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What We Learned Merging Multiple Social Media Accounts

what we learned merging multiple social media accounts

Late last year, we helped one of our clients consolidate their social media presence after they had acquired two high profile eCommerce websites and wanted to merge them to their own store. All three stores cater to a similar demographic, and the purpose of the acquisition was to bring down competition and serve customers from one single brand name.

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Yellow Pages vs. Digital Marketing: Is the Phone Book Really Dead?

yellow pages vs digital marketing is the phone book really dead

Phone book advertising - is it worth it, or are the Yellow Pages dead?

If you’ve been weighing the pros and cons of advertising your local business in the Yellow Pages, this post is for you. We’re going to take a look at the return you’ll get from phone book advertising, as well as how it stacks up against digital marketing (local search marketing, specifically).

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11 Reasons You Don't Have More Followers [Infographic]

11 reasons you dont have more followers

Are you struggling to build an engaged following on Twitter? Wondering why people just won’t hit that follow button?

We share 11 reasons people won’t follow you on Twitter in this infographic.

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Instagram's Adding Some New Stories Tools, Including an Option to Share Other People's Posts

12 ways to boost your instagram presence

While Snapchat’s latest performance report came in better than expected, the pressure on the app doesn’t look like it’ll be easing up anytime soon, with Facebook-owned Instagram working to add in new tools and features, and extend its lead in the social Stories race.

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Snapchat Will Live-Stream Winter Olympics Content in New Agreement with NBC

snap inc releases better than expected q4 numbers showing growth in users and revenue

I’ve seen it reported or noted several times that Snapchat allows live-streaming, that Snap was among the first platforms that pushed the live trend. But it isn’t, and it doesn’t.

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The Key to Email Marketing Success is Personalization [Research]

the key to email marketing success is personalization research

With the emergence of so many new technologies and platforms, it’s hard to believe that email is still the reigning champion as the channel marketers turn to for the highest return on investment.

But with so many companies planning to increase their spend on email marketing comes an inevitable pressure to increase the amount of emails sent in order to deliver on revenue. And for consumers, that translates into inbox overload, frustration, and often, negative brand sentiment.

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