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Content Marketing And The Ever-Growing Problem Of Information Overload

Written by Scott Aughtmon on .

112987077"One of the effects of living with electric information is that we live habitually in a state of information overload. There's always more than you can cope with."

Those words were said by a guy named Marshall McLuhan who was a Canadian communications theorist, Educator, Writer and Social Reformer who lived from 1911-1980.

That's right. He died over a decade before the internet, as we know it today, even existed.

The Common Problem

Can you imagine what he'd think about the content overload that exists 32 years later?

From the beginning of time until 2003 we generated a total of 5 billion gigabytes of data.
That's a lot of information!

But it's not that impressive when you realize this shocking fact: By next year we will generate that much data every 10 minutes!


Facebook Rolls Out Share Button on Mobile Site

Written by Anita Li | on .

Facebook Rolls Out Share Button on Mobile SiteFacebook has introduced a "share" button to its mobile site.

The feature, which shows up on newsfeed posts alongside "like" and "comment" buttons, lets users post a link or photo to their own profiles, and gives them the option to add a comment. Like the desktop version, they can also choose to share with specific "audience" and "friends list" groups.

Long-requested by mobile users, sharing capabilities will soon come to iOS and Android apps, Inside Facebook reported.

"The company said there was no technical hurdle that made a share button difficult to implement on mobile,'" the website said. "Facebook simply never made it a priority."


Social Video App Vodio Lets You Build Channels For People & Brands Using YouTube, Facebook & Twitter

Written by Sarah Perez | on .

Social Video App Vodio Lets You Build Channels For People a BrandsSocial video app Vodio is out with a new version today that takes advantage of the app's ability to connect with a user's social accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In the updated app, you can now automatically turn any Facebook Page or Twitter profile into a video channel, as well as add channels directly from YouTube.

Previously, one of Vodio's differentiating features was that it didn't just aggregate videos trending among your friends on social networks, it offered insight into what "the crowd" thinks is popular, too. The service not only tracks a user's behavior, but also trends among their social graph, and combines those with the insight it gains from watching trends across the network in order to surface the videos that match a user's interests. These recommendations are served up in themed channels like Tech, Comedy, Apps, Music, Cool & Inspiring, News, Celebrities, Viral Videos, and more.


Twitter Adds "Share Tweet Via Email" So You Can Loop In People Not On Twitter And Drive Signups

Written by Josh Constine | on .

Twitter Adds Share Tweet Via Email So You Can Loop In People Not On Twitter And Drive SignupsNot to be outdone by Facebook's new mobile share button, Twitter has just added an option to "Share this tweet via email" so you can send content to less tech savvy folks. The button appears in the 'more' menu alongside reply, favorite, and retweet. It could be a powerful way to spread the service and convince new people to sign up. It's rolling out over the next few weeks.

Twitter explains "sometimes you want to share with another group, like your college roommates or your parents or a friend who isn't yet on Twitter."

Once you click the button on the web it will bring up an in-line email composer. On mobile it appears to pop up your native email app.


Facebook Adds a Grab Bag of Gifts Partners

Written by Samantha Murphy | on .

Facebook Adds a Grab Bag of Gifts PartnersAs a part of a greater push into e-commerce, Facebook announced a whole slew of retail partnerships Thursday night at a press event held at the iconic FAO Schwarz toy store in New York City.

The social network launched in September a service called Facebook Gifts, allowing users to buy and send real gifts to friends. Now these partnerships have added hundreds of gifts to its product offering lineup.

New retail partners include babyGap, Fab, Brookstone, Lindt and ProFlowers. Users can also send TV shows and music with subscriptions to

All of these products will be made available on Facebook in the U.S. in the upcoming weeks, the company said. It will also start selling wine from notable wineries such as Robert Mondavi Winery in the near future.


Facebook And Partners Launch Social Jobs App With 1.7M Listings

Written by Brandiee Sjaarda on .

Facebook And Partners Launch Social Jobs App With 1.7M ListingsThe Social Jobs Partnership — an initiative that includes The US Department of Labor, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), DirectEmployers Association, the National Association of State Workforce Agencies, and Facebook — is launching a new Social Jobs Application today, where recruiters can share job listings with the Facebook community.

At launch, the application includes 1.7 million listings from BranchOut, DirectEmployers, Work4Labs, Jobvite, and, which can be sorted based on industry, location, and skills.

The post announcing the new app emphasizes the important role that Facebook already plays in the hiring process. It cites NACE data showing that half of employers are using Facebook for hiring, with 54 percent of those companies saying that Facebook will become an even more important part of the process in the near future.

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