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Ello is a referendum on personal data-driven web advertising

E10-1Ello, the new buzzy social network that doesn’t show ads or collect personal data, isn’t just the latest fad for the cool kids, and asking how Ello will make money is the wrong question.

Ello is a referendum on personal data-driven web advertising, which is being slowly and carefully ratcheted up to a saturation point.

We may already be there. Third-party cookies are running rampant in the browser, and retargeting (you, know when that ad follows you around the web) is happening more than ever. Meanwhile the biggest social advertising force on earth, Facebook, is becoming an ad network where brands can leverage Facebook’s knowledge of you to help target ads at you all over the web.

10 Top Tips to a Successful Facebook Business Page

FB9-29Facebook is the biggest social network in the world with over 1.1Billion users worldwide. Having a Facebook business page for your business is really important and here are 10 top tips to a successful Facebook Business Page.

  1. Post a Relevant Article Once a Week

It is so important for your business that you are seen as a thought leader in your industry and one way to do this is to post a relevant article once a week so your followers can see you are staying up to date.

10 Ways of Becoming Indispensable to Your Social Media Audience

10 Ways of Becoming Indispensable to Your Social Media Audience

Once you recover the links that are usually lost in new marketing, you need to create value to make your audience grow. I present below 10 ways that can help your brand grow, increasing engagement and ROI, as well as conversions. The objective isn’t an meaningless number but real people who are engaged and proactive.

How to become indispensable to your social media audience

10 ways your business can (should) use Google+ Hangouts

google8-11By far the most exciting and feature-rich free tools provided by Google+ are Hangout Video Calls and Hangouts on Air.

Here are 10 ways to use them in your business.

1- Paid consulting: Hangouts on Air can be public or private, paid or free. If you’re using a HOA for consulting, you send the link to join the Hangout when you receive payment. Only those people who have the link to the video, which will be on YouTube as private, can watch the video.

11 Things You Can Do Right Now to Perfect Your Twitter Profile

T9-25News outlets should be mortified by the way they describe themselves on Twitter. Learn from their mistakes, and from the companies that are doing it right.

Every high-schooler knows that you can't choose your nickname. Happily, social media offers a remedy for people of all ages: the chance to write your own bio.

This ability to self-brand is priceless. Yet many fumble it. In fact, major media outlets approach their Twitter bios as if they were students cramming to finish their homework on the school bus, rather than world-class wordsmiths. At a time when publishers are increasingly interested in driving social traffic to their sites, such box-checking results in a lost opportunity

14 Eye-Opening Instagram Statistics

3-2InstIn less than five years, photo-sharing app Instagram has grown from Internet infant to social media star. 

New data from the Pew Research Center shows that among social media networks, Instagram has surpassed Twitter in popularity among U.S. adults. Pew's report states that 26 percent of online adults in the U.S. used Instagram in 2014. That’s up from 17 percent in 2013 and 13 percent in 2012. By comparison, 23 percent of online adults in the U.S. used Twitter in 2014.

19 LinkedIn Mistakes That Make Me Pull My Hair Out

If you aren’t getting the results you are looking for, it’s highly possible you’re making one (or several) LinkedIn mistakes that are turning off potential clients. Turning people off doesn’t always have to provoke a dramatic response that involves the other person slandering your business on Yelp but even in its most harmless form, it hurts your bottom line.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression and when you waste it on making rookie LinkedIn mistakes, you’ve already shut the door on what could have been a mutually beneficial relationship.

Take a few minutes to review the 19 most common LinkedIn mistakes I see to make sure you aren’t making any of them. It could be the difference between making or breaking your next sale.

19 LinkedIn Ninja Tricks Experts Haven't Taught You Yet

N11-1Have you ever wondered if you’re missing some of the functions on LinkedIn that may help you with your business? It’s hard to keep up with all of the changes and functionality on social media sites. It’s something that my team and I do daily to make sure we stay up-to-date on all of the tricks, tips and changes.

Here are some of the best kept secrets (old and new) that include a special backdoor for adding new connections, how to send messages instead of paid InMails, extreme advanced search ninja tricks and much more. Each of these 19 LinkedIn tips are easy to implement immediately!

