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Free Native Advertising White Paper - Solve Media

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Our friends over at Solve Media have provided us access to their latest white paper on the topic of "Native Advertising." 

It's been very well received so far and has gained some notoriety among industry professionals for its examples of different native advertising formats. 

Click here to download your free copy of Native Advertising by Solve Media today.

What Ads Work on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? One Size Does Not Fit All

8 Ads Facebook Twitter LinkedInThe rules for success change from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn. In Part 1 of our Social Advertising series, we share:

  • Best practices for writing ad copy
  • Which creative images are most popular with audiences
  • The differences in layout and styling on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Download it here

Bringing Web 2.0 to the Enterprise: Leveraging Social Computing Technologies for ERP Applications

7 web 2.0Adding collaborative Web 2.0 technologies to business applications is a way to address these challenges both for business users and IT. This white paper details how Web 2.0 technologies support business strategies by improving efficiency, productivity, and collaboration.

Download it here

Acquire & Retain More Customers with Card Linked Offers

6 card linked offerThis primer gives you the basics of the card-linked offer, how it works, projections for market growth and a case study with real results.

Gain information on:

  • Measurable, risk-free lift in sales
  • Maintaining consumer loyalty
  • Attracting and converting the right in-store shoppers
  • Trusted, FREE multi-channel marketing
  • Pay-for-performance pricing

Download here

Five Strategies for Building and Feeding a Marketing Machine

5 Marketing machineGenerating predictable revenue requires plans and processes that look beyond lead generation to deal acceleration and targeted marketing throughout the marketing and sales funnels. In this white paper we will examine 5 key areas of funnel economics and provide examples of how marketing departments can fuel the sales funnel.

Download it here

EdgeRank: Stop Worrying About It and Love Your Content.

Edgerank Stop Worrying218Discover the content focus that will get your message to your audience.

Imagine carefully crafting a content strategy that takes all those factors into account, prepares a timely interesting message for your audience, works out all the channels of dissemination, and prepares to measure the success of the content. Now throw all of that right out the window because EdgeRank decided half your audience wouldn't see it without ever telling you, or your audience.

Don't let your social marketing efforts go to waste; download EdgeRank: Stop Worrying About It and Learn to Love Your Content. In this white paper you will learn:

  • How EdgeRank works.
  • The importance of compelling content to EdgeRank.
  • How to ensure your content measures up.

Trying to get your message across to your audience is one of the most difficult challenges that any brand can face. EdgeRank can be wonderful for a brand when it works, delivering your message to an audience who is ready to engage. Make sure EdgeRank works for you; download EdgeRank: Stop Worrying About It and Love Your Content today!

Download it here

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