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Facebook Is Going to Know Even More About You Now

1-8FBIn our always-connected world, data is the new black gold. Facebook is already reigning king in the race for data, knowing what you look like, who you spend time with, where you live and where you go out to eat. And now, it’s going to know what you sound like.

The social-networking giant has acquired voice-interface software company, an 18-month-old startup headquartered in Palo Alto, California. In a statement, Facebook called “an incredible yet simple” platform that “has helped developers turn speech and text into actionable data.”

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3 Free Ebooks on How to Create Personas, Measure, and Target Your 2015 Content Marketing Strategy for Maximum Effectiveness


1-7CMOne of the more challenging things for modern marketers is coming up with a good 'rule of thumb' to help create personas for, measure the effectiveness of and target their content marketing effectively, and we understand that. So we're here to help, along with our friends at Oracle Marketing Cloud. They've come to the marketers' rescue by giving us three free ebooks covering some of the most challenging topics for marketers.

1. How to Create Personas For Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

As a business with a content marketing strategy, it's crucial to understand your target audience and the types of content they want to consume. Whether you've been creating content for years or are just getting started, it's important to take a step back and think about where your content will be most effective, and how that plays a role in your brand development or sales pipeline. Download the B2B Personas Guide from Oracle to help determine the right audience for your content.

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5 Ways to Use Social Media to Make a Huge Impact in Real Life

1-7smrlThese five tips can help you bridge the gap between online and offline in terms of social media, and keep you relevant to your consumers in the socially saturated world.

As ubiquitous as social media is in this day and age, more people are turning an apathetic ear to what brands have to say rather than hanging onto their every word on these channels.

That shouldn’t come as a shock to you, though.

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Vouch Helps Lower Interest Rates On Loans By Leveraging Your Social Network

1-7vouchVouch Financial, a social lending startup founded by ex-PayPal and ex-Prosper alumni offering customers loans with lower interest rates, has raised $3 million in new funding, according to an SEC filing. The company also confirmed the investment details to us, noting that the round, led by Alex Rosen of IDG Ventures, actually closed last year but had yet to be disclosed. Other investors contributing to what’s being characterized as a seed stage round include Greylock Partners, First Round Capital, and a number of angel investors, detailed on AngelList.

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