3 More Reasons for Brands to Use Instagram to Boost Influence and Drive Sales

inst9-23Instagram is a unique medium for brand advertising unlike any other platform in the social space. The visually driven community allows users to communicate in the universal language of photos and videos, opening the world to the possibility of more "humanized'' content.

Instagram’s growth and reach speaks to its massive appeal to the millennial audience. Instagram provides huge advertising opportunities to drive brand awareness and purchase intent to those brands that understand users want content made for users by other users who understand them best.

4 Key Strategies to Create Social Media Brand FOMO

FOMO9-22As a brand it your job not to just sell to your customers, but connect and engage with them. You want to show your voice, what you stand for and that you are credible in your field--all the while building dynamic relationships with your fan base. So how do you keep them coming back for more each time? You create brand FOMO or the fear of missing out. Here are four strategies that will help you cultivate a stellar social media presence that people won't want to miss out on.

5 Examples Your Brand Can Follow to Build an Online Community

online8-5Digital breakthroughs are making it increasingly easy for brands to communicate directly with end users. To encourage two-way communication, many brands are going to social media to talk directly with users.

However, if your brand wants to diversify its communication strategy, build a virtual community. Here are five examples of strategies for building a powerful branded community from successful digital communities.

1. Reddit. Reddit is one of the most powerful communities on the Internet, in large part because it empowers and leverages its users. It provides you with the opportunity to build and scale your community by utilizing trusted users.

5 Ways to Generate Business Through LinkedIn

8-6LIThis story first appeared in the August issue of Entrepreneur. To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe.

Let’s start with the data: More than half of marketers surveyed say Facebook is the most important social network they use, according to the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by San Diego-based Social Media Examiner. LinkedIn came in second: 71 percent of marketers use it, but only 21 percent cite it as the most important social network. (Twitter ranked a distant third, at 12 percent.)

7 Tactics to Connect With Decision Makers on LinkedIn

1-147LinHave you been wasting a lot of time and energy trying to get in touch decision makers in your target market?

Do you struggle with figuring out who is the right person to reach out to in a company that could facilitate an introduction to the decision maker?

If you are like many entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals, you may be struggling to find and connect with those all important decision makers that are essential to your ability to make a sale.

Codenamed “Moments”, Facebook Has Built An App For Super-Private Sharing

FBM9-19Facebook has failed repeatedly to get us to use complicated lists and privacy settings to share intimate moments with just our closest friends and family. It’s clumsy and confusing doing that with the same composer for blasting News Feed updates to everyone. But now Facebook is polishing off a new app codenamed “Moments” designed to make this micro-sharing much simpler, multiple sources tell TechCrunch, including one who has seen a live internal version of the app.

Diet Coke’s New Campaign Taps Social Media to Amplify Its Message

C9-26The soda brand will use social channels to spread the message of its "Get a Taste" campaign, engaging the soft drink's biggest fans in areas where they go to express themselves.

Diet Coke's new omnichannel "Get a Taste" campaign aims to bring more enjoyment to life's mundane moments - like air travel - by asking the question, "What if life tasted as good as Diet Coke?" The integrated initiative will look to digital video, print, radio, and out-of-home advertising, as well as DietCoke.com and its social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to engage consumers. 

Ello, Ello? New ‘No Ads’ Social Network Ello Is Blowing Up Right Now

E9-25In March a new social network launched promising the opposite business model to Facebook, i.e. not selling ads based on user data and instead relying on, perhaps, paid premium features to keep going. Ello then sunk without a trace until, in the last 24-48 hours or so, activity on the site completely blew up. And this is a pretty basic social network with the bare minimum of features. Why? A combination of factors.

Perhaps it was Facebook’s trenchant stance against LGBT users having both a real name and ‘persona’ name. Ello got traction with the LGBT community after Facebook disabled the accounts of some drag artists who used their performance names instead of their “real” names. Musicians with stage names have also complained.

