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Facebook Releases New Data on E3 and Gaming Related Discussion on the Platform [Infographic]

facebook releases new data on e3 and gaming related discussion on the platform

While gaming is not for everyone, it’s pretty much impossible to ignore the sector’s growth, and the rise in popularity of gaming as a spectator sport, as much as a participatory activity.

According to research from eSports analytics company Newzoo, more than 2.2 billion gamers across the globe are expected to generate $108.9 billion in game revenues in 2017 - a 7.8%, increase on 2016. Couple that with the fact that eSports network Twitch has “100 million monthly viewers spending 106 minutes daily watching live gaming” while more than 20 of the top 100 YouTube channels with the most subscribers worldwide are gaming related.

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The Secret to Content Marketing

the secret to content marketing

I’m going to tell you a secret about content marketing – particularly blogging. In fact, I can sum it up in one word and that’s ‘voice.’

I believe the best blogs are those that offer perspective.

Let’s use my client, Leonard Baer (known to most as “Lennie”) as an example. Lennie is an elder law attorney with dual practices in Highlands, NC and Palm Beach, FL. His niche is the protection of seniors from financial abuse and fraud.

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How to Budget for Nonprofit Digital Marketing

how to budget for nonprofit digital marketing

Let’s just address the elephant in the room - how much should your organization be spending on digital marketing?

I’ll get to that answer in a moment, but first, let's examine why it’s important to budget for marketing, or how you can make the case to your top leadership. For nonprofits, it’s a lot easier to ask for money when someone knows what you stand for, is already familiar with your organization, and trusts you.

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Twitter's Added New Direct Action Buttons in DMs to Provide More Bot Options

twitters added new direct action buttons in dms to provide more bot options

While Twitter hasn’t made bots a key focus of their customer service tools, they have continued to add tools to stay in touch with the bot trend.

And that may be a smarter approach – while Facebook's been pushing hard to promote their Messenger bots and the opportunities they bring for more than a year now, they haven’t yet become a key part of the Messenger experience. That’s not to say they won’t, there’s every chance that it’ll only take one or two truly great bots to spark the broader trend. But they haven’t yet.

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