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Meet PlayBuzz, the Platform Leveling the Content-Creation Playing Field

7-8dealFacebook’s new “Instant Articles” platform has caused quite a stir in the publishing industry. Some publishers have pointed out that they won’t be able to compete with this new platform and, from now on, will be dependent upon Facebook for their revenue. However, this launch has also paved the way for newcomers to gain traction, leaving the larger publishers to grapple for attention. So, look out Buzzfeed and Huffington Post! A new player is in town. 

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[NEW Definitive Guide] Go Mobile or Go Home!

7-8mktoThanks to exponential mobile growth, the number of devices hit 7.7 billion last year, outnumbering the world's population of 7.1 billion. Incorporating mobile into your marketing program mix is no longer a nice-to-have, but rather an essential component for any integrated cross-channel marketing strategy. Download Marketo's new 'Definitive Guide to Mobile Marketing' to get a thorough overview of the mobile ecosystem and a framework for engaging customers on a more personal level.

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Reddit’s Community: Can’t Win With ‘Em, Can’t Win Without ‘Em

7-7reditYou know the story from beginning to end: A regular old website earns popularity, gains top users who are almost celebrities, and then the site dies more quickly than it rose.

A lot happens in between, but those are the basics of it.

Digg was a perfect example of this. Flickr is another. All of these sites have something in common: A fanatical reliance, if not focus, on ‘community.’ It’s worth remembering that having users is not the same thing as having a ‘community.’

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Tinder Rolls Out Verified Profiles For Celebrities, Athletes Or Otherwise Famous Folks

7-7TinTinder, the dating app owned by IAC, has just rolled out verified profiles for celebrities and other notable figures. Just as you see on Twitter, verified users will be marked with a little blue check mark by their name.

From the Tinder blog:

Starting today, you may see a verified symbol on some profiles. Now when notable public figures, celebrities and athletes appear in your recommendations, you’ll know it’s for real.

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