Free Guidebook: Mastering Facebook for Business


smm9-30How to Use Facebook for Business

Facebook can be a great tool to get your business found on social media. Building successful fan pages is only aspect of mastering Facebook for Business – this guide provides a ton of other highly useful strategies and tactics to drive traffic and conversions. Download HubSpot's comprehensive guide to using Facebook for your business for free here:

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Social Media Image Templates [60 free templates]

After you read the guide above to determine how best to use Facebook for your business, take your posts to the next level with beautiful images. Download the free templates below to create awesome social media images to attract more fans and customers to your Facebook page.

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Game-Changer – From Weibo to WeChat

WC9-22Will the exodus from Weibo to WeChat change the way brands do social? How can marketers best adapt to the changing social landscape?

China has a number of "Weibo" (Twitter-like) platforms. But Sina Weibo is China's biggest. In July, Sina announced 2014 second-quarter advertising revenue growth of 29 percent year-over-year to $155.8 million off the back of Weibo, exceeding the company’s $155 million goal. There is no denying that China's Sina Weibo social media platform has reached a high point in brand involvement. But the problem is that audiences have moved out. 

Glitch-Face Is The New Selfie

Mobile self-portraiture for art and security.

The omnipresent “selfie” has some pretty particular, pretty annoying visual characteristics. We’ve grown accustomed to the unnatural 45-degree angle that thins the face and exaggerates the eyes (which are usually eerily deadpan, focused on maneuvering into the aforementioned thinning angle). Selfie aficionados know their most flattering and flattening Instagram filter. It’s not just a self-portrait, it’s an avatar, a self-made and self-modified icon, and it’s not particularly realistic.

Google’s Sundar Pichai: Here’s how we’re taking apart Google+ and rethinking it

3-2GGFollowing confirmation of a shakeup at Google+, Sundar Pichai said today the company was also splitting the social networking service into two pieces.

In an interview on stage at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Pichai, senior vice president for products at Google, said the company had viewed Google+ as having two main components: a stream of activity and a social layer.

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Hot New Social Network Ello Knocked Out By Cyber Attack... Already

E9-29Just as Ello said hello, it briefly said goodbye.

The ad-free, blatantly anti-Facebook social platform that debuted barely more than a month ago fell victim to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The knockout punch, which hit yesterday afternoon, caused an outage that lasted 45 minutes.

How To Exploit Your Network: Six Tips From LinkedIn Founder

LI7-14Everyone is networking these days: going to conventions, building up LinkedIn contacts and the like. But now what? How can you actually get some value out of meeting Fred at that alumni event, or Jeannette at the sales conference? LinkedIn’s billionaire chairman and co-founder, Reid Hoffman, would like to help.

How to Find the Best Days and Times to Post on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

SM9-26What Days and Times Should I post?

This depends on a couple of things: The social media networks you use, and when your target audience is online.

There are several ways to find out when your audience is online to find out the best days and times to post on social media pages. One is to reference social sharing platforms that collect such data, like Buffer or SproutSocial.

How to Make Funny Videos Without Becoming the Laughing Stock of the Internet

tech8-3Humor is a potentially powerful weapon in a brand’s arsenal, but they must be savvy when they wield it in video form. That means in part creating relatable content that isn't too long and tells a brand’s story.

Laughter is often said to be the best medicine, and when it comes to digital marketing, it certainly presents unique opportunities for consumer engagement.

Like the social outcast who discovers he can make the star quarterback laugh and finds himself suddenly catapulted into the upper echelons of high-school society, a funny branded video can quickly engage an audience and raise a brand's social currency.

How to Perk Up Your Dying Facebook Page

FB-page-7-3The way marketing is done on Facebook is very much different from how it’s done on television, radio, or in print. In order to effectively utilize the social media site as a marketing platform, you must know how to maximize its different unique features first. Only then can you have a stronger foothold in the online competition and rake revenues from social channels.

Because of the need for an exclusive advertising approach, most businesses tend to have difficulty reaching their desired goals after setting up a Facebook business Page. It’s therefore important to know what techniques can be used to make your Page fully functional.

How to Pick the Perfect Social Media Marketing Platforms

SMP926One of the most important steps in a successful social media strategy is choosing the right social media channels. I get asked it all the time – what social network should my business invest in? The short answer is surprisingly simple. If a large percentage of your target audience use a channel and you have the resources to serve it well, then you should be there. It does go a little bit deeper than this, but it is not rocket science.

