portfolios for local companies with my friends as M plus services :D and i need tips and opinions to help me to be more professional thanks :D
    groups.wall 228 days ago
    Elizabeth Harmon Hi. I've just joined this group and saw your post. If you're still looking for help, let me know!112 days ago
  • With the environment of marketing constantly changing and updating methods, how do you all feel about taking video and combine it with the capability ...
    groups.discussion 232 days ago
  • Hi, I just joined this group to network, share resources, acknowledge other success, and to learn as much as I can. I am an internet marketer with many different specialties. My target markets are nonprofit organizations and small business. Please come and take look around my site. I appreciate comments and suggestions very much.
    ~ Holley Jacobs
    groups.wall 257 days ago
  • Hello Everyone, I just joined the group and wanted to say hi. Guerilla Interactive SMM 2 its finest. Excited to build in Ideas and Creativity. I live in Raleigh North Carolina..
    groups.wall 259 days ago
    Brandiee Sjaarda Hi Tony! Welcome to the community. :)256 days ago
  • Hi all! I just joined this group as I am an Adobe Product Specialist for Creative Cloud for teams. Any inquiries on this product or any questions I can answer, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm here to help.
    groups.wall 283 days ago
  • Hi everyone, I've just joined the group and I wanted to say Hi! I'm the Social Media Fairy Godmother :) I live in Montreal, Qc Canada and am looking forward to meeting and interacting with everyone!
    groups.wall 328 days ago
  • Hi there. I'm wondering how many folks on this site are in the U.S.A. I'm in Venice California and I'm a nonprofit consultant. My latest project is global. It's a music festival on the Summer Solstice June 21st... all over the world. see and - it's free to register and free to attend. Let's Make Music!
    groups.wall 367 days ago
  • Hello, Everyone new to the group from Nairobi Kenya. Looking forward to interacting all of you....
    groups.wall 369 days ago
  • Affiliate marketing is a trending channel right now in the online business industry because of its low investment and high income generation method.
    groups.wall 385 days ago
    Steve Jay Do you add training time for affiliates into your calculations? The less training they have, the more 'hand-holding' they require in order to keep sign ups at a high rate. We found this out:
    http://www.addictivedesign.ca385 days ago
  • I wanted to share a new program that we rolled out for Social Media Marketers looking for a website or Local SEO solution. We are a company located in Scottsdale, AZ that is looking to fulfill for Social Media Experts and Content Writers. We offer you are tired of dealing with slow website developers and non-transparent SEO then please contact us
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  • Social Media and Email are the most dominant digital marketing channel and with the combined power of both business organizations are growing their brands. What future holds for both the channels? Email and Social Media Marketing – Symbiosis With Future Potential -
    groups.wall 442 days ago
  • Well I am here and a conversation sounds good Brandiee. I wouldn't mind having a talk about start up business plans and how to keep myself focused to complete it. Anyone out there have any tips? I seem to keep getting caught up in the million and one things I need to do to start bringing in some money.
    groups.wall 445 days ago
    Brandiee Sjaarda Hi Kaz, Thanks for posting a comment. I would recommend that you join the Newbies In Social Media group on LinkedIn. There are numerous conversations with great feedback about this very topic. Take a look at the group here: days ago
  • could you please give an advice for new business in internet, such as e-commerce or portal community in order to develop their member or activities through social media?, what steps that we should do?,.
    groups.wall 561 days ago
    Tyler Crosson Engage with your customers. :-) Post content they'll care about reading.

    I'd suggest taking a look at the 'inbound marketing' philosophy the company Hubspot teaches. www.hubspot.com553 days ago
  • Hey everyone! I'd love to get the conversation going in this group...Anyone up for a conversation starter?
    groups.wall 681 days ago
This Group provides a forum for consultants and other service providers to network with members to promote themselves. As with the LinkedIn group, the same rules apply: NO affiliate or MLM (multi-level marketing) promotions are allowed
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It is worth paying money to get a professional video made of your business - especially with the embedded information you can give today. We use Testimonials and other marketing avenues on our website, even though we deal in Industrial packing and crating
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