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How to Perk Up Your Dying Facebook Page

FB-page-7-3The way marketing is done on Facebook is very much different from how it’s done on television, radio, or in print. In order to effectively utilize the social media site as a marketing platform, you must know how to maximize its different unique features first. Only then can you have a stronger foothold in the online competition and rake revenues from social channels.

Because of the need for an exclusive advertising approach, most businesses tend to have difficulty reaching their desired goals after setting up a Facebook business Page. It’s therefore important to know what techniques can be used to make your Page fully functional.

1. Update your About section

Prospective customers and random Facebook users usually go to the About section of a business Page before browsing other sections. If what you placed there isn’t comprehensive and convincing enough to make them trust your brand, they are unlikely to do any business with you. So, the About section must describe what’s special about your brand. If you have a tagline or call to action, this is where you should place them. Of course, a hyperlink to your website must also be included in this section.

2. Don’t use the Page to hard-sell

You have to remember that people see Facebook as a fun social sphere where they go to connect with friends and enjoy. Your goal of enticing them to become your customers should never go against this principle. Hence, you should avoid hard-selling tactics that can portray you as an aggressive business outsider. Some of these include the use of advertising slogans and posting of product and price lists in random conversations. Refrain from doin these because hard-selling can lead users to unfollow your Page.

3. Post regularly

The advantage of social media over traditional media when it comes to marketing lies in the frequency of publication of materials. You must take advantage of this by posting regularly, but don't post every day just for the sake of being updated; keep in mind that each post must present new and relevant information to readers. Most businesses post at least once daily, but the true measurement of frequency must be based on the nature of content and how often you think Facebook users would like to see it in their News Feed.

4. Go visual

Integrate pictures and videos on your posts because images tend to catch attention faster than plain text. Posts with catchy photos and videos are also more likely to be shared by users to their circle of peers, so when creating graphical works or images, it’s best to integrate an element that will establish your brand identity. A good example of this is using a watermark logo in every photo used on your posts.

5. Initiate interaction

You must step out of the box and think of ways that could initiate interaction from Facebook users. Start activities that spark engagement such as contests, surveys, or games. There’s also a higher chance that these posts will be visible in their own feeds. For example, you may offer exclusive offers to users who can create a logo for your brand, and then have a contest where the number of likes and shares are accredited in the scoring process.

6. Answer questions quickly

You must respond to Facebook users who engage with your posts. By responding to their comments on your posts, commenting on their posts on your Wall, or answering their questions, you are building a sense of community where every voice is heard. You must respond in a timely manner since customers might decide to go and look for another brand offering similar services or produces if their inquiries are not quickly attended to.

7. Provide a human touch

Just like any customer, Facebook users also want to interact with real people, not with an automated system or an impersonal social media manager. The voice that is used in responding to inquiries or messages must be casual and likable. It must suit the nature of your business and the language your target audience speaks. Avoid jargons that only people within your limited circle know, as this can prevent new visitors from becoming prospective customers.

In order to succeed with your Facebook marketing efforts, you must not be content with just having many people liking your Page. You must also make sure that your business Page is maintained effectively in order to convince more people to visit your website and eventually do business with you. By following these steps, you can transform your dull and lifeless Page into a creative and active one.


(Article and body image via Social Media Today)


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