Today I am going to outline an easy step by step process to ensure you pick the right social media marketing platforms to connect with your target audience.

How Twitter can solve its onboarding problem

T9-25I love Twitter — I get so much value from it. I never want it to go away and I actually have a bet with a friend that Twitter will be here in 20 years. Twitter was also the first network I added to my company.

But, Twitter has an onboarding problem.

This problem stems from the simple fact that it is not simple or easy for a new user to learn how to use Twitter to maximum benefit. It takes a lot of work to make Twitter work for you.

I spent 48 hours on Ello. This is what I saw

E9-30If you’ve been on Facebook or Twitter in the last week, you’ve probably heard a lot of people talking about this thing called Ello. If you tried to sign up to see what it is, you would’ve gotten a message back saying, “We will invite you as soon as we can. Ello is currently in beta, and we are inviting new users in small groups as we roll out new features.”

One of Ello’s founders, Paul Budnitz, told Betabeat that the site has been receiving more than 30,000 of these sign-up requests per hour this week. The only way to get an account is to receive one of five unique invite codes that every user gets. This has caused quite a stir, and it’s gotten to the point that people are actually purchasing invites from other users on eBay, with prices ranging from $5 to $500.

Important Facets of Social Selling

SS9-26If you're not utilizing social media to help your company grow its brand and generate leads - wake up! Here are some tips for how to take full advantage of social selling and examples of brands that are doing it right.

The goals you establish for your sales team are more easily attained when you build up your brand, generate leads, and establish loyalty among your current customers. If you are a company that has yet to embrace social media, you are missing out on an opportunity with social selling. Let's take a look at how social media can build you up in areas that assist your sales goals.

Instagram Overtakes Twitter With 300 Million Users

I12-15The image-sharing platform is also launching verified badges and vowing to kick out spammers.

Facebook's $1 billion image app software acquisition is four years old, pretty full of itself, and stuffed with some 300 million users.

The social media company bought Instagram back in 2012.

Is YouTube a Social Network?

6-9yt1Most people don't seem to consider YouTube a social network, but they ought to. The overwhelming majority of views of brand-related content come from user-generated content.

By guest columnist Matt McGowan, Google

Most of us are familiar with YouTube. More than 84 percent of us tune-in at least once a month and many much more often to get our daily dose of news from channels such as Vice or The Young Turks, recipes and cooking shows from the The Food Network and SORTED, or even beauty and fashion advice from the likes of Michelle Phan, LKISStyle and more.

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SMMS-814Social Media Success Summit 2014 is a special online conference designed to help you master social media marketing, brought to you by the experts at Social Media Examiner. Forty-five of the world's leading social media pros will show you how they succeed with social. This takes place totally ONLINE over three weeks – and the best part is that by registering, you also get access to replays of everything, in case you miss some sessions. To see the whole itinerary and the slew of events, click here:


LinkedIn Beats The Street In Q2 On Sales Of $534M, EPS Of $0.51

With social networks Facebook and Twitter handily beating analyst estimates for Q2 earnings, LinkedIn today reported its Q2 results and showed that rising tides are lifting its boat, too. Revenue for the second quarter was $534 million and its EPS (non-GAAP diluted) was $0.51 as the company also raised its guidance for Q3 and the full year. The company’s stock is up by around 8% in after-hours trading to $195 a share.

Analysts expected LinkedIn to post earnings per share (EPS) of $0.39 (non-GAAP diluted) on revenues of $511 million. As a point of comparison, last quarter, LinkedIn beat analysts’ estimates on sales of $473 million and EPS of $0.38. Today’s revenue numbers are up 47% on a year ago, when LinkedIn posted revenue of $364 million in Q2 2013.

LinkedIn is working on two new products to help coworkers connect

1-14LInLinkedIn is most known as a place to network or look for a new job, but now the career-oriented social network is working on some new tools to help users connect with their current coworkers.

A source from LinkedIn told Mashable that the company is developing two products that can bring employers, employees and colleagues closer together. That way, the platform can be better utilized to improve connections within the office, rather than outside of it. The tools will make it easier to access employee information, as well as share content relevant to your workplace.

