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The Road to Influencer Marketing [Infographic]

the road to influencer marketing

This infographic by Market Inspector is a visual roundup of influencer marketing today. Anyone new to influencer marketing can use this as a reference guide to understanding the benefits of working with influencers.

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How @HiltonSuggests Succeeds in Surprise and Delight

how hiltonsuggests succeeds in surprise and delight

Who’s the friend you turn to when you’re planning a trip? The person you know who seems to have travelled everywhere, and can recommend the best coffee shop, restaurant or casual bar completely off the beaten path, and not something a simple Google search would bring up.

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The Rise of the Story Format [Infographic]

the rise of the story format

For all the heat Snapchat gets today for not providing a strong business model, where would social media be today without the great mind of Evan Spiegel? Do you even remember what your social platforms looked like pre-Stories?

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Instagram Adds Carousel Format to Story Ads

instagram adds carousel format to story ads

Instagram, the Facebook-owned app with more than 2 million active advertisers, is testing a carousel format for ads that can include three photos or videos in the same post instead of one.

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Which Retail Sectors Is The Most Referable? [Infographic]

which retail sectors is the most referable

Influencer marketing is a hot topic right now. But your happy customers can be your best influencers of all.

A recommendation from a friend who loves your product is much more authentic and trustworthy. And since the new customers are the friends of your existing customers, they are a great match for your target market.

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