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6 Simple Ways to Improve the Security of Your Social Media Profiles

6 simple ways to improve the security of your social media profiles

As American companies and the American public spend more and more of their time on social media sites, security hazards across social media platforms are on the rise. In 2016 alone, social media scams on the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter increased by a whopping 150 percent. Meanwhile, even more recent reports suggest social medial attacks are only getting more sophisticated.

What does this mean for American businesses that are invested in building their brands on social media? Digital security is more important than ever. Here are six simple ways to improve the security of your company’s social profiles.

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Facebook Makes Messenger Ads Available Globally

facebook makes messenger ads available globally

Facebook just added a new advertising feature into the mix. After finalizing testing in Australia and Thailand, Messenger ads are now available to all advertisers worldwide.

Facebook has been tireless in their efforts to push their 2B+ monthly active users to download their messaging app - Messenger. They've seen some success in user numbers recently; with now over 1.2B active monthly users, Facebook is ready to attempt another monetization tactic, hoping that advertisers see the user numbers as an opportunity to capitalize on.

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The Science of Social Video [Infographic]

the science of social video

The consumption of video on social media has been on a fast-paced rise over the past few years. Now we are seeing practically every social network -- Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. -- adjust their main focus over to video.

Video is everything now and if you aren't joining in, expect to be left behind.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Advertising

a comprehensive guide to facebook advertising

One of the top questions that are asked when discussing Facebook advertising is, How much does it cost? Unfortunately, there is really no answer, one size doesn’t fit all!

But all is not lost! There are two things that can be said definitively about the cost of Facebook advertising.

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Five Ways to Take Advantage of Snapchat's New Map Feature

five ways to take advantage of snapchats new map feature

By now you’ve seen Snapchat’s latest update with its Snap Map feature that can essentially turn the app into a tracking device. With this new feature came public concern from local police departments to parenting websites across the country.

And they’re right. You should go into ghost mode on your personal Snapchat. Admittedly, I’ve got some friends who haven’t gone into ghost mode but I don’t want to tell them because it’s too much fun watching where they go.

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