LinkedIn Will Acquire Business Marketing Company Bizo For $175M

LI7-27LinkedIn just announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Bizo, a company that helps advertisers reach businesses and professionals.

LinkedIn says the deal is worth around $175 million — 90 percent cash and 10 percent stock.

Bizo spun out from business directory ZoomInfo back in 2008. It raised a total of $20 million in venture funding (at least as of its Series B two years ago) from investors including Bessemer Venture Partners, Venrock, and Crosslink Capital. It also raised $12.5 million in debt.

LinkedIn's New App Predicts What You Need To Know Before A Meeting

LI7-16LinkedIn wants to become a bigger part of its users lives by reminding them of networking details they ought to know, so they don’t have to bother remembering them.

The professional network with 300 million registered users says it’s launching a new, smarter app that uses “anticipatory computing” techniques to prompt users with tidbits of information they should know about people.

The Connected app, launching Thursday, replaces a previous app called Contacts, and uses a card-like interface to show users updates on what’s happening with people in the network. The app is also smarter than its predecessor in a few ways: it can integrate with a smartphone’s calendar to learn about forthcoming appointments.

LinkedIn’s new Connected app prods you to keep in touch with your network

linkedin7-14LinkedIn today announced a new iOS app called Connected, which offers people various opportunities to reach out to folks in their network. With this app, LinkedIn is diving deeper into what it calls “anticipatory computing.”

Much like LinkedIn’s website, the app has a feed highlighting news mentions, job changes, work anniversaries, and birthdays. If you sync your contacts and calendar, it can send push notifications with “intelligence” and reminders prior to meetings.

Millennials More Likely to Purchase What They Share on Social

M9-25-1A new consumer report from ShareThis suggests that Millennials’ sharing activity on social media is directly connected to their buying behavior.

Many in the marketing industry say Millennials are harder to reach than any other age group, as they are less responsive to advertising. But is that really true? ShareThis' new report about Millennials' digital sharing and consumption habits suggests that brands can crack the code of marketing to this "elusive" generation if they know what they like to share on social media.

Pavlok’s Wristband That Electroshocks You For Facebooking Or Skipping Workouts Now On Indiegogo

Pavlov and his dogs proved conditioning shapes behavior patterns. A hundred years later, a startup called Pavlok hopes the same theory and its electroshock wristband will make us exercise, wake up on time, and stop procrastinating. Launching today on Indiegogo starting at $99, Pavlok’s app lets you set up goals like hitting the gym or avoiding social media sites, and then its wristband electrically shocks you when you screw up. Brutal, but potentially effective.

Pavlok can also stick to your plan, or make you pay a stranger (similar to GymPact or StickK) if you fail. Pavlok hopes to raise $50,000 for production and manufacturing of the wristbands, which it plans to ship in March or April 2015.

Pinterest Just Made It Easier to Discover Pins You Care About

P7-17The folks at Pinterest are on a tear lately. The popular image-based social-media network unveiled yet another new discovery-happy feature. This one’s called “Interests,” an easier way for users to find and follow pins from people with shared -- yup, you guessed it -- interests.

For businesses, the update gives your customers a new, less time-consuming way to discover your posts, directly from their home feed across all of Pinterest’s platforms -- on the web and on its Android, iPhone and iPad apps.

Starting today, users can now dig deep into all kinds of highly specific interests, from “ultralight backpacking” to “urban homesteading” and, you name it, just about everything in-between.

Shoutout Aims To Be The Simplest Way To Share Photos With Friends

SO9-26Shoutout is a new iOS app offering what co-founder and CEO Philip Golbraikh calls “visual texting.”

The idea, basically, is to create an environment where people don’t worry about the quality of their photos and instead treat them as “a visual representation of your message” — this is what I’m doing, here’s something cool I saw on the street, and so on.

Social Media Users Are More Charitable Than You Might Think

Charity9-18There's no doubt that social media has made it easier for charitable organizations and nonprofits to spread their messages. The major press release or fundraiser can now be simplified into a series of tweets or Facebook posts. Organizations can stay top of mind with their own pieces of social media real estate.

But just how powerful can these social networks be for social good campaigns, and are the users of these networks receptive?

