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5 major marketing shifts for the new year

Marketing shiftThe marketing world is in the midst of a major transition. Mobile dominates every aspect of our lives, creating new forms of expression, creativity, communication, and opportunities; providing brands an unprecedented opportunity to put content directly into their users' hands.

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You know you're a marketer if...

you know you're a marketerWhile marketers are known to wear various hats, they certainly have a lot of things in common. Read on for the sure signs that you work in marketing.

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Why Facebook is giving the "like" button the thumbs-down

facebook losing like buttonDecision to Blow Up the Like Button

Facebook product chief Chris Cox says the social network's iconic "like" button is a blunt tool that's too crude for the kinds of communication that Facebook hopes to facilitate. The company is preparing to roll out a replacement called Reactions to let people respond with a range of positive and negative emoticons derived from users' most common responses to shared content.

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