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Snap Inc.'s Sold 150,000 Pairs of Spectacles, Looking to Bring Snapchat to PCs

snap inc sold 150k pairs of spectacles looking to bring snapchat to pcs

Despite Snap Inc.'s 'Spectacles' generating a lot of hype - due, in no small part, to their creative marketing tactics - Snap CEO Evan Spiegel has this week announced that they've only sold around 150,000 pairs of the camera-enabled glasses.

That's still a lot, of course, but when we're talking about an app that has more than 173 million people logging on every day, it's only a very small fraction of their potential market.

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20 Effective Ways to Stop Boring Your Readers [Infographic]

20 effective ways to stop boring your readers

Does your blog struggle to keep readers interested and coming back for more? Are you looking for ways to be a little less boring?

MyTasker shares 20 effective ways to stop boring your blog readers in the infographic below.

They emphasize the importance of readability - keep words, sentences and paragraphs short and free of fluff.

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LinkedIn Adds New 'Talent Insights' to Help Employers Improve Hiring and Recruitment Efforts

linkedin adds new talent insights to help employers improve hiring and recruitment efforts

Following Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn, one of the key areas where you can expect to see LinkedIn improve is in data utilization.

LinkedIn, which now has more than 500 million members, has an unmatched database - they have the professional and educational histories of (almost) all of those members. That sets LinkedIn apart from other networks - while Facebook's also trying to muscle in on LinkedIn's turf by introducing job listings on Pages, LinkedIn's data gives them a big advantage.

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Top Influencers are Using Snapchat 33% Less, According to New Study [Infographic]

top influencers are using snapchat less according to new study

There have been various reports of how social media influencers are abandoning Snapchat in favor of Instagram. And to a large degree, that makes sense - Instagram Stories now has 250 million users, compared to Snapchat's 173 million daily actives, while Instagram also now has more than 800 million users overall, expanding the audience potential.

Add to that the consideration that users will also soon be able to cross-post their Instagram Stories to Facebook direct (Facebook have now confirmed this is being rolled out), and it's fairly clear to see - if you want to reach more people (which means more dollars), you use Instagram.

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Instagram's Adding New Shopify Tags to Enable In-Stream Purchases

instagrams adding new shopify tags to enable in stream purchases

It's been a while since we've heard anything more on Instagram's shopping tags, their coming eCommerce addition which would enable businesses to add information and price tags to products featured in their posts.

The tags themselves are still in development, but more businesses will soon have access to a version of the tool via an expanded integration with Shopify, which is being rolled out ahead of the holiday season.

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