Social Platform Hootsuite Adds $60M To Its Coffers, Buys Zeetl To Integrate Voice

HS9-25Hootsuite, a platform that lets businesses and individuals monitor and manage social media interactions across some 35 different social networks, is stepping up its game with yet more funding and another acquisition. It has raised a further $60 million, and it is acquiring Zeetl, which creates shortlinks to convert text-based interactions between businesses on customers on social media into more direct voice calls.

Zeetl, which had received an undisclosed amount of funding from Vancouver incubator Growlab Ventures, is also based in Vancouver, like HootSuite. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Both pieces of news come just weeks after HootSuite bought BrightKit, a social campaign planning tool, with news leaking out on the same day that the company had raised another $35 million.

Social-casino games on mobile are making up for the shrinking Facebook market

Cas9-24Social-casino games made more money in August than in July, but no thanks to Facebook.

Slots, cards, and other casino video games made $212.1 million last month, according to intelligence firm SuperData Research. That’s up 8 percent from July despite the fact that Facebook is losing monthly active players as well as earnings. The increase is due to mobile’s continued growth.

Social-casino apps on smartphones and tablets generated $104.4 million during August, which is up 22 percent over the previous month. This category of games is one of the most popular on social networks and mobile-app stores, and it’s responsible for a significant portion of the $16 billion consumers spent on mobile last year.

The 5 Factors of Social-Media Marketing Most People Don't Consider

SMM9-19Does social-media marketing work?

This has long been a question brands have tried to definitely answer. It has been brought to the fore of late by a recent Gallup poll, the report from which states, "A clear majority of Americans say social media have no effect at all on their purchasing decisions."

That may make it sound like social media marketing has little benefit, but the report's cursory dismissal doesn't take into account several other factors. 

The Latest Round Of LinkedIn Changes: What You Need To Know

3-11LILinkedIn recently introduced a new look and feel to your home page and profile page, as well as additional features and a new pricing plan. The latter was designed to get more people to pay more – or pay at all (since most members are on the “free plan”).

This is not surprising. LinkedIn is an ever-evolving platform with new features being added seemingly every month. Most of the changes enhance what you can do and how you can use LinkedIn’s tools. Even the most fervent users of LinkedIn have a hard time keeping up with the enhancements and modifications.

The Science Behind Why People Engage with Facebook Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

8-3fbYou might recognize that particular “itch” to check in if you haven’t been on Facebook in a day or two, but did you know that using the world’s dominant social network actually elicits a physical response in many users? Researchers have documented reactions like pupil dilation, an indication of happiness, in people as they’re browsing their Facebook.

Top Social Network Demographics 2017 [Infographic]

top social network demographics 2017 infographic

"Where’s your audience at?"

This is one of the key questions you need to answer to maximize your social media marketing efforts – there’s little point going all-in on Snapchat if the people you’re trying to reach are over on Instagram.

To help with this, the team at Trackx have created this new infographic which provides an overview of some of the key audience stats for all the major social platforms.

Tumblr is making it easier to find that perfect reaction GIF

6-5TumblrTumblr is making it easier than ever for users to insert the perfect GIF into a blog post.

The company rolled out a new GIF search feature on Thursday that bakes the "reaction GIF" experience directly into the platform.

When writing a post, you can press the "+" button, and a line of buttons will show up — now including a GIF one. You can then search for anything you want to insert, such as emotions, comments, characters. When you find one, press the button and voilà.

Twitter invests $10M in MIT Media Lab program to fund new discussion platforms

T10-1Today the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab announced a new program, the “Laboratory for Social Machines,” which aims to build new tools that analyze and enable communication on social platforms like Twitter. Interestingly, Twitter is funding the entire experiment with a massive $10 million investment.

In a vague press release, MIT details that the program will “focus on the development of new technologies to make sense of semantic and social patterns across the broad span of public mass media, social media, data streams, and digital content.” The goal, according to MIT, is to “create new platforms for both individuals and institutions to identify, discuss, and act on pressing societal problems.”

Twitter Testing A “TestLab” For Features Before They Roll Out To The Public? No.

Tw922Sources close to Twitter have now told us that there was a miscommunication. This is not a Twitter experiment, and the account has been suspended. Original story follows.

