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6 Social Media Trends That Will Take Over 2018 [Infographic]

6 social media trends that will take over 2018

As you go about planning your 2018 social media marketing strategy, it's important to have some understanding of where things are headed, to ensure that your approach either incorporates what's coming next, or remains flexible enough to adapt as these new trends emerge.

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Is Your Business Technology Ready to Compete in 2018? Steps You Can Take Now

is your business technology ready to compete in 2018 steps you can take now

The businesses that lead in today’s economy are increasingly becoming those that can pivot, adapt, and implement change almost as quickly as new threats and opportunities present themselves.

In contrast, companies which are stifled, siloed and unable to transition quickly are finding themselves falling further and further behind, and there is a point of critical mass where ultimately they will find themselves unable to compete against their more agile competition.

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10 Creative Ways to Use Your Reviews [Infographic]

10 creative ways to use your reviews

Reviews are a great way to showcase your business, all from the mouths of happy clients.

But beyond just collecting reviews, you should also ensure that you make your reviews easy to find, and consider adding them to your marketing collateral to boost credibility - including emails, websites, materials and more.

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