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8 tips to win over the most skeptical customers

win over skeptical customersPotential customers with a plethora of questions pose a unique, but not insurmountable, sales challenge. Aja Frost offers eight tips on how to win them over, including fine-tuning your sales pitch to weed out buzzwords that turn off these critical listeners.

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Retailers talk mobile strategies but note challenges

mobile retail strategies and challengesNearly all US retailers are implementing mobile strategies, with nearly 6 in 10 respondents in a PointSource survey saying coupons are their most favored tactic. Most retailers do admit they feel challenged trying to use mobile strategically, however.

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App Store to reach 5 million apps by 2020

app store growingThe Apple App Store shows no signs of slowing down, despite the fact that people seem to limit the number of apps they use regularly to just a small handful. But developers keep building, so the apps keep coming.

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