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5 questions to ask when launching a customer feedback program

launching a customer feedback programA superior customer experience can make or break a brand. Find out if you already have they keys to unlocking this success.

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Twitter launches Connect button to simplify finding accounts

twitter connectTwitter has revealed a Connect button on its mobile app to help users find accounts that might appeal to them. The feature recommends accounts based on a user's follow list and enables users to automatically sync their contact lists to connect with people they already know.

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Does Snapchat have a distracted-driving problem?

snapchat while drivingSnapchat is at the center of a distracted-driving lawsuit after a teen was accused of crashing into another motorist at 107 mph while using the social network to take a selfie. Critics say Snapchat's "speed filter," which shows how fast a person is moving when a message is sent, encourages dangerous driving. "No Snap is more important than someone's safety," a company spokesman wrote in an email.

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Which marketing predictions have come true so far this year?

marketing predictionsOne of the biggest marketing predictions for this year was that ad blocking would make content even more important, and the focus is now on creating a quality customer experience, SocialCentiv's Bernard Perrine writes. Online video was also predicted to explode, but adoption has been slow with ease of access still a challenge, Perrine writes.

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Analysis: Digital is pushing out cable

digital media companiesCable networks like Viacom are in decline as video subscribers jump ship to online streaming services and digital video such as YouTube and Hulu, which will be presenting their ideas at this week's Digital Content NewFronts.

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Twitter Looks to Video to Increase Advertising Sales

twitter video adsFor years, Twitter Inc. has struggled with its Main Street appeal. Now the social-media service also may be losing its Madison Avenue allure.  Twitter last week badly missed its first-quarter revenue estimates, attributing the shortfall to big-brand advertisers not increasing their spending as quickly as expected.



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