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Free Guidebook: Mastering Facebook for Business


smm9-30How to Use Facebook for Business

Facebook can be a great tool to get your business found on social media. Building successful fan pages is only aspect of mastering Facebook for Business – this guide provides a ton of other highly useful strategies and tactics to drive traffic and conversions. Download HubSpot's comprehensive guide to using Facebook for your business for free here:

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Social Media Image Templates [60 free templates]

After you read the guide above to determine how best to use Facebook for your business, take your posts to the next level with beautiful images. Download the free templates below to create awesome social media images to attract more fans and customers to your Facebook page.

Download now:

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How Consensus Forms on Social Networks

social consensusSocial networks are undoubtedly a major part of modern life, and an increasingly common aspect of organizational life. There has been considerable discussion around the value of such networks however, particularly when it comes to forming opinions. There have been a few studies recently that suggest that social networks do little to promote divergent thinking and ideas, thus often resulting in a kind of sanitized group think. All of which isn’t so great for companies trying to be a bit more innovative.

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10 Top Tips to a Successful Facebook Business Page

FB9-29Facebook is the biggest social network in the world with over 1.1Billion users worldwide. Having a Facebook business page for your business is really important and here are 10 top tips to a successful Facebook Business Page.

  1. Post a Relevant Article Once a Week

It is so important for your business that you are seen as a thought leader in your industry and one way to do this is to post a relevant article once a week so your followers can see you are staying up to date.

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10 Things Nobody Tells You About Google AdWords

GA9-29While there are hundreds of Google how-to guides online, written both by savvy bloggers and Google itself, the advertising giant has a few skeletons in its closet that are rarely talked about. After all, Google AdWords is the ever popular advertising platform - or is it?

1. Google AdWords is no longer working as it did. Marketers from all over the world have been noticing that conversion tracking on AdWords is becoming increasingly more difficult. The fact that it is a global phenomenon is as unique and significant as the reason why. During the last couple of months, social media has finally interrupted the decision making process and significantly impacted the trackable AdWords conversion rate.

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