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How One Business Boosted Facebook Ad Return by Switching to Video

how one business boosted facebook ad return by switching to video

If you’re a Facebook ads user you may have noticed that Facebook has been pushing its video ads quite hard in recent months. In fact, the entire platform has been drifting more and more towards video for some time now.

There’s a good reason for that - Facebook, like Google, is concerned primarily with providing its users with the best possible experience on their platform.

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7 Types of Content Marketing Metrics Worth Tracking

7 types of content marketing metrics worth tracking

A marketing agent or CMO with detailed knowledge of data on his side is a tough act to beat in today’s world - especially if they know inside and out the idea of metrics, and how to follow them.

Today, most know the basics of metric follow: leads and traffic and other such basic metrics. But there are other types, some more advanced and/or niche, which can help your marketing team immensely.

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How to Know Your Customers Better Than They Know Themselves [infographic]

how to know your customers better than they know themselves

The new age of social media communication has also lead to a new world of customer data and insight, and ways in which to reach people through our marketing and outreach.

And there's significant value in doing so - while there are still debates to be had as to how much data is too much, or how much you need to know about your audience, as more brands utilize data to better personalize and focus their marketing efforts, they're effectively raising the bar for all others.

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Black Friday Plus Referrals = More Than a One Day Sales Boost

instagrams changing the look of their ad ctas to better merge with user feeds

It’s nearly here, that annual shopping event that both retailers and consumers look upon with mixed feelings. I’m of course talking about 'Black Friday'.

From a retailer’s perspective, although the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend may drive phenomenal levels of traffic and purchasing, it’s hard to know whether this is attracting the right type of customers. The right type being those that are not just after a quick discount, but are likely to turn into long-term loyal customers.

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Instagram's Changing the Look of Their Ad CTAs to Better Merge with User Feeds

instagrams changing the look of their ad ctas to better merge with user feeds

Instagram has announced an update to their call to action buttons on promoted posts, which will see Instagram ads become a little more subtle - a change that may help them push more ads into user feeds.

Last September, Instagram rolled out an update to their ad CTA buttons which saw the action prompt turn blue whenever a user rested on the ad for four seconds or tapped on the profile name.

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Facebook Acquires Rising Social App tbh to Quell Competition

facebook acquires rising social app tbh to quell competition

Facebook continues to take out potential competitors, with The Social Network acquiring rising social app tbh in a deal said to be worth less than $100 million.

tbh, which has proven particularly popular amongst high school students, is a simple social app which enables users to answer multiple choice questions about their friends – you can see this in the first and last screenshots above. The app’s focused on positivity, so the questions are light-hearted and geared around encouragement.

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