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10 Tips for Compelling LinkedIn Company Page Posts [Infographic]

10 tips for compelling linkedin company page posts

With more than 500 million members, and a focused, professional audience base, LinkedIn is a must for most companies, but especially those in the B2B sector. But developing a presence on LinkedIn can be hard – LinkedIn is not Facebook, it’s not Twitter. You don’t win on LinkedIn by being the most entertaining or posting the best photos (necessarily).

So how do you maximize your LinkedIn efforts – what should you be publishing to your LinkedIn company page?

11 Rules You Must Follow to Be a LinkedIn Marketing Master

M10-18At my company, Fusion Marketing Partners, we have a policy of not spending money on marketing or sales. We are “pull” (inbound) marketers to the core and this philosophy has served us well. Of course, we do lots of “push” (outbound) marketing for clients, but we try to move them in the direction of pull marketing in order to drive awareness and leads up and drive new customer acquisition costs down.

While we don’t incur direct marketing or sales expenses, there is definitely a cost in time and effort, and this is the tradeoff you will also have to make if you decide to adopt the pull marketing approach. As a B2B marketer, one of the best social media tools you can use is LinkedIn. It has gained us awareness, leads and revenue, and it can do the same for your company (as well as you as an individual). But to be successful with LinkedIn marketing, you need to follow some important rules, like:

13 Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Presence

8-25liWhat a great blog post that was, if you do say so yourself.

Trouble is, a few weeks after you shared the URL on LinkedIn, it vanished beneath the stream of your newer posts.

If you're seeking to establish yourself as a thought leader—and who isn't inspired by your thoughts?—try blogging from LinkedIn, rather than just dropping in status updates, Jill Jones says in the Ragan Training session, "Use LinkedIn to showcase your thought leadership and become a brand ambassador for your company."

15 ways marketers can use LinkedIn groups to their advantage

linkedin groups

LinkedIn has a lot of great features, but many of them are under-used. One example is LinkedIn groups, which provides a lot of opportunity for connecting and communicating throughout the marketing industry. Are you making the most of this social feature?

3 Key Steps in Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

3 key steps in building your personal brand on linkedin

I've been freelancing for nine years and I’ve never been a fan of Upwork or other freelance bidding sites. Since I discovered how to use LinkedIn, it's become a key platform for me in my connection strategy.

If bidding sites work for you, that should be fine, especially if you're new in freelancing, however if you find yourself bidding or making proposals time and time again just to pay your bills, it likely means you're not doing enough to market your freelance business, and it might be time to rethink your personal brand.

3 Key Tips to Help Maximize Your Long-Form Content on LinkedIn

3 key tips to help maximize your long form content on linkedin

Content marketers know that feeding the content beast isn’t easy, especially if you’re a solo entrepreneur or part of a small team.

If you want to follow that old adage “work smarter not harder,” LinkedIn recently released some data you’ll want to pay heed to, which underscores the SEO value in publishing long-form content on LinkedIn.

4 Key Steps in Using LinkedIn for Your Business

4 key steps in using linkedin for your business

You don’t need to be on every social site out there, because let’s admit, it can be overwhelming. You do, however, need to be spending your time doing what you were born to do, staying within your zone of genius.

And that's running your business.

But on the other hand, marketing is necessary to grow your business right?

9 Tips on Utilizing LinkedIn to Maximize Your Business Opportunities

9 tips on utilizing linkedin to maximize your business opportunitiesWith over 500 million users and a more business-centered approach than other social media platforms, LinkedIn can be a great tool to generate sales.

Whether you’re targeting B2B or B2C business, it’s definitely worth putting in some time and effort to develop your presence and personal brand on the network - but how, exactly, should you go about doing this?

A Simple Way to Use LinkedIn Search to Connect with Potential Clients

a simple way to use linkedin search to connect with potential clients

Looking for more B2B sales leads online?

There are 500 million of them sitting over on LinkedIn, which continues to add two new members at a steady rate.

The secret to mastering LinkedIn for sales, however, lies in this helpful (and often ignored) feature hidden inside LinkedIn's powerful internal search engine.

