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2 Years of Facebook Live [Infographic]

how to use facebook groups to build your audience

It seems like only yesterday that everyone was talking about Meerkat, and Periscoping their daily lives, but that was now more than two years ago.

Facebook Live came late to the live-streaming party, but quickly gained momentum, and is now arguably the leading live-streaming platform, with The Social Network continuing to increase its video focus.

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Instagram's Testing 'Nametag' Codes to Promote Accounts

instagrams opening up its shopping tags to more businesses

Instagram is reportedly looking to launch a new feature called ‘Nametags’ which would enable users to create their own, customized Instagram code which can be scanned in using the app’s camera, immediately connecting you to that users’ account.

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New Study Finds 66% of Tweeted Links to Popular Websites are Shared by Bots

twitter releases major events calendar for april to assist with strategic planning

If you’re still using Twitter data – like Likes, re-tweets and shares – as indicators of success for your social marketing program, you likely need to re-assess your process.

As has been widely covered in recent times, Twitter’s systems can easily be gamed through purchased bots and interactions, which largely de-values such metrics.

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The Influence of Parenthood on Social Media [Infographic]

the influence of parenthood on social media

Social media has become a key part of our broader interactive process, but one area in which social has particular relevance is in documenting parenthood, and the lives of our young ones as they grow.

That’s important, not only from the parents’ perspective, but also from the viewpoint of the children, some of which now have their entire life history documented online.

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