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5 Ways to Come Up With Valuable Content Ideas for Your 2018 Editorial Calendar

5 ways to come up with valuable content ideas for your 2018 editorial calendar

A new year is here. Now people all across the web are getting ready to launch their new marketing campaigns, with high hopes for 2018. The time is right for some fresh, exciting content.

But unfortunately, coming up with relevant topics can be difficult, especially when you're planning out an extended editorial calendar - meaning you have to think of many, many, many topics to cover.

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Facebook's Testing a New Local News and Events Section to Prompt Civic Engagement

facebook adds new listing of all emails theyve sent to you in order to negate scammers

As part of Facebook’s ongoing effort to ‘bring the world closer together’, The Social Network's working to enhance local communities and groups, in order to foster improved civic engagement.

A big part of this will include putting more focus on local events and happenings, which is the inspiration behind Facebook’s latest test – a feed of local news items based on your location.

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