How Do Professional Audiences Engage with Content on LinkedIn [Infographic]

how do professional audiences engage with content on linkedin

LinkedIn offers a range of opportunities for both individuals and brands to boost their professional standing – but in order to capitalize on those opportunities, you need to be creating and sharing content relevant to your target audience.

And that’s always a challenge – you need to understand not only what people want to consume, but how they want to consume it, and where, and on which device/s they're most active. There are plenty of generic guidelines on this, but each platform is different, and LinkedIn, in particular, requires more specific consideration.

How to Improve Your Discoverability on LinkedIn Through Skills and Endorsements

how to improve your discoverability on linkedin through skills and endorsements

With over 500 million LinkedIn users globally, how can you ensure you're maximizing your opportunities to be found by recruiters looking for the exact skills you have, or a prospective client searching for the exact product or service you offer?

The answer: 'Keywords.'

In order to boost your discoverability, you need to optimize your LinkedIn profile for search using relevant keywords.

How to Maximize Your Discoverability in LinkedIn Search

how to maximize your discoverability in linkedin search

There are millions of users and billions of data points on LinkedIn, but many people still miss the mark in fully grasping how to leverage their profile to grow their business through the platform.

In fact, one of the simplest and most effective LinkedIn tools - LinkedIn search - recently got an upgrade which makes it an even more effective tool for generating exposure.

How Will You Use LinkedIn for Your B2B Marketing?

b2b 3There are a number of great ways to do your B2B marketing online these days. Any business owner that wants to grow and increase their reach would be wise to consider multiple options.

With this in mind, it is now worth considering whether or not the time is right to use LinkedIn for this important job. The answer is that it could be very worthwhile if you take the time to go about it in the right way. So how will you do this?

Insider Secrets Used By The Most Successful People On LinkedIn

leveraging linkedinImagine what your business would be like if you were getting 10 to 25 new connections every day using LinkedIn?

So many people miss their chance to leverage LinkedIn because it’s just too much work and takes way too much time.

What if you could speed up the process of finding, connecting, and talking with people who could help you take your business to the next level?

LinkedIn Adds ‘Suggested Skills’ and Expanded Audience Insights (with Video Coming Soon?)

linkedin adds suggested skills and expanded audience insights with video coming soonLinkedIn has released a heap of updates in recent months – although some were re-introductions of old functionalities which they’d removed. But either way, LinkedIn’s added a wide range of tools and features, many of which have immediate, significant benefits, so it’s important to keep up.

Continuing on this line, last week, LinkedIn added access to their new, post-level audience insights via desktop.

LinkedIn Adds Extra Insights to 'Profile Views' Data, Including Keywords Used to Find You

linkedin adds extra insights to profile views data including keywords used to find you

LinkedIn continues to add smaller updates and features to help refine and improve the user experience.

Earlier this week, we reported that LinkedIn is now giving users the ability to add images in comments, and now, LinkedIn has announced some new tools to help users get a better understanding of who’s viewing their profile – and ideally, why.

LinkedIn Adds New Data Tools to Help Advertisers Maximize their on-Platform Efforts

linkedin adds new data tools to help advertisers maximize their on platform efforts

Proving the ROI of your social efforts is becoming more and more important as digital marketing is further integrated into wider business process, which is why all the social platforms are working to provide improved data tools and options to help streamline and refine the process.

Along this line, LinkedIn’s introducing a range of new data tools which will provide more transparency on performance, and more data for improved targeting on the platform.

LinkedIn Announces New ‘Trending Stories’ Feed to Boost Content Engagement

linkedin announces new trending stories feed to boost content engagement

Last September, LinkedIn outlined a set of upcoming projects, including the development of a new content discovery process, with improved notifications and search features, enabling users to get more context and information from LinkedIn’s expanding content resources.

Now, LinkedIn has officially launched their new content discovery option, with the release of ‘Trending Storylines’, an alternative news feed focused on specific topics.

LinkedIn Etiquette Guide 2017: 20 Do’s & Don’ts [Infographic]

linkedin etiquette guide 2017 20 dos donts

Many people are fearful when using social media networks like LinkedIn for business, concerned that they may make a mistake or do something wrong.

Has your fear of making mistakes on LinkedIn prevented you from taking full advantage of all that the professional social network has to offer?

LinkedIn offers researchers $25K for ways to change the world with its data

LI10-15LinkedIn has become the latest social network to solicit ideas from researchers to explore the company’s data.

Under the rules of the new LinkedIn Economic Graph Challenge, announced in a blog post today, researchers will submit proposals for analyzing LinkedIn’s vast pool of data on companies, geographies, education, and other characteristics of people’s work lives.

LinkedIn Provides Capacity to Add Multiple Images in a Single Post

linkedin provides capacity to add multiple images in a single post

LinkedIn continues to add new tools and features, improving the user-experience in tiny increments, as opposed to adding in wide-scale changes.

Well, you could argue that adding in video is a fairly significant shift, but still, there’s been no massive, Stories-like updates or announcements which change the way the platform works - which makes sense for the professional social network. They probably don’t need to re-imagine the platform so much as refine it.

LinkedIn Reaches 500 Million Members, Adds ‘Matched Audiences’ for Ad Retargeting

linkedin reaches 500 million members adds matched audiences for ad retargeting

LinkedIn has announced that it’s reached a new milestone of 500 million members, up from the 467 million it last reported back in October.

But it's worth clarifying a few specifics here – unlike other networks, LinkedIn reports total members as opposed to active users. For comparison, there are more than 1.3 billion existing Twitter accounts, but only 319 million monthly active users, a big difference.

In this case, LinkedIn’s active user count is likely a lot less than its total members – according to TechCrunch, some research suggests that LinkedIn has 250 million MAU, though previous data has indicated that only around 25% of LinkedIn users are regularly active on the app, which would put this figure at around 125 million MAU.

LinkedIn Releases New Report on How Employee-Shared Content Can Drive Audience Action

linkedin releases new report on how employee shared content can drive audience action

With social media giving everyone a voice, employee advocacy – and expanding your marketing reach throughout your employees’ social networks – has become a much more significant consideration. LinkedIn is one of various platforms that have sought to tap into this trend, via their employee advocacy program ‘Elevate’, which aims to help encourage employee engagement on social in a way that helps boost your wider brand efforts.

According to LinkedIn, on average, employees have around 10x more connections on social than companies do, and through tools like Elevate, businesses can use this as a means to expand their reach.

Saving LinkedIn Groups: It's Up to Us

saving-linkedin-groups-up-to-us-newsletterBuilding on previous recommendations for LinkedIn and group managers, in this piece I offer my thoughts on why people should make LinkedIn groups an active part of their LinkedIn experience – and by extension, their ongoing professional development and networking efforts. I also offer some tips for getting started and managing group memberships. I’ll follow up in my next article with recommendations for how to be a good group member.


The Best Ways to Market Your Business on LinkedIn [Infographic]

the best ways to market your business on linkedin

With more than 500 million users, and more than 44% of them earning at least $75,000, is it any wonder that LinkedIn has become a prime platform for marketing?

The world’s largest professional network is designed for social selling, with some 50% of B2B buyers indicating that they use it when making purchasing decisions.

Using the Psychology of Persuasion to Boost Your Influence on LinkedIn

using the psychology of persuasion to boost your influence on linkedin

"Those who don't know how to get people say 'yes' soon fall away. Those who do stay and flourish." - Dr. Robert Cialdini

Benjamin Hardy, Josh Steimle, Neil Patel, Seth Godin, Jeff Weiner, Josh Hoffman. I don't mean to drop names here. But their posts are the ones that I often 'like' or share on social media, sometimes even without thinking.

They are my top social media influencers, and I'm sure you have your own list of go-to experts. You've probably liked, shared or commented on their articles, as well, without giving it much thought.

Using Your LinkedIn 'Experience' Section to Boost Discoverability

using your linkedin experience section to boost discoverabilityIf you're using LinkedIn to sell and market yourself, your products or your services, it’s critically important that you narrow down your approach in order to appeal to a few specific audiences.

More than anywhere else online, the riches truly are in the niches on LinkedIn.

It all begins with making your LinkedIn profile page what I call “client-facing.” This strategy will help your target audience find you more quickly and easily, which, in turn, helps you to win new business on the platform.

I’ve shared elsewhere about how to do this in your LinkedIn profile headline and summary sections, but today I'm going to share another important area to make "client-facing" — and that's within the “Work Experience" section of your profile.