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You know you're a marketer if...

you know you're a marketerWhile marketers are known to wear various hats, they certainly have a lot of things in common. Read on for the sure signs that you work in marketing.

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Why Facebook is giving the "like" button the thumbs-down

facebook losing like buttonDecision to Blow Up the Like Button

Facebook product chief Chris Cox says the social network's iconic "like" button is a blunt tool that's too crude for the kinds of communication that Facebook hopes to facilitate. The company is preparing to roll out a replacement called Reactions to let people respond with a range of positive and negative emoticons derived from users' most common responses to shared content.

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AOL expands its ‘One’ platform to include tools that help publishers sell to advertisers

AOL One PublishersAOL has developed an offering that gives publishers a way to monetize their work without having to use tools from multiple companies. Called One by AOL: Publishers, it consolidates the company’s portfolio of services into a single package that provides audience engagement, analytics, content distribution, and revenue management all in one place.

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Building credibility and social media influence

social media influenceBefore launching a social marketing campaign, you need to determine your goals, writes Karen Repoli. It's important to figure out where your target customers spend their time online and to offer content that fits their needs.

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3 things every marketer should do now about ad blocking

mobile ad-blockingEver since Apple announced that it would enable "content blockers" (Apple-speak for ad blockers) in iOS9, we have seen a flurry of media and industry attention on this issue.

The reality is that this has been an issue for far longer. AdBlock Plus has been available on Chrome (the world's No. 1 browser) since 2006, and if we want to go broader, ad blocking has been around since at least the 1950s, when the first TV remote control was invented.

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