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Entrepreneurs In Social Media

Entrepreneurs In Social Media
Tuesday, 27 March 2012
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  • When ever you have a problem looking for content for your business blog, don't forget to use the Industry facts and figures that your professional Org ...
    groups.discussion 41 days ago
  • We have a new A/V presentation for our B2B Module. let us know what you think:
    groups.wall 136 days ago
  • Hi everyone. Any news from the Social Media world for Realtors? we have recently opened our new website, and can grab some SM interraction - what's the verdict at ?
    groups.wall 184 days ago
  • I'm fresh marketer in Lebanon trying to work on social media portfolio management.. any recommendations ?
    groups.wall 215 days ago
  • Are we talking latte's, here, on a Social Media message board? How about Content Marketing and how it can better the entrepreneurial enterprises search for a sales funnel? Like this:
    groups.wall 220 days ago
  • Hi All. Just joined this group and already love it. I have a virtual assistant business focusing on new entrepreneurs. Already, I thank you for getting my grey cells working and hope to share with you also.
    groups.wall 275 days ago
  • When client's don't naturally fit into Social Media avenues, or do we concentrate on more traditional methods? When you work with industrial clients, how do you find prospects with which to engage?
    groups.wall 325 days ago
  • Hello everyone, I love reading the discussions here. I am struggling and I'm not sure where the problem really is. I started a direct sale, 4 step system where I send a prospect to a website, and then a live conference call and when its time for the close the objection I get the most is no money. I've been doing this since before Thanksgiving and NO sale. Help, all suggestions taken seriously.
    groups.wall 432 days ago
    Steve Jay I think that it takes someone very special to be involved with MLM successfully. You need, somehow, to contact other marketers in your lines and find out how they are doing. this is tough, but if there are MLM'ers not doing well, perhaps it's the product.325 days ago
  • Good Morning. Do we reaaly think that people are online in social groups to shop? Are there busines models that just don't lend themselves to Social Media advertising? Case in point:
    groups.wall 435 days ago
    Tyler Crosson Interesting, don't you agree they'd do well to start?435 days ago
  • Hi everyone! Glad to be a part of this group!
    I am one of the founders of which is a Facebook application suite designed for agencies. We are the first application suite to include a scratch off promotion app demo : ChapStick UK used our app 2 times and increased their Facebook likes 400%. Looking forward to learning what all of you do. Jim
    groups.wall 441 days ago
  • Hi, all. New here, and interested in Keyword ideas: - how on earth to work Okotoks Realty in everyday conversation
    groups.wall 448 days ago
    Steve Jay Tyler, thnaks - yes, theri keywordds are exactly what is required, and they do well in them...but they are small, focussed, and geographically beased. Wide-area marketing makes no sense.429 days ago
  • Sup fellow entrepreneurs...I just joined this group to get to know others like me. I've started a couple of different most recent is
    I'm mostly interested in hearing about and learning from other entrepreneurs and their experiences.
    groups.wall 462 days ago
    Tyler Crosson Hey Josh, first welcome! Second, I just started up myself, a resource for Online Entrepreneurs. It might interest you to check it out and join us on LinkedIn, etc. :-)

    Tweepwise looks interesting, I'll have to check it out some more.462 days ago
  • Hello everyone! I just joined...looks like a very informative community. I provide the senior care and housing industries with social media marketing and blog writing. Anyone have any questions for me please feel free to ask! Thanks!
    groups.wall 497 days ago
    Brandiee Sjaarda Hi Diane. Welcome to the community. :)495 days ago
  • Hello Everyone
    Just joined this group.Toying with the idea of starting my own business in Switzerland. Although I have no questions or comments, at this point, I look forward to interacting with you as I move along! No doubt you'll have some great advice for me !
    groups.wall 504 days ago
    Brandiee Sjaarda Hi Michele! Welcome to the community. :)495 days ago
  • Hello all, just joined and looking round, no questions at this time.
    groups.wall 533 days ago
    Tyler Crosson :-) Welcome Dr. Cornelius!533 days ago
  • Hello fellow entrepreneurs. I just joined the group and have a question for anyone out there.
    I joined a company who pays us for advertising for many different fortune 500 companies. Some are making a lot of money bringing people in to do the same. The only problem is they want you to sit and copy, paste, and send 100 ads a day which seems like a big waste of time to me. what do you think?
    groups.wall 622 days ago
    Michael Crosson Pay to Post is a 2000 strategy, not 2013. It IS a waste time because the expsoure and clickthrus are negligble, and the engagement rate is next to nothing. Go the the LinkedIn Social Media Marketing group, and search for 'user engagement' to get some good ideas. Good luck, Rick!619 days ago
  • Hello Friends I am new to the Group. I have a question if anyone can point me in the right place to download or view the videos from Mkie Campbell (not sure of the exact name).These are ones showed after I joined Social Mediopolis. They very good but I can't find any link to them on the site. Please let me know Thanks
    groups.wall 660 days ago
    Brandiee Sjaarda Hi Jerry, I am looking into this and hope to have an answer for you shortly.653 days ago
  • Hi guys, here is the link for a free tool so small enterprises can keep an eye on their social networks:
    groups.wall 672 days ago
    Tyler Crosson I actually just recommended this yesterday for tracking Twitter trends, very good product! :-)672 days ago
  • How important is it to link your website to your social media presence? (not the other way around)
    groups.wall 672 days ago
    Michael Crosson Tyler is spot on. Don't forget to include your website in your sigfile for emails, autoresponders, etc. As minor as that seems, it will also create some traffic and drive interest.672 days ago
  • Hey Norman,
    I'd love to help. What are your issues? Initially the affiliate marketing area is difficult and seems like a run away train, but once you gain some insight and perspective it all makes sense and becomes more of a science. Let me know how I can help you.
    groups.wall 674 days ago
  • Struggling to make it in the affiliate marketing arena
    groups.wall 733 days ago
    Tyler Crosson What seems to be the biggest struggles for you Norman?701 days ago
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