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Twitter announces expansion of Moments

twitter expands moments to everyoneTwitter intends to expand its Moments feature to all its users in the coming months, but in the meantime, it is opening it up to more brands, influencers and partners. Moments focuses on tying together events, news or specific tops in a tweet stream that chronologically organizes photos, videos and texts.

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NASA social media a branding lesson for B2B marketers

Nasa lessons on B2B marketingNASA is an old hand at social media, selling inspiration, rather than products. The space agency maintains multiple social media accounts, with a focus on brand that business-to-business marketers can learn from, including conversational engagement.

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Influencer marketing under watchful eye of FTC

ftc cracks down on influencersThe Federal Trade Commission is turning its attention to influencer advertising, putting the burden on marketers to ensure they are transparent about paying celebrities and other social movers and shakers to endorse their products. The FTC recently took Warner Bros. to task over failing to disclose it paid influencers to endorse the video game "Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor."

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What does Verizon's Yahoo purchase mean for Facebook, Google?

verizon future for facebook and googleVerizon's recent acquisitions of Yahoo and AOL show that it's pitting itself against Google and Facebook to compete for digital ad revenue -- but will it be enough to disrupt the giants' dominance in the market? "If Verizon unclutters the inherent messiness with a prolonged tech and content strategy, they could be poised to be a legitimate competitor," James Green writes.

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