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3 Key Considerations for Creating Stand-Out Vertical Video Content

3 key considerations for creating stand out vertical video content

From Instagram Stories to Snapchat Discover, vertical video is proving itself a robust new medium that is defining the aesthetic practices of native content for phone screens.

We’ve previously covered the vertical video basics regarding location selection and composition. For the final article in this series, we'll take a step back and explore the possibilities, new traditions, and considerations to make when planning content for the full screen phone.

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9 Tips to Optimize Your Marketing Emails for Short Attention Spans [Infographic]

9 tips to optimize your marketing emails for short attention spans

Email marketing is one of the most popular tools for selling and promoting your products/services to a specific audience, free from the algorithm limitations of social platforms and targeted based on those who've expressed real interest in your offerings.

But while having the capacity to reach your target audience via their inbox is great, the real question is 'how do we ensure that our readers are engaging effectively with what we’re trying to promote?'

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6 Creative Ways to Use Infographics for Marketing

6 creative ways to use infographics for marketing

If you still haven’t caught on to the visual content marketing hype, then now is the perfect time for you to do so.

With infographics, even small brands on a shoestring budget have a chance of winning their target audience’s attention. Firstly, you’ll need a clever idea, an image editing tool, and content distribution channels that can drive traffic to your site.

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Pinterest Grows to 200 Million Monthly Active Users [Infographic]

pinterest grows to 200 million monthly active users

While it may not compare with the size and scale of Facebook, Pinterest is steadily growing its user base, and is becoming a much bigger consideration for marketers, particularly those in the B2C sector.

The platform reached 175 million users back in April, and now, Pinterest has announced that their community has expanded to 200 million MAU – up 40% year-over-year.

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Snapchat Brings Bitmojis to Life with New AR Update

snapchat brings bitmojis to life with new ar update

Ever wanted to walk alongside your cartoon-self riding a skateboard? How about watching yourself do yoga or drinking a cup of coffee? Sounds thrilling.

If you remember, Snapchat acquired Bitmoji for $64M last year. We've seen a variety of fun Bitmoji additions to Snapchat such as user profile avatars, personalized stickers, and the recent (and mildly controversial) 'Snap Map' where users can see where their friends are at all times.

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