Twitter, regularly tinkering with the look and features of its news-sharing platform to drive more usage, could be experimenting with yet another way of introducing people to new things that it’s trying out. A new TestLab account has appeared on the service that encourages users to follow it to test out early releases of new features. It has only tweeted once since first appearing last week, effectively laying out this purpose:

Twitter Testing Easier-To-Use Hashtags

A screen shot of Twitter 's experimental hashtag ordering.

Twitter appears to be testing a feature that will better organize its chaotic world of hashtags.

The new feature, seen by The Wall Street Journal in the Twitter app for iOS, added an expanded label to some hashtag searches such as #tbt (Throwback Thursday), #smh (Shaking My Head) or #oitnb (TV series “Orange Is The New Black”). The labeling gives the hashtags a sense of legitimacy and order as related to a certain event or subject.

Twitter Updates Tailored Audiences for New Targeting Capabilities

tw8-19-1Twitter has added a few new features to its tailored audiences tool, making it easier for advertisers to target mobile and find new customers.

Advertisers using Twitter's tailored audience tool can now supplement existing customer data with mobile phone numbers and advertising IDs, as well as reach new audiences with look-alike targeting technology.

Uber Drivers Flock to Hamptons to Gain Partygoers’ Fares

uber8-11Like many New York City dwellers, Adam Cosentino’s summer ritual includes making the 100-mile trek to the beach towns of the Hamptons every weekend.

The 43-year-old isn’t making the journey to play with the rich and famous, who regularly dot the white-sand beaches, nightclubs and house parties in tony towns like East Hampton, New York, and Amagansett, New York. Cosentino, who works with mobile car-booking application Uber Technologies Inc., is instead there to profit off the Hamptons hordes as their driver.

Understanding the Life Cycle of Social Media

SM9-24Just like anything else in life, social media has a definite life cycle. That life cycle has several critical elements and one feeds off of the other. It goes around and when the life cycle has reached its end, it starts all over again. Your responsibility is to understand how it works and to maintain the momentum indefinitely.

The cycle and how it works

From everything you have read and everything you have experienced, social media works because it involves human beings who interact with each other and each person reacts in some way on an emotional/human level. Additionally, the goal is to compel your target audience members to take the content that you are sharing with them and share it with other people whom they know and trust. Interestingly, you are the only person who holds no credibilitywhen it comes to singing the praises of your content. If you talk about how wonderful and valuable your content is, it means nothing. On the other hand, if someone else (anyone else) does the same thing, you can get a great deal of mileage from it.

Why Ello Suddenly Went Viral

E9-30Last week, as if almost overnight, it seemed like social media startup Ello was everywhere.

The free social network, whose much-discussed manifestoexplains why it eschews ads and user data collection, was seeing about 31,000 new signups per hour with no signs of slowing down at the end of last week. The site is invite only, and the codes are even going on eBay for as much as $100

Why social apps are abandoning the cloud and what they will look like next

S10-1In 2015, popular online social networks will be reduced to serving for social branding, and a next generation of apps using peer-to-peer networking instead of cloud computing will be used for texting and image and video sharing.

The exodus from popular social networks will be accelerated by increasing revelations of both the storing and monitoring of personal communications by the government, and experimentation on users of social networks for the financial benefit of third parties. The exodus, like most all technological trends, will be led by the young and the tech-savvy, and the rest of the worlds’ users will slowly follow as technology inevitably spreads.

Why you need a professional online presence

So why do you need an online presence?

As an educator having an online presence presents an opportunity to share your scholarly activity with others and there is much to gain. Digital connectedness provides opportunities for shared learning and potential collaborations. Reaching out to develop and make new connections has been made so much easier through communicating via social media channels.

Zuckerberg’s 3 predictions for what social networks will look like in 10 years

1-14ZuckTo the background of some jamming Latin tunes, Facebook cofounder and T-shirt enthusiast Mark Zuckerberg held a public town hall in Colombia today. In addition to announcing a new initiative to give free basic Internet access to everyone in the country, he fielded a question about the future of the Internet.

One eager Colombian asked what Zuckerberg thought Facebook would look like in 10 years, and he took it as an opportunity to opine about the future of social networks more broadly.