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Are brands becoming feminist?

gender marketing and womenWomen make around 85% of the buying decisions in the US but 91% feel misunderstood by advertisers, Jean Freeman writes. Some brands are trying to address that, with brewers such as Coors Light and Bud Light moving away from objectifying women to using humor or depicting female strength.

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[Infographic] User-Generated Content Landmines to Watch Out For

user generated content warningsUser-generated content is the foundation of social media. Smart brands that understand the value of this content can turn it into an influential tool for marketing and a vehicle for driving sales. However, there are some real challenges associated with UGC, including copyright violations and ensuring that user content is on brand.

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Animated emojis come to Snapchat

snapchat animated emojiSnapchat has enabled Android users to animate emojis within video, with the iOS update expected soon. Users can place the emoji anywhere in the video to get it to stick and move with the footage.

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