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Some Top Tips for Budding LinkedIn Influencers

Lin79Last month in my exclusive post for HealthWorks Collective, I wrote about LinkedIn’s influencer blogging programme, and how it was potentially missing a trick by focussing too much on C-level execs and not enough on the everyday people who are driving change in healthcare.

Maybe some folks at LinkedIn read it, because I got invited to "be one of the first to publish on LinkedIn" about a week ago and can now submit longer posts alongside my updates.

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Is Facebook Slingshot Third Time’s A Charm Or Strike Three?

FB79Facebook has today launched strike three against Camp Snapchat with Slingshot. As with many of Facebook’s recent products (like Paper), Slingshot is an already-proven idea dressed up in an expensive UI with an established distribution network of billions. Despite the fact that most social apps fail, it should be a home run.

But it won’t be. And not because it’s different from Snapchat, and not because it’s the same. Not because it’s prettier, and not because it has the cool “reciprocation” feature. The reason Slingshot will flop, just like Paper and Poke and Camera and whatever else, is because of Facebook.

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Google releases findings on how to spot fake reputation builders

goo-79Online reputation in the form of Twitter followers, web traffic, and YouTube views can mean big bucks.

Modern snake-oil salesmen who want to boast exaggerated popularity on social media or e-commerce websites will happily pay freelancers to inflate their reputation. Google, Twitter, and Facebook, however, make their money based on the reliability of their websites, and so Google has now released findings on how to automatically spot these purveyors of fake reputations, or “crowdturfers.”

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Recycle to Boost Your Marketing Campaign Success

You could discover a goldmine of new leads and opportunities by recycling the records in your database.

Recycle to Boost Your Marketing Campaign Success image boost campaign success by recycling image

Marketing enjoys boosting its return on investment by repurposing existing content for new platforms:

  • Creating blogs from long form content such as consideration documents or white papers.
  • Creating audio-only podcasts from webinars.
  • Using transcripts of audio- or video-based work as a basis for an eBook.
  • Taking key ideas and themes from blogs and using them for social media updates.

It’s a cost effective approach that sees marketers fully exploiting their initial content spend. But can the same principle be applied to your database?

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Mobile Ad Spending Will Surpass Print By The End of the Year

mobile-7-5Mobile advertising will make up nearly 10% of the U.S. ad market by the end of the year, surpassing newspapers, magazines, and radio for the first time, according to research firm eMarketer.

The overall advertising market will grow 5.3% this year to $180.12 billion, eMarketer says, bolstered by gains in mobile and TV advertising. That increase marks the first time since 2004 that the U.S. ad market has grown over 5%.

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