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Non-HTTPS Website Owners Have an Unpleasant Surprise Coming in October

non https website owners have an unpleasant surprise coming in october

If you own a website that hasn't yet been converted over to HTTPS, Google has an unpleasant surprise coming for you in October.

Starting October 2017, Chrome (version 62) will show a “Not secure” warning when users enter text in a form on an HTTP page or when they view any non-HTTPS page in Incognito mode. The alert will appear to the left of Chrome's address bar, as shown below.

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Snapchat Announces 3D AR Lenses as a New Ad Option

snapchat announces 3d ar lenses as a new ad option

It was only a matter of time, but Snapchat has this week confirmed that their 3D World Lenses - which they introduced last November – will now be available as an ad option, with Warner Bros and Bud Light partnering with Snapchat on the first iterations of the tool.

The option will clearly hold appeal for some advertisers – while these initial examples seem fairly basic, in terms of how they could be used, Snapchat’s talking up their potential, using the popularity of their ‘Dancing Hot Dog’ Lens to demonstrate.

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Content Marketing is Much More than Just Top-Funnel Content

content marketing is much more than just top funnel content

Fresh off the heels of this year’s Content Marketing World, I left with the sense that many people believe that content marketing is simply an exercise in creating helpful quality content which doesn’t sell anything. That simply isn’t the case.

Content marketing should fill the information needs at every stage of the marketing, sales and customer service funnel - if not, brands can have a leaky hourglass.

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6 Free Ways You Probably Aren’t Using to Generate Website Traffic [Infographic]

6 free ways you probably arent using to generate website traffic

Generating website traffic is tough at the best of times, but when you’re just starting out it’s even harder. This is especially true if, like most, you’re working on a limited budget - if you can’t afford to pay for Google Adwords or Facebook Ads you need to utilize every last drop of free advertising possible.

But where do you start? For most new businesses, it all begins with social media.

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3 Ideas for Halloween Instagram Contests

3 ideas for halloween instagram contests

Are you looking for ideas for Halloween Instagram contests? Want to build some momentum for your brand going into the even bigger November and December holidays?

An Instagram hashtag contest is the way to go.

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