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How to Create Job Postings on Facebook

how to create job postings on facebookIf you're one of the 40% of small businesses that say filling open positions is harder than expected, you just got a new way to attract talent. Facebook recently introduced Jobs on Facebook which enables brands to post job openings on their Page and on a dedicated and searchable hub of jobs.

This new addition is aimed at helping brands of all sizes find qualified people where they're already spending most of their time online – on Facebook.

Did you know that 79% of job seekers use social media in their job search?

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The FCC Seems Unlikely to Stop Internet Providers from Selling Your Data

the fcc seems unlikely to stop internet providers from selling your dataLittle seems to be standing in the way of Comcast, Verizon, and other internet service providers selling your personal information without your permission after the Federal Communications Commission took a first step toward delaying its own rules protecting consumer privacy and security.

Last October the agency passed a set of rules that would have required internet providers to take new steps to protect your private data from hackers. That same regulatory package would have required ISPs to notify you if someone hacked your data and to get your active permission before selling your data. The FCC suspended the data security rules from that package that would have taken effect Thursday.

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A Guide to Social Marketing for Small Businesses

guide to social small business article imageSocial media marketing has really come of age in the last few years. This is particularly important for smaller businesses to understand, because social media has levelled the playing field to the point that smaller brands now have a genuine chance of competing on the same platforms as their larger competitors.

If your brand is looking to dabble in social media marketing, then there are a few important considerations you should bear in mind first. Read our pointers below and let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments.

Start with a narrow focus

It’s tempting to sign up for every social network known to man and start posting away to your heart’s content. However, this scattergun approach is not advisable. Focus on one social network, initially at least. Once you’ve learnt the ropes there, move onto another.


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Why Facebook Groups Need to be Included in Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

why facebook groups need to be included in your inbound marketing strategyOne thing I have learned this past year is the value of Facebook groups for my business. And I should point out, I'm not suggesting you start your own Facebook group. I'm not saying you shouldn't, either. If you have something fantastic to bring to your audience, creating your own group may make sense for you.

But what I want to focus on today is how you can simply join Facebook groups that are filled with your peers and target customers, and start building authentic relationships that will organically help you grow your business and your blog.

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How to Create Viral Marketing Content in the Digital Era

how to create viral marketing content in the digital eraIn today's workplace many marketers, brand managers and business owners main focus is to stand out, be seen and heard from the millions of messages bombarding consumers on a daily basis. Thinking of ways of creating something memorable, which will stick in the minds consumer's, often looking at differentiation tactics to do so.

I'm sure most people will agree, it is hard to pinpoint what will work and won't work, sometimes we get lucky while working with great brands is also a big help. Startup businesses and entrepreneurs would find it a bit harder, however, research provides some great answers, in Professor Jonah Berger's groundbreaking work and a Content Marketing must read the book; Contagious, Professor Jonah Berger talks about the 6 principles called the STEPPS concept, on why things catch on.

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