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Make Customers The Focus On LinkedIn

how your marketing team should be using LinkedInA LinkedIn profile should be a branding platform that demonstrates how your company can offer customer solutions. Use the headline to pitch how your brand can add value, tap the research tools to learn more about prospective buyers and appropriate keywords, and create relationships by sending personal messages that meet individual needs. Learn the 4 ways your team should be using LinkedIn (but probably isn't)...

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Pokemon Go: The Accidental Social Media (Marketing) Sensation

pokemon Go for marketersIt’s ironic that for all the investment Google poured into the Google+ social network, one of the world’s most valuable brands spun out a business responsible for one of the most exciting social media phenomenon since the launch of Facebook: Niantic Labs, creators of Ingress and Pokemon Go.

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'Insta-Communities': Why They Change The Rules For Marketers

instagram communities important to marketersMarketers should connect with "insta-communities," digital forces where consumers from all walks of life come together to champion a shared passion or social cause. To effectively engage, marketers must demonstrate an authentic understanding of the issue, and be prepared to have a collaborative approach to their brand marketing.

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WhatsApp allows Facebook access to user information

whatsapp to share user data with facebookWhatsApp is changing its privacy policy to allow its owner, Facebook, to access user analytics data and phone numbers. Facebook said it will use the information to provide better personalized marketing, and users can opt out of sharing their phone numbers.

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10 things brands should know about iOS 10

ios 10 for brandsApple's next operating system is poised to open up a whole new world for brands and marketers when it's released this fall. Here's what you need to know.

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Survey: Kids love YouTube more than any other brand

kids prefer youtubeYouTube topped such venerable brands as Oreo and Disney as the most loved among children in market research firm Smarty Pants' latest Brand Love study of children 6 to 12. "Based on kids' attention spans now, [YouTube has] the type of content they really crave," said analyst Blair Fischer.

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