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Should You be Using Interest Tagging on Facebook?

facebooks community boost will teach digital literacy to smaller communities

When Facebook replaced its old Interest Targeting feature with Audience Optimisation in 2016, there was plenty of speculation about whether the new feature would improve on the limitations of its unpopular predecessor.

After the release of Preferred Audience Optimisation, Facebook announced to publishers that the new interest tags “do not limit reach.” Moreover, the social network, which generates well over 10% of all organic traffic to online publishers’ websites, promised that the use of the new interest tags would increase click-through rates.

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How to Use Intent-Based Social Listening to Improve the Customer Experience

how to use intent based social listening to improve the customer experience

There's no doubt that social listening is one of the most effective ways to keep on top of your company’s reputation. With billions of social media users, the amount of data available is staggering.

For many businesses though, resource, cost or social immaturity means there's either no listening process at all, or only a very basic one.

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Facebook's Experimenting with Messenger Streaks, Once Again Taking Cues from Snapchat

facebook looks to help brands tap into international business opportunities with new tools

After various user reports, Facebook has confirmed that they’re testing out a new ‘Messenger Streaks’ option, which aims to inspire more engagement on the platform by letting you know when you have an active streak going.

As you can see below, the new prompts will let you know you have a streak going, which could prompt you to interact more.

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New Twitter Test Removes Re-Tweet and Like Counts from Tweet Embeds

twitters testing a new format for moments which moves away from side scrolling

Twitter’s trying out a new way to boost on-platform engagement, this time by removing the tweet actions from embedded tweets and replacing them with a ‘talking about this’ count.

The idea is to get more people clicking through on the tweet, rather than merely checking out the re-tweet, like and share counts in the embed and moving on.

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Facebook Adds New PayPal Invoicing and Payment Options to Messenger

facebook adds new paypal invoicing and payment options to messenger

Facebook continues to add more features to encourage the use of their Marketplace option.

This week, Facebook has announced another integration with PayPal which will enable users to send invoices for items direct through Messenger, streamlining the connection and payment process.

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