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How To Run A Successful Facebook Event

How To Run A Successful Facebook Event

Facebook events can be a great way to get a boost in engagement short term. These events can be used for upcoming sales, the release of a new product, or for giveaways. They can also be set to run on important business milestones, or as a thank you to customers when you reach a specific goal they were involved in. An example would be when your page hits 5,000 likes or you receive 10,000 email subscribers. The goals don't even have to be that large, just so long as they are important enough to celebrate.

A big bonus of these events is the engagement they receive. By properly executing a Facebook event your engagement could literally skyrocket, and your primary audience could substantially grow over a very short period of time. Your primary audience refers to those people which you are connected with via email, social media, or those signed up to follow your blog. With your Facebook contacts inviting their contacts, and maybe those contacts inviting even more, you have the ability to attract a large crowd of newcomers to connect with you.

The key to all of this working out the right way is to run a successful Facebook event. It won't help you or your business one iota if the event is a total flop. The following simple tips should help to alleviate your worries over whether you are or are not doing it correctly. Proper usage of these tips guarantees you have gone about it the right way and will be able to pull it off to the best of your abilities.

Plan Ahead

Prior to initiating the event you should do some research. Find out what your target audience likes and does not like in terms of events. Then you need to come up with the date and time frame. Ensure that the amount of hours you set is reasonable. Usually one to three hours is plenty of time, although larger companies with more people to assist with the event may be able to host an all day one. The choice is entirely up to you.
The last thing you will need to set up is your schedule of events. This will include any flash giveaways, games, question and answer sessions, or anything else you may want to incorporate into your event. Let's look at an example schedule of events for one taking place over the course of two hours.
Schedule of Events
4:00 pm: Start
4:00-4:15: Seek N' Find Game
4:15-4:45: Question & Answer Session With Founder of Company
4:45-5:00: Flash Giveaway/This or That Game (Both running at the same time)
5:00-5:15: Guessing Game
5:15-5:30: Flash Giveaway
5:30-5:45: Seek N' Find Game
5:45-6:00: Last Call To Enter Main Giveaway/Call To Like Facebook Page, Follow On Twitter, Etc.

Invite Contacts Ahead of Time

Remember to invite all of your Facebook contacts ahead of time. A week or two ahead of time is plenty. If you have others involved in your company you should ask them to also invite their contacts. In your event's description you should leave a polite call to action for those invited to also invite their friends. With Facebook events, more is always better. Ensure that you have enabled guests to invite their friends, however, which can be done by accessing your events settings.

Post A Reminder The Day Of

About an hour before your event is actually set to begin you should post a friendly reminder on the events wall. People tend to forget what events they have signed up to attend, so this will prompt a larger attendance. Remember that not everyone who responds yes to attending will actually show up. In fact, only about half of them will. This reminder helps to raise that number slightly.

Involve One Major Giveaway

People like getting stuff for free, so a major giveaway incorporated into your event is a surefire way to boost attendance. It doesn't have to be a thousand dollars worth of stuff, but it should be a large enough prize that people will want to win it. You should have a first, second, and third place prize at the very least. Rafflecopter is a very good way to host these types of giveaways. For small businesses, your first place prize could be worth approximately $100-$200. The second prize will be a little smaller than the first, with the third being a little smaller than the second. Some businesses have found that small token gifts for fourth through tenth are also great ideas. These can be $5or $10 items. This makes people think their chances of winning are higher.

Utilize Flash Giveaways

Flash giveaways are miniature giveaways which take place for a short period of time. You usually ask for the audience to do a singular task in order to be entered. You may ask them to like your Facebook page, sign up for your email or blog, follow you on Twitter, or any other small task. These are great at keeping people engaged and fulfilling tasks you wish done. In turn, your audience gets a chance to win a prize. It's a win-win situation.

Make It Fun

No one will stick around for a dull Facebook event. Make yours fun by utilizing various games, giveaways, and other items. Keep things moving at a quick pace so there is never a lull or silent moment. Think about things in terms of what you would think was fun and entertaining. If you wouldn't be having fun, your audience probably isn't either.

Stay Active

Once your event begins it is important to stay active and up to date. There is nothing worse than an event in which the administrator simply disappears. Everything will come to a screeching halt, people will leave, and your Facebook event will be a total flop. To avoid this you simply need to stay active.

End On A Good Note

Always end your events on a good note. This doesn't only apply to all of your attendees being happy. You should announce the winners of your big giveaway directly at the end, within the last five minutes. This helps people to remember your Facebook event on a fond and thrilling note, which can help to boost attendance to your next one.

(Article and body image via Tabitha Naylor | Article image via Facebook)

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