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Facebook Releases Data on Mother's Day Usage Trends [Infographic]

facebook releases data on mothers day usage trends

Facebook has released a new infographic which outlines how people used the platform to celebrate Mother's Day last month.

And there's a reason why Facebook has given Mother's Day specific focus:

"Across the world, Mother’s Day 2017 drove more posts in a single day than any other topic on Facebook in the last year"

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4 Key Steps in Developing a Company Mission (and Why You Need to)

4 key steps in developing a company mission and why you need to

“What we do isn’t really that different than what our competitors do, and frankly they are just as good at it as we are.”

We’ve kicked off planning engagements with more than one client who made a statement similar to this. Yes, it does take some thinking to truly figure out what differentiates you as a company and how you’re going to talk about it, but it’s a problem that's critical to solve.

Why? Because once you've this figured out, you can approach all aspects of your business from the perspective of why you do business the way you do it, not just what you are doing. And once you understand the 'why', you can more easily rally your entire team around that belief - and that’s where business changes.

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How to Get Your First 1,000 Followers on Instagram [Infographic]

how to get your first 1000 followers on instagram

Getting your first 100 followers on Instagram is a challenge, but getting your first 1,000 is even tougher.

If you're looking to build your Instagram presence, this new infographic from Crazy Egg outlines some useful tips and tactics that both individuals and businesses have used to establish their Instagram followings.

They may not all apply to you, but they'll get you thinking either way..


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Facebook's Adding New Click to Messenger Ads in Instagram

facebooks adding new click to messenger ads in instagram

Facebook really thinks it makes sense for you to conduct direct conversations with brands via Messenger bots - you really should do it. To help facilitate this, The Social Network released ‘Click to Messenger’ ads on Facebook last November, which enable businesses to include a button to start up a DM interaction direct from the ad post.

While bots are not the explicit focus, they are in reality - and now, Facebook's extending Click to Messenger ads to Instagram, which will re-direct users to Messenger interactions – not to Instagram’s own messaging space.

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Why Your Blog Isn't Enough [Infographic]

why your blog isnt enough

Content is a significant part of most marketing strategies, with content marketing leaders seeing 7.8x more traffic in today's digital marketplace.

But while a blog can educate, entertain, and inform an audience, it’s not the only media your content strategy should be focusing on. In fact, it’s just the starting point - that’s why 64% of marketers are now moving towards video and more than half of companies are considering engagement-first solutions like interactive marketing.

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