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2013 International Social Media Marketing Survey by Third Ranked Group in LinkedIn

Survey Shows Rapidly Growing Popularity of Social Media with Small and Medium Size Businesses.

SAN FRANCISCO, January 23, 2013 — In a brand new survey conducted by, a leading website for social media marketers, an unprecedented number of small and medium size businesses are embracing social media as a key strategy in their marketing programs. According to Michael Crosson, the publisher of the website, “While most people think of major consumer marketers as driving the growth of social media venues such as Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Twitter and other platforms, the reality is that many more small and medium size businesses are now successfully driving social media marketing programs.”

Crosson states that a key venue leading this increase is, which recently passed the 200,000,000 member mark. “We have seen a significant increase in companies from one to 100 joining the Social Media Marketing group over the previous year. More importantly, these companies have expanded their use of social media into other services besides Facebook and Twitter. We have seen incredibly strong growth in Pinterest, Instagram and Google+, for example.  ” Said Crosson.

Some of the highlights from this study include:


    U.S. represents 65.7%, and the rest of world is 34.3% of responses.

1 SMM Survey - Country




    Independent consultants and Small/Medium Size Businesses (up to 100 employees) comprise the large bulk of the responses: 80.4%.

2 SMM Survey- Business Size




    The various social media venues such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others are fairly even divided, but MySpace
continues to lag far behind at 4%.

3 SMM Survey - Social Venues




    54.7% are primary decision makers.

4 SMM Survey - Purchase Authority




5 SMM Survey- Group Frequency




6 SMM Survey- Interests




7 SMM Survey - Digital Interests




8 SMM Survey - Job Titles




9 SMM Survey - Training Spend


“This survey is a good snapshot of the international social media playing field at the moment. Members of our Social Media Marketing group on, which has over 500,000 members, participated. The group is growing by an average of 1,100+ new members every day, and we poll them annually, “continued Crosson.

For more information about Social Media Marketing, contact Michael Crosson, Publisher, at 415.717.7600 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


About Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing on LinkedIn is an international community for social media marketers. It is associated with, a private community. Together, the properties have well over 600,000 active members, the largest community in the world of its kind. The group was founded in March 2008, and was founded in 2011. and were launched in January of this year. The company